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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • This is the deal I got. $700 Below Invoce and 1.9% APR with the following options

    2008 CX-9 Grand Touring AWD

    Is this a good deal?
  • gahogsgahogs Posts: 15
    Streethawk, I would say no.

    As for my two cents and from my relatively recent buying experience, I 100% agree with badself that your target right now should be ~$4000** below MSRP or ~$1500** below invoice (some folks have done $4500** below MSRP and nearly $2000** below invoice if you really push -- some a little further than even that, but perhaps those had fees rolled in that were not reported -- at any rate, see past posts on this thread).

    **It is very important that the above target does not include any dealer fees, ad fees, or prep fees, or any other fee you can think of that the dealer can tack on top of the negotiated price to recover profit (those items are just pure profit -- there is a cost to doing business, and that is covered through the sale of the car at the negotiated price, not pure profit mark-ups like these). If that is the case, then the above deal is whatever fee they tack on taken away from the above target (i.e. if they tack on a $400 dealer fee, then your revised target should be $4400 below MSRP or $1900 below invoice). Your out-the-door costs should just be tax, tag, and title (don't pay a document fee either... quite literally, only pay tax, tag, and title above the negotiated price). Many dealers will pre-print the fee on the sales form... it is just a simple matter for them to show you a credit in the amount of the fee on the line directly below the fee. Another option is to show the negotiated price lower by the amount of the fee (either way, you are not paying it). In fact, that is what they did with our deal, so on paper our negotiated price was an additional $400 below the prices I reported. I didn't report that when providing details of our puchase a few posts ago as I felt it confused the issue. Dealers will tell you have to pay it, but again, it is just a tactic (I have never paid a fee on any new vehicle purchased... if you hold your ground and tell them it is just pure profit, in my experience they will pull it, but again I have also been more than willing to walk). Most people get "new car fever", cave, and agree to it after settling on a negotiated price feeling like they got a good deal when in actuality after tacking on the fees they did not get a good deal. It is an easy way for dealers to make a quick $400 - $700 with very little effort. Just be willing to walk... You will get a call on your cell after leaving the dealership with the fees taken away (sometimes as quick as you walk out the doors; Sometimes in a day or two). Keep in mind the dealers have "new sale fever" at that point just as much as you have "new car fever", so just turn the tables on them. Also keep in mind they are competing with other dealers, whereas you are competiting with no one (more cars on lot right now than folks purchasing them -- someone had previously posted limited inventory by Mazda, but Mazda has to complete with all the Toyota's and Honda's of the world as well, and as a whole, the SUV market is flooded and Mazda doesn't dominate the market share enough to avoid feeling that pressure / competition from other manufacturers potentially landing customers that would have otherwise bought a Mazda. In fact, Toyota was after us hard and throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at us for a '08 Highlander). The market forces are in your favor at the moment. Good luck.

    (BTW murman67 -- sounds like you've got a good deal -- provided they don't tack on any fees. It is clear you are working with a dealership ready to deal and move a car off their lot by the price they quoted -- dealers read these threads too! If you haggle, you can probably bring them down a little lower, but that is a matter of how much time and energy you want to put into driving the price down a couple of hundred bucks further relative to giving a cost for your own personal time in attempting to do so).
  • njmazda9njmazda9 Posts: 6
    So this is my first post on this forum - this is a great source I've found and I have all of you to thank!!

    I am ready to put together an offer, however the only sticking point is that the dealer will be installing the (1) AUDIOVOX Headrest DVD unit and the (2) Pursuit Remote Engine Start.

    I would like to ask all of you if you happen to know the pricing on these 2 items above so I know what to factor into my pricing offer. I wish I knew the 'exact' model of the 2 items above, but I'm not at that point yet. I'm a bit of a newbie, so don't always ask the dealer the right questions!! But would just like to get an idea of what I should consider paying for these 2 items.

    Thanks so much - I really appreciate all your input/suggestions!!
  • First I would like to Thank you for all the information. I salute you!!! for the passion to help other.

    As you said in the post If one has time and patience but I tried hard but I was able to get only $1000 below Invoice compared to $700. After reading your post I went back to renegotiate but was not very sucessfull to get $2000 below Invoice.

    One other information I found was that the $1500 incentive was raised to $2500 couple of days ago so hopefully this should help other who are buying.
    Thanks once again.
    I love my CX9 its awesome and Impressed. My other car is an Infiniti FX35 and I might starting like Mazda better than my Infiniti.

  • badselfbadself Posts: 39
    I was wondering about your source regards the $2,500 incentive you mentioned in your post. Mazda isn't showing anything different on their site of late, but then again, they don't show the $1,500 factory-to-dealer cash either (and of course no manufacturer is going to publicize the holdback).

    Just curious about what this $2,500 is about (i.e. is it a July incentive going out early, or is it more Mazda "sleight of hand?

    Up to now, the only negative in dealing with Mazda has been in nailing them down to their incentives. Everything else (the CX-9 foremost) has been a positive experience. Save for the mediocre gas mileage, the vehicle is a great vale, especially in build quality, mine so far anyway.
  • murrman67murrman67 Posts: 6
    Oops, sorry bout that. The deal was $1,500 below INVOICE, which was nearly $4K below MSRP. I talked to the Mgr of the first dealership and he was pretty short with me saying that they couldn't offer both programs and he wouldn't have approved my deal. He figured the dealership where I purchased was relatively new and they must have been chasing deals.
    Not sure what the value of the tow hitch was, but the aftermarket installer claims a 4,000 lb capacity and it has a 2" receiver rather than the 1" factory unit. Was pretty pleased with that.
  • jferrettijferretti Posts: 4
    Pretty fair deal with the financing. With the news above that dealer incentive money may be increasing to 2500 prospective buyers should be able to get to 2000 below invoice and the financing. I am waiting until tomorrow (July 1) to see if any new incentives pop up before sitting down to negotiate on a vehicle. From what I read here the factory ramps up for production of 09's July 1st so additional incentives may start to move 08's.
  • jferrettijferretti Posts: 4
    Here is the deal:


    Purchase price was $33,950.00. Dealer invoice for this vehicle is $36,850.00 with only transportation cost as an add on. MSRP without all the add ons is $40,000. The 1.9% financing was not available at this rate and we were told this dealership would sell any CX-9 at 2000 below dealer invoice but would not offer the 1.9 with it. Obviously their profit was tied up in the financing and probably a little dealer incentive cash left over.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    I just got an email from Oak Tree Mazda where I bought my CX-9 from saying 0% APR financial is now available on 10 MAZDA models. Not sure how that work with the $2000 below invoice price people are getting these days. Just FYI.
  • mcle2000mcle2000 Posts: 4
    I'm looking to lease a CX9 Sport edition, FWD most likely with 12,000 miles.

    With absolutely no money down at all other than the first month's payment, I think I can get somewhere around high 300s.

    I already lowballed the dealers with prices of mid 300s and they basically had no interest in my business (which is fine, bc that way I have an idea where the bottom price is).

    Could someone tell me if they believe high 300/month for either 24 or 36 months seems reasonable? I believe it does.

  • acajoeacajoe Posts: 4
    I got last week a 2008 cx9 Sport model with white pearl paint, electric driver seat and the dealer installed leather seat kit. Monthly pmt $405 including taxes which are 7%. with nothing down just paid the first month.

    I did have a Conquest Certificate from Mazda for $1000 that the Dealer applied to the lease agreement.

    Got it the last of the month 6/30 and dealer said they were loosing money on the deal but needed this one last sale to close the month.

    Lease is for 36 months with 12K miles / yr.
  • mcle2000mcle2000 Posts: 4
    Ok, then high 300s with nothing extra down isn't too bad at all...

    Was that FWD or AWD? Personally, I'd rather have FWD but they're having a tough time finding one for me ...I don't really need the AWD..

    What is dealer installed leather seat kit?

  • acajoeacajoe Posts: 4
    The leather seats are because the Sport does not come with leather seats and I wanted the leather seats. They can install a Katzkin leather seat that is factory authorized by Mazda.

    It is FWD.

    Be patient and you should be able to get into the hight 300's with a Sport and FWD with not too many add ons.
  • mcle2000mcle2000 Posts: 4

    How long does it take to install the leather seats? How much extra is that?

    The issue right now is that no one seems to have the FWD but I'll keep asking...

  • disney2disney2 Posts: 25
    Could you please tell me what a "Conquest Certificate" is? Thanks.
  • acajoeacajoe Posts: 4
    The leather seats took 2 days. Conquest certificate is mailed by Mazda to prospective customers that have a car from a competing brand and I do not know how but they know when your lease is expiring so they sent it to you abt two months before the expiration of your present lease. The certificate has your name and a certificate Number for the dealer to process the cash back to them.
  • We just got back from dealer... $34700. Add to that $359 dealer fee, Tax+Tag+ Destination fee. - car had 80 miles on it. Original MSRP was 40,340.
    Options includes MHR,RCK,WLK,BS1,1MC,2PA. $36,886 out the door. Including 3 year oil change and lifetime inspection. I think I could of push a bit more and got the destination fee waved of $635.
  • intrumintrum Posts: 2
    Thanks for all the info on this forum. It really helped in when purchasing my CX-9 last week (i have been looking for some time now).

    I got my Mazda CX-9 GT AWD from a dealer in MD and the price out the door was $35 743 (the Edmunds invoice is $38 037).

    The options included:


    I paid cash and had no trade in. I will now have it shipped to Europe, since I can't get it here. By the way, the price for a CX-7 in Europe is close to $50 000, so even after paying the shipping and customs, my CX-9 will be cheaper than a CX-7.
  • mcle2000mcle2000 Posts: 4
    I am looking for a FWD Sport 12,000 mile and was told by the dealer that the AWD actually leases better and the price would be the same. He said that unfortunately the residual and the money factor is worse on a fwd model. Ok, maybe thats true..I didn't think so, but I'm not really sure. I think the price that he is giving me after negotiating is pretty good and wanted to get some opinions.

    With no other money down other than first month's lease payment, the monthly price is $398/mo. for 39months.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  • pcz0925pcz0925 Posts: 9
    Just brought my new Brilliant Black 2008 CX-9 home and wanted to share the great deal Morries Mazda in Minnetonka provided:

    AWD Touring edition w/Towing Pkg and Moonroof/Bose Sound System

    MSRP = $35,850
    Selling Price = $28,107.28 + $334.50 (dealer-installed auto dimming/Homelink rearview mirror) = $28,441.78.

    OTD w/tax, title, and license was $30,832.50. The key to the deal was having the dealer apply the $3,000 dealer cash rather than me using the 1.9% financing for 5 yrs. Greater than $7,700 off sticker meant they sold me my CX-9 at invoice, gave me nearly all the holdback AND the $3,000 dealer cash. This is one sweet deal and an even sweeter vehicle!

    One note - I financed with 0 down for 60 mos. through Costco's Capital One auto Finance program for 4.67% - that rate was better than anything the dealer could do and even better than the best rate my usually stellar credit union offered.
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