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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • badselfbadself Posts: 39
    No way this vehicle lists for $41,482 without nav and assist package. With those options, and homelink, and remote start, all-weather, BSMS, etc..., my MSRP was $41,405. Nice deal compared to what I paid in April, but not $10,000 off MSRP if nav was not included. Sorry.

    Either way, you should find the vehicle very satisfying. I hope you enjoy it.
  • wabuyerwabuyer Posts: 2
    HI All, here's the deal I've been presented with: (I'm in Seattle)

    2008 GT AWD

    Options: Moonroof and Bose,
    Roof Rails
    Splash Guards
    GT Assist Package

    Cash Price = 33K + TTL

    Is this a good deal?

    In the TTL they've included a $50 admin/doc fee - but that's it so far...
    I was told by the dealer that the factory-dealer incentive is $4000 and not $4500.

    Is there anything else I should ask for - ie carpet mats, cross bars for the rails?

    I'm going to pull the trigger in the next two days...


  • 2008 GT AWD
    GT Assist
    Cargo net
    All weather floor mats

    MSRP: 40,787
    Price paid: 31,925 (plus taxes, tags and a $489 non-negotiable dealer handling fee).

    I will also be tinting the driver/passenger windows to match the rear (we are in a high-sun, high-heat area); price not yet determined.

    This price was for a dealer not in my area; it is about $1500-2000 less than what others were offering (and he had the exact color match we wanted, unlike the others).
  • nubgngnubgng Posts: 6
    Looks like a pretty good deal to me. We just bought a CX-9 GT on Saturday and here are the specs.

    Blind Side Monitor System
    Cargo Net
    Wheel Locks

    MSRP: 34,295
    Dealer Price: 35,785
    Price Paid: 28,000 (we paid tax, tag and title plus $799 dealer fee separately)

    We looked at a fully loaded GT, but this one fit our needs. We may look into adding the auto-dimming mirror with backup camera later (jury still out on that one). Overall, my wife and I love the vehicle. Hope you enjoy yours. :)
  • We just got a CX-9 GT (Black Cherry Mica) on Monday, Bay Area

    Blind Spot Monitoring Sistem
    Rear seat Ent./Bose
    GT Assist Package

    MSPR: 40,565
    Price Paid: 31,500+tax

    We're really enjoy it! Nice car!
  • After talking with our dealer here in Tulsa (Nelson - they're very good. Bought my 3s Hatch from them) and getting them to agree to invoice on a Touring AWD w/ tow package if we'd use the 1.9% financing, I sent an email to Town North in Dallas, asking him what his best price would be on a optioned out GT AWD (MSRP $41,540) if we used our own financing. He came back withing a couple hours with a price of $32,329 + TTL. $9000 off list!

    Haven't sealed the deal yet, but I think it's too good to pass up!

    Grand Touring AWD
    Galaxy Gray
    GT Assist
    Rear Ent. System
    Autodim mirror w homelink
    Splash Guards
    Wheel Locks

    We're getting so much more car than we thought we could afford. Only thing we have to add is the roof rails! I think we're heading down Friday - wish us luck.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    Since you lucky folks are getting the CX9 at below invoice price,
    it is actually cheaper for you to buy the vehicles with the accessories you wanted.
    If you add them on after-market, you will have to pay above invoice for the parts, plus possibly S&H and installation (unless DIY) cost.

    I would suggest you have the accessories added into the deal, and close it. If the salesman really wants your business, he will manage.

    Best price for parts online:
  • nswartzbnswartzb Posts: 40
    make sure you run the numbers.
    if you get your own financing, i'm guessing the rate for 60months is something like 5.9%.
    on the other hand, if you take Mazda's special financing for 60months at 1.9%, that 4.0% difference on a $35000 car ($38300 tax title etc) will be an extra $70 per month, or $4200 over the life of the loan.
    sometime a higher price and lower finance rate is better -- plus you won't have to leave tulsa.
  • Thanks for looking out - but I've run the numbers.

    We are pre-approved for 4.99% with a credit union up here, so it's definitely better for us to take the $4000 off instead of the 1.9% rate. We'll most likely pay it off before the full five years also.

    Here's the message from our dealer in Tulsa, after I told him abou the quote from Dallas:

    "I'm looking at the GT packages out there and it's either units that are too far away or a dealer that doesn't want to trade with me. I have to tell you that deal is a good one! Make sure it's not a hail unit and pick that bad boy up. I don't know if they have a volume based stair step they get on cx9's or what but they are 1673 back of invoice. I know we will see ya for service at least! Good luck."

    I knew I had a really good deal once my local dealer wouldn't even try to match it!

    And it's getting better - I'm also going to get the $500 loyalty discount, so that takes my price down to $31,829. Pushing $10k off!
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Wow...a dealer who was honest with you!
  • bez1bez1 Posts: 2
    I'm also in Seattle, but have not been able to find any info on the $4000 factory-dealer incentive. Where did you find out about this and who was your dealer?
  • Thanks for the advice - I'm trying to work the roof rack into the deal.

    Like I said in my first post, Nelson Mazda in Tulsa has been great to me. They're not getting my business this time because of the crazy deal I can get in Dallas, but I highly recommmend them.
  • kalif20kalif20 Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy Mazda CX9 with the following options


    MSRP $41,015.00 • Invoice $38,055.00

    & I am being quoted 34000$ without tax & tags

    What do you think of the price good deal or any recommendations
  • wabuyerwabuyer Posts: 2
    you can do a google search for it "mazda $4500"-

    it's actually now at $4500 off of invoice - and if you are a current mazda owner - another $500 for a total of $5000.

  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    The factory rebate will keep increasing gradually until all '08 are sold out from dealers' inventory. You will see sweeter deals as long as there are '08 left-over in the lot.

    I saw the $4000 factory rebate on local newspaper ads from local Mazda dealers.
    That was a month ago. Not rumor at all. It is real. As wabuyer said, it is probably $4500 now.
  • lookcx9lookcx9 Posts: 4
    New CX-9 is gleaming in my driveway... worth the six months I spent researching 7-8 passenger SUVs and crossovers.
    I finally purchased my 2008 AWD GT CX9 ! Am happy with the interior comfort and the handling of the car. Not too crazy about the audio system and the little add-ons to make all the audio/auxillary line-in/Satellite Radio work, but got it all installed at the dealer and have everything working now.
    Here is the deal offered to me.
    MSRP:MSRP 37,070
    Dealer Add-ons:
    Factory installed ( New Jersey port installed actually ) Sirius Satellite Radio with 6 months free subscription
    Towing Package
    Roof Rails ( cross bars not included )
    Cargo mats and all weather mats
    Wheel Locks
    Invoice Price: -- Check Edmunds --

    Price Paid: 27,097 ( financing with my choice of bank )
    + $ 213 to install a switchbox to make the auxillary input work
    Requested Add-ons:
    Total Price before (TT&L and Fees): Dealer charged $299 for doc fee + $ 199 mandatory protection plan... numbers are etched on all the windows
    State/Metro Tax: 5 % + new plates
    Drive-out tag: $ 29035 + $ 213 ( switchbox -- only if you have Satellite Radio )
    Doc. Fee (other fees):
    Other Taxes:

    Trade-in: NA
    Book value:
    Your trade:

    The buying experience at the dealership was a breeze. I got an e-mail quote from the dealer which was the price I paid for the car. Quick, no hassle and no haggling.
    They stayed a hour more after the working hours to finish off my paperwork, and I am very satisfied with the service there so far. It's a young dealership, and it shows.
    Dealership info: Metro Ford Mazda . I think the model year clearance is a fantastic time to get into a new car, if you are in the market.

    Hope this helps anybody looking.
  • nswartzbnswartzb Posts: 40
    closed today in SF Bay Area on ma 2008 CX-9 Touring with:
    - DVD Rear Ent Sys
    - Roof Rack (dealer installed)
    - Cargo Mat
    - Cargo Cover

    MSRP per edmunds $36642

    Invoice per edmunds $33698

    Price Paid $29535 (my own financing)

    This is ~20% off MSRP, or roughly invoice less $4000 in manufacturer to dealer cash back.

    I decided that this is a very good, not the best, but fair deal.

    in case others are interested, my rough survey of this forum (excluding trade in sales) is that prices paid this month are between 18-22% off MSRP.

    i used the mazda site to locate a CX-9 that fit my needs.

    i then requested a quote w/~$500 in extra add ons (rack,cover, mat) and got a ~$31K offer.

    i then counteroffered and settled at ~$29.5K.

    i had made clear to the dealer that i did not want to haggle back and forth, but that i recognized he had a right to earn some profit, so he could take or leave my counter-offer (otherwise i'd reluctantly buy a pilot).
  • klockboyklockboy Posts: 26

    Going to sign Lease Papers for CX-9 today and was wondering if anyone knew what a "Philadelphia Assessment Charge" was? It is a line item for $433 and I am trying to figure out if it is bogus or not.

    If anyone has any definitive knowledge please let me know ASAP.

    Thanks in advance - Great Forum!

  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    The "assessment fee" is the fee that dealers in certain area/region charge their customers on top of invoice. The amount is different from region to region. The money collected was "claimed" to be used in advertisement locally (such as local TV channels). In SF-Bay Area it is about $200.

    No matter what, you should take it into negotiation as well.
    Watch out for doc fee also, some dealer charges too much for that (I would say $50 is reasonable, no more than $100).
  • bez1bez1 Posts: 2
    Got the following offer over the internet for a GT with moonroof/bose, roof rack and blind spot monitoring

    MSRP 37, 942
    Offer: 29,915

    Only problem is dealer wants me to close by end of month and it's a 12 hr round trip that i am unable to make.

    I asked my local dealer to see if they could get it as they had done on my previous mazda. They quoted $31000 and would not budge so i walked away. Do you think this was a reasonable offer and will better/similar deals be available at the end of the quarter/september?
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