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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 31
    do you recommend CX-9? What is the best price i can get, I see you recommend Brown's Mazda, is it Alexandria, VA?

    I am in this area and haven't made up my mind yet, which one should I get?
    some says dont take Mazda, the parts the expensive etc....

    I am in a need of 8 passenger, plz, someone recommend.
  • jdg715jdg715 Posts: 4
    I just leased the exact vehicle (GT AWD black on black MSRP of $40,135). 36 months, 12k miles /yr for $480/mo tax included with $2,750 total out the door. The $2,750 included a $500 security deposit & 1st month. If I had done a straight purchase they would have sold it for $32,901 (36901-4000 dealer engagement). Since I leased, it was $35,351 (36901 - 1550).

    Having said that, I found dealers out of state who's internet prices were 5500 to 7000 off MSRP but again, for straight purchase. Once I realized the pricing was different for purchase vs lease I scrapped the idea, but it may be worth looking outside your area and shipping the vehicle.

    Good luck.
  • jdg715jdg715 Posts: 4
    I am in Miami Beach but looked at EVERY VA dealer's website countless times (not sure exactly how wound up there). For a straight purchase, Brown's and Rosenthal had the best internet prices (not to say the others wouldn't match) and largest selection. We are coming off our 2nd MDX lease and were looking at a 3rd but chose the CX-9. We just got the GT AWD yesterday. Pretty sweet! We got the GT assist pkg & moonroof pkg. It is pretty much equivalent to the MDX/w Tech but for about $5k less. You won't get 8 belts in either one though.

    The Pilot has 8 belts but is very boxy.
  • jason55jason55 Posts: 3
    OK, here I am, as the father and father-in-law going with my son and his wife to look at a cx-9. We had done research on the car at Edmunds. I'm pretty savvy in buying a new car. We were going just to look and have the daughter-in-law drive the car. She liked it and my son liked it. He had in his mind that leasing for $500 or less a month was in his budget. Unfortunately, he got into discussing leasing the car before we actually were able to first determine the car's msrp and invoice price. I tried to hold him back because I felt that this was not the right way to negotiate. But from my position as father, etc, it would have upset him for me to tell him strongly to walk because I felt that we were not in the right bagaining position. So, I tried the best I could to help with the negotiations, but I definitely felt that we were at a disadvantage as the dealer was working from leasing price that ws attractive to my son and thus we didn't know what the real figures were. Anyway, my son did cut a leasing deal that he wsa happy with and within his budget, I felt we could have done better, but kept my mouth shut...and will continue to do so after you guys answer my questions and I do find out, indeed, that we could have saved more money. So here are figures I'd like you to take a look at.

    2009 cx-9 cherry black touring that mrsp'd at $36300 and invoiced at $33430, $1172 (woud have been $318 more, but dealer picked up last month of presently leased car-not a mazda) down, no security deposit, all taxes-NJ tax is 7%, and registration-title fees included. Bottom line: 39 month lease at $469/mo. So, what do you think, could we have done better, and if so, by how much? Thanks.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Anyone know what the current incentives for May on the 2009 CX-9? I only see:

    2009 Mazda CX-9
    0.0% APR for up to 36 MONTHS PLUS $1,500 Customer Cash OR
    2.9% APR for up to 60 MONTHS PLUS $1,500 Customer Cash OR
    4.9% APR for up to 72 MONTHS PLUS $1,500 Customer Cash

    Any manufacturer to dealer cash that is not being made public? Also, the 2008 CX-9 incentives are:

    $5,250 Customer Cash OR
    0.0% APR for up to 60 MONTHS PLUS $1,000 Customer Cash OR
    1.9% APR for up to 72 MONTHS PLUS $1,000 Customer Cash

    Are these accurate? Thanks in advance.
  • aijaij Posts: 3
    Hi Forum,

    I am considering a 2009 CX-9 GT with Nav and Moonroof/Bose. I live in Houston. Got a dealer quote of $32,459 as the sale price with drive out $34,740. The MSRP is $39,460. This quote is only good if I pay cash. Houston seems to be a big seller's market where buyers have difficulties obtaining good deals as others in this forum. Please let me know if there is still room for negotiation. Thanks.

  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Hi Jason --
    The short answer is yes, he most certainly IS paying more than he had to.

    But yes, you also did the right thing by not trying to take over the situation (even though they did ask you to be there as wise counsel -- and promptly ignored your advice.)

    Now, I have no numbers for you (I have never leased a car). Someone on this board likely will fill in the blanks.
    But the reason for my quick opinion is based on what you obviously already know:
    The moment he and his wife indicated how much they liked the vehicle, plus gave any hint at all how much monthly payment they wanted -- they were fished hooked on the salesman's line.
    All he had to do was reel them in -- and he surely did.
    Now, the deal may not even be horrible or a ripoff (let's hope) -- it could be decent! But no way it's the best they could have gotten had they just politely said, "Thanks, we'll think about it," and left to research it and get quotes from at least 2 other dealers!

    I feel your pain. I was with my wife (because I'm the "negotiator" of the family) when she did pretty much the exact same thing buying her last car a few years ago. And I have a daughter who may well do the same some day, with me looking haplessly on. lol

    It bothered me for while, too. But you know what? I've learned to live happily with the same "secret" the car dealers use: Buyers never have to get the best deal, or even a really good one. You only have to get them to think they did.
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    There's always more room for negotiation.
    For one thing, make sure you ask at least two other area dealers if they can beat that offer. And by beat, let them know you mean substantially, as it's not worth your time to disengage with a dealer you like (even if you don't like him/her) for a measly $100.

    For another thing -- why limit yourself to Houston?
    Email or call 4 or 5 fleet managers, or sales managers (not regular salesmen) in other nearby cities and even across the border in Louisiana.

    I can't guarantee you'll get a bid that makes a two-hour drive worthwhile (although you might even get one hungry enough who will deliver the car to you!) -- but
    A. - you never know till you try. and B. - if you don't, then at least you'll feel better about the deal you've already got almost in hand.
  • jason55jason55 Posts: 3
    Thanks Duayned for your reply. I guess I needed to know that at least my thoughts were right, even though I didn't force them on my son. I will never tell him about this, but it will take me a while to gt over it. My feelings are the money is always better in my pocket than it is in the dealers. BTW, after the deal was made, the dealer's negotiator, who happened to be a wisened sales manager, did everything he could to tell me that my son made a good deal...he knew that I knew we could have done better and that I didn't push my son to do so.

    I still would like to see the figures....someone?
  • jmc823jmc823 Posts: 1
    I am so confused on what I am doing trying to buy a CX9.

    First, I was looking at leftover 2008's - because Mazda's incentives are so good, but there doesn't seem to be many in the NJ/PA/DE area - only 2. And, even then, I'm not sure what is a fair or reasonable price to use as my bottom line.

    Would I do better buying an '09? I was looking at Mazda's financing options and it's as low as 0 or 1.9%, which seems great, but the offer of only $1500 cash back seems low ... how much negotiating room could I have with them??

    I am very new to this process and need any help anyone can provide me with. Thanks so much!!
  • aijaij Posts: 3
    Thanks duayned. I have already contacted local dealers within 30 miles radius. I found out that the prices I got were pretty decent and most local dealers so far had a hard time giving me a much lower price. The best I have got is either about $300 lower or the same price but with life-time oil change. Well, that dealer was 20 miles away. So it does not really matter much.
  • okidokiokidoki Posts: 5
    Sport - 2009

    Power seats /windows - auto AC - heated seats - 1 yr free oil change - tinted windows - etc./
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Sounds like you're on the case, my man.
    Hey, it's all you can do.
    So just pick the best combination of price/service; don't let them talk you into a bunch of extras you don't want.
    Then rest easy and enjoy your new ride.
  • ddwzfddwzf Posts: 10
    That was from Tyson's Corner Mazda. The price is for all cash. For finance, it was about $2700 higher.
  • ddwzfddwzf Posts: 10
    thanks duayned, I agree in generall.

    I've test droven both twice. From handling perspective, CX-9 is better than the MDX regular version. But the MDX sport version feels a bit better than CX-9. We are talking about 8K price difference between CX-9 GT and MDX sport.

    I am leaning towards CX-9, because for the money, MDX's interior is not really much better than CX-9. Acura should learn from Audi or Lexus on interior. I wouldn't hesitate to buy MDX if they have the Lexus RX350 interior. Another car I am considering is Audi Q-7, test drove it, really loved the handling and interior, significantly better than MDX, CX-9 on both fronts. Of course, price is also much higher. However, the number of qualitiy issue complaints on Q-7 really scared me off. So guess I am going to save some money and buy Mazda again.

    Didn't know CX-9 uses regular gas. That's helpful info.
  • ddwzfddwzf Posts: 10

    I think CX-9 is terrific value for the price.

    Both me and my wife drive Mazda now, one 2001 sedan we bought in 2003 used, one 2003 sedan bought new, we only had one worn axis replacement over the last 6 years.

    But CX-9 is not 8 passenger, it's 7. Their third row space is the best among all mid-sized crossovers.
  • ddwzfddwzf Posts: 10
    I forgot to mention I own a Mazda now. So that price might have factored in the 1k owner rebate. However, I would believe there is still some negotiation space, because I got that quote just by calling them.

    There seemed to be an I-Pod connection problem for CX-9 with nav system. see:

    I am planning to wait for the 10 model to come out. Heard it's going to improve the i-pod connection, leather quality etc.

    Anybody has any idea when the 2010 model will be available?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Given the current incentives, I'm trying to get a feel as to whether this is a good deal and if not, how much lower should I be able to go?

    2009 CX-9 Grand Touring AWD

    MSRP: $38,925
    Invoice: $35,933
    Incentive: $1500
    Effective invoice price: $34,433

    Dealer offer: $33500+TTL
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    Saw this on today's newspaper in SF Bay Area

    2009 CX9
    Dealer discount $3000
    Customer Cash $4000
    loyalty rebate $1000 (if you own a Mazda - need to show certificate)
    $8000 Off MSRP
  • rponsetirponseti Posts: 35
    On the radio here, one dealer is offering $6k off all CX-9's. Another one has a base model for $7500 off including the 1k owner loyalty.

    Very tempting!
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