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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dbcafydbcafy Posts: 8
    Hey Folks,

    I'm looking to buy the 2009 CX-9 with all the (Nav + Sirius) same options. Is this (aux port / ipod) problem fixed in the 2009? I followed the thread and the issues started with the 2007 CX-9.

  • dbcafydbcafy Posts: 8
    All these deals are sounds like current May incentives. It seem they are $4000 off Invoice price.

    Does anyone know if these incentives will carry over in June or July?

  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    The iPod switch box issue has been improved for 2009 models. It works w/o a hiccup according to some 09 owners. :)

    The rebate/incentive usually gets better as the model year end approaches.
    Now we are looking at $7000-8000 off MSRP. A few months ago, we were looking at $10,000 off 2008 models.
  • rockspocksrockspocks Posts: 1
    I may need to change cars in a year, because of commute considerations, so I am attracted to a lease-take over. This is a private party offering a 2008 sport version. A year left on lease, with about 10K miles left. Tax and license around $400. Some transfer fees of $500. Monthly $280. Is this good? Residual at end of lease is $18,300.
  • badavabadava Posts: 5
    This forum has been very helpful.

    Options: RES + GT ASSIST (it already had BSM as standard)
    MSRP: 40935 (base/35205+RES/2750+ASSIST/2300+DELIVERY/670)
    Sale price: 33000
    Tax: 3057
    Other: 362 (Lic/215 + Reg/92 + doc/55)
    E.Warranty: 1482 (7yr/85K) bumper-to-bumper
    Final price/OTD: 37901 (4.85 APR dealer financing)

    We had closed the deal without an agreement on E.Warranty as i was not prepared for it but the deal was sweetened by lowering the APR to 4.85/60mo which kind of tempted me. Is this E.Warranty good, anybody ?

    Dealership is Menlo Mazda and the salesman I dealt with was very forthright and finished everything over the phone and absolutely no discussion when i went in.

  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    I am in SF Bay area as well. I got my 08 back in Jan.. 2008.
    Your price $8000 off MSRP is actually pretty good.
    As for the Ext Warranty, there is no "bumper-to-bumper". Don't be lied to.
    No ext warranty is bumper-to-bumper. There are several levels of Mazda ext warranty. You should read it up and see which level you got. There is another thread in this forum I started on ext. warranty. You probably should start from there.
    Welcome to CX9 family.
  • badavabadava Posts: 5
    Thanks Ceric, i read through the other thread now.

    The one I purchased is called Plan B, Exclusionary Coverage from Portfolio. Only exclusionary items are listed, all of which is wear and tear items. Looking at the contract, i have 60days to cancel and get a full refund. But needs prior authorization. If there are better alternatives, i would rather cancel this.

    The finance guy started and 2700 mkt price and went down to 2100, 1800 & finally 1600. To just get out i said 1400 max and he said no and signed off the papers. I was glad. But then he thought of a scheme of financing at a different (lower) APR and making up the 200 difference, to which i said yes and ended up buying it!

    On a related note, i went back with a lower APR finance from a different bank today and the finance guy declined to honor it. I was promised three working days to get my own financing when i signed. However, today, I was asked to show where it says three days in the contract, which it does not. I was naive in taking his word for it. Be very careful with the finance dept in this dealership, they are very pushy and you can infer from this. I'm still very happy with the sales guy though. I'm now trying to talk to Mazda and the bank to figure out a way to still use the lower APR that i got on my own.
  • I just purchased the following, used a broker:

    Grand Touring AWD + GT Assist (Navi) + Moonroof

    MSRP: $40,135
    Invoice: $36,901
    Sale Price: $32,701

    So, $200 under invoice taking into account the $4,000 dealer cash.
  • gitano01gitano01 Posts: 1
    HOw about this deals..I'm trying to decide..any help is appreciated

    2008 GT FWD New with 1100 miles
    Roof Rack
    Wheel locks
    proximity system
    MSRP $39035 Discounted price $ 29800 (inc dealer fees) plus tax and tag only

    2009 GT FWD Demo with 5800 miles
    same equipment Discounted price $ 31800 (inc dealer fees) plus tax and tag only

    any opinions ?
  • xrayzxrayz Posts: 6
    Is this a good deal, or can I do better?
    2009 cx-9 sport AWD, heated seats and moonroof/bose options
    MSRP: 34340
    offer: 28350+TTL

    thanks in advance
  • pcz0925pcz0925 Posts: 9
    Finished up on purchase of new 2009 CX-9 GT AWD in White w/Assist (Navi) + Moonroof/Bose here in the Twin Cities today. Walser Mazda in Burnsville had a competitive # on the new vehicle and matched the best ACV # for my trade. Here are the numbers:

    MSRP: $40,335
    Discount inc. $4000 Dealer Engagement & $1000 Owner Loyalty Incentive: $7,500
    Selling Price: $32,885

    Less High End of ACV on 2008 CX-9 Touring AWD w/Moonroof/Bose and Trailer Towing: $24,000

    Trade Difference: $8,885 + TTL

    I went from black/black vehicle to white/sand plus the extra goodies and just love it!
  • ddwzfddwzf Posts: 10
    Circledream, is that price coming with the Mazda financing deal? thanks
  • I paid cash, so no. No trade in as part of the deal either. I forgot to mention price includes the destination fee.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Is this a regional incentive? Edmunds does not show this.
  • I will like to thank everyone in this forum that provided the great input that I utilized during my negotiations. I just closed a deal, here are the details:

    Copper Red
    Mileage: 9 miles------just off the truck never driven before :)
    Grand Touring Assistance Package
    Moonroof and Bose/Sirius Audio Package
    Towing Package

    Vehicle price: 31,655.81 w/ destination----------Edmunds Invoice 35,951.00
    Dealer fees: 599.95 ------- HIGH :mad:
    Rebate: -500 military discount---------------GREAT :shades:
    Tags: 258.50
    Tax: 6% 1935.74 + 50= 1985.74

    TOTAL OTD: 34,000.00 :D
    Credit Union financing at 4.5% apr x 60 months

    Location:Ferman Mazda Tampa, Fl

    I'm ready to deploy to the SAND BOX (IRAQ) and couldn't wait any longer, I wanted a reliable vehicle for my family before I ship out for a year+. I had a good experience with the dealership staff. The unit I purchased was not ready for delivery since was just delivered yesterday and I got a loaner GT with a full tank of gas. My unit should be HOME DELIVER Tuesday after the service inspection. I'm very satisfied with my deal and more important than all the family loves that vehicle. Well now I'm a ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM owner. ;)
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Thanks, appreciate it.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    The current purchase offer seems to be

    $4000 rebate + $1000 loyalty (if you own a Mazda - show certificate) +
    discount you can get between MSRP to invoice.
    My local newspaper is advertising $3000 for the latter (typical difference from invoice to MSRP for a $30K vehicle).
    i.e. $8000 off MSRP is possible if you own a Mazda, otherwise, $7000 off is easily achieveable.
  • j_twittyj_twitty Posts: 4
    I'm looking to buy a cx-9 sport awd for only $24,400 I think this is a pretty good deal. The dealers sticker was $33000 and they came down to $25400 with negotiation, $4000 dealer cash and $1000 loyalty cash. We also just got a $1000 coupon in the mail.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts on whether this seems like a good deal or has anyone else received a better price?
  • collmancollman Posts: 22
    $1000 coupon? Isn't it $500??
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