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Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • buyer101buyer101 Posts: 80
    What is the projected OTD with this ? I think there is room to do a lot better.

    Did you try Schwartz Mazda in Shrewsbury ? Let me know if you need a referral
  • Today was the wifes bday so we ended up purchasing locally at Wantagh Mazda, CX-9 AWD Touring w/ Moonroof/Bose, power liftgate, carpet mats, wheel locks. Paid $33,530 with delivery which was $300 over the invoice we were shown for everything included and the invoice numbers matched up with what is shown here, plus 8.625 tax (NY sucks), DMV, the OTD price was $36,759. We thought heavily about going over the bridge to Wayne, NJ for a lower price quoted by phone but after reading someone's bad experiece there on this site and some information to confirm it from my local dealer we were very happy purchasing from Wantagh Mazda, used Edmund's to request quotes and dealt with a no pressure up front sales person. We pick up the car on Wednesday.
  • whitey17whitey17 Posts: 3
    Thanks, Mazdaduck. The sales rep I've been dealing with just called me and told me that their buyer paid a lot of money for these corporate driven '10 Mazda CX-9's. He tells me the new 2010's are selling like hot cakes and they're low on inventory. Funny, last week things were slow for Feb/March. They're starting to play games and frankly, it's ticking me off. Where exactly is your plan of attack detailed - I'm interested. I don't live in Minnesota -- all talks are happening over the phone. Your advice is very much appreciated.
  • 9honda89honda8 Posts: 20
    The numbers come out to $35,335.00 Out The Door. Stand alone invoice comes
    to 32,530 but a $1000.00 rebate brings that down to 31,530 then add tax and tags.
    I may be wrong but looks like, you may have paid an extra grand. Did you take
    0 % finance? PS I am looking for the exact same rig.
  • Hi everyone. I am looking at a 2010 AWD GT with nav, roof rack, etc. MSRP 39515. Dealler best price is 36,600. will be taking the 0% financing. tax and tags is another 2500 in PA. Any thoughts???
  • 9honda, the invoice for the car and everything included was $32,530 plus delivery of $700 made it $33,230 plus the $300 over invoice the dealer made so it came to $33,530 plus tax and dmv.Tax is NY is a killer!! We are financing most of it at 0% so we did not get the 1k rebate or the $500 rebate for being a previous Mazda customer.
  • Wanted to get feedback on this deal:

    AWD CX-9 Touring
    Power Liftgate

    32,650 + TTL.

    Thoughts? I am told in the Boston area there is a $600 assessment for advertising, but the price shown above is the bottom line price.
  • mazdaduckmazdaduck Posts: 32
    edited March 2010
    Whitey, You are catching on to the dealer. If the cars really were selling like "hot cakes," in my opinion, they would not have a bunch of them on their lot, and there would be a waiting list for the vehicle. My plan is based upon my own purchase of the vehicle, and in consideration of the consumer reports price service for the vehicle (which cost me $15 and I am providing to you for free. It goes over all of the dealer incentives which exist for WI, OH, MI, and IN but not MN). But, you need to purchase the vehicle by Wednesday (tomorrow) to take advantage of all the savings. If I were you, I would take off from work and head to Wisconsin (or another dealer) tomorrow. You will not get the 0% financing on Thursday. Do not waste any more time talking to a dealership which is playing games with you. Especially since you do not even live in MN. MD (Mazda duck)
  • mazdaduckmazdaduck Posts: 32
    How much is TTL? It is a lot easier to assess the out the door price. Are you getting 0% financing? It makes a difference in the price. If so, you need to purchase the car by tomorrow (Wednesday). MD
  • The deal is:

    Price: 32,650
    Taxes (MA): 2,040
    Fees: $125 plates + $299 doc

    OTD: $35,114

    Good deal?

    Touring W/ Bose and liftgate, and rails.

    Taking advantage of the 0%
  • mazdaduckmazdaduck Posts: 32
    I got the same car in a FWD for $33k. So, I would say that $34K is a great deal with the AWD. You have a decent deal, would like to see you get this car for $34K, especially since it is the last day of the month. My advice to you is start early today, go to the dealer in person, tell them you will by the car for $34K out the door, and when they give you the sales pitch, walk out and leave them your cell number. They most likely will call you when you are on your way to the next dealer. Remember, the 0% ends today. Good luck!
  • jeffinboston1jeffinboston1 Posts: 5
    edited March 2010
    Thanks so much for posting the reply.

    For my clarification: When you say you got the same car in a FWD for $33K was that with 6.25% taxes like Massachusetts?

    Out of the 10 dealers I have dealt with, this one is the lowest by $500 and the others either won't budge at all or are very slow to move lower. What you are saying is asking for another $800-$1000 lower than what they already are quoting.

  • mbc1mbc1 Posts: 1
    I'm looking to buy today to capture 0%. Went to close the deal yesterday and dealer started adding on extra fees so walked.

    Looking at CX-9 touring AWD Crystal White with Bose/ Moonroof , Power Lift Gate.and Roof Rails.

    Out the door price quoted was $36,600 (includes $2400 NJ tax and $ 400 actual cost for Title and 4 year registration).

    $ 33,800 excluding Tax and actual Title/ Registration cost

    Looking for thoughts on this price, Can I do better?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    edited March 2010

    Does this CX-9 have an MSRP around $35,827? If so, you are buying that Mazda CX-9 Touring for around $800 under invoice. That is a GREAT deal in New England. I would take it.
  • buyer101buyer101 Posts: 80
    Call Art Manukyan in Schwartz Mazda. He can probably do better. Tell him that you are being referred to by a person who bought a Crystal White Touring FWD from him on 11.28.2009
  • fastjfastj Posts: 4
    Just did a deal for sales price of $31,255 and drive out total of $33,530. MSRP was $34,377. Took the 0%. Quoted price was $30,255 without the 0%.

    I'm in Austin and shopped pretty hard in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston using and emails. Went to local dealer here in Austin "ready to buy" and the lowest I got them was $31,800 (and that wasn't easy). As pointed out a page or two back all the dealers in Austin are owned by the same company. Ended up buying from a Dallas area dealer because we were headed up there on a trip anyway.
  • jeffinboston1jeffinboston1 Posts: 5
    edited April 2010
    Just parked the new car in the garage. Deal was closed tonight:

    MSRP was around $35,252 (touring AWD w/ Bose and Moonroof, wheel locks, mats, cargo net, roof rails).

    Sale price was $32,650 + 6.25% tax + 299 doc fee. Took the 0%.

    I think it was a really good deal for Massachusetts.
  • I just wanted to post this deal that I did last night because I had been lurking here the last few days and got a lot of good pointers and I feel it paid off. I got the FWD touring with moonroof/bose package and the touring lift gate package. The sticker was 34,177. I got the car for 30,000 + 6% FLA sales tax and 0% for 60 months.
    It was the last day of the month and I looked on the board in the sales manager"s office for the worst salesman. He'd only sold three cars for the month. He was bad and we didn't get out of there until after 10pm but I feel it was worth it. I hope this helps someone, like you helped me.
  • fastjfastj Posts: 4
    Satman that is an awesome deal. Beat my deal described above by about $1k. I don't think I could have got that kind of deal in Texas. I like the idea of finding the worst salesman.

    I lurked too for about a week. Thanks to everyone for the helpful posts.
  • Reposting my own message because I left out that I also had the liftgate included in this deal. Sorry to mislead.

    Just parked the new car in the garage. Deal was closed tonight:

    MSRP was around $35,252 (touring AWD w/ Bose and Moonroof, Power Lift Gate, wheel locks, mats, cargo net, roof rails).

    Sale price was $32,650 + 6.25% tax + 299 doc fee. Took the 0%.

    I think it was a really good deal for Massachusetts.
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