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Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am looking at a certified preowned CX-9 in the Harrisburg market. It is a GT AWD with Moonroof and liftgate options. No NAV or Rear Entertainment. MSRP 38725. Mileage 7000. Dealer offering 31250. I want 29000. Is my offer reasonable? It also seems you are better off with a certified preowned due to better warranty. What am I missing?
  • Well that might be OK for a 2012 but not a 2009. What year? LOL
  • Got a deal on the 2012 cx9 GT without NAV and rear ent 6000 miles for $30730. Says it is 500 over their cost, Thoughts
  • Over their cost for a used car? Creative. Very creative.
  • They say the dealer purchases from Mazda USA. Most likely an exec of some sort who drove it,
  • I have read a few pages of this thread and I'm seeing a lot of different numbers on what the "cost" of the 0% APR is. I've been getting some quotes today and most of them are saying it is $2000! Most of the quotes I am getting back for the 2012 Touring AWD with moonroof and power liftgate are between $30,545 and $32,730, but this is without the 0% APR.
  • I am purchasing a 2012 CX9 GT tomorrow. I currently have a storage basket that I use for my Honda Pilot that uses a 2" class 3 hitch. The dealer told me not to install the 2" class 3 hitch because if I ever have a problem with my transmission, they may say that I pulled a heavy trailer and abused the trans. Anyone else heard this?
  • I was quoted $100 to install mud flaps on CX9. Has anyone else did the install themselves? I can't believe it is that hard.
  • It's always a little daunting to drive a few hours to buy a car. There's a certain level of implied commitment before the deal is solidified that can make a person uneasy. I had two comparable deals lined up within 45 minutes of one another in case anything fishy went down with the transaction after I arrived, but I'm happy to say that everything went smoothly (and quickly... I was out in 90 minutes). I got my Touring AWD with an MSRP of $37,082 for $31,011 without the 0% financing. I did the math and it worked in my favor to go with a 1.99% and save the additional $2000. I really appreciated that I ended up getting $250 more on my trade once they saw it than what I had been estimated from afar. I couldn't be happier with my new vehicle. Thanks, Fitzgerald!
  • Does anyone know the October incentives yet? Are they going to enhance them to make room for the 2013?
  • Just curious if anyone knows the October incentives for the CX-9. I live in Baltimore and I'm planning on buying or leasing this week. For a 2012 model,is taking $5000 off of MSRP fair? Thanks!
  • Have you seen the previews of the 2013. Nice exterior. For last year, end of year discounts were around 6500 from MSRP
  • Or it's a lemon that came back, or my momma has a nice big bridge to sell. When do you believe what they say? When their lips stop moving.
  • If you haven't already, check out FitzMall in Annapolis. You can go to their website and they give you nohaggle pricing. We found it was a great price when we bought a CX9 earlier this year. Ask for Joe Frantum.
  • Wow that Fitzmall seems to have the right idea, wish I was closer. What about misc fees, doc fees and other such nonsense?
  • sbuhlersbuhler Posts: 93
    Worked a deal on a 2012 Grand Touring AWD in the New Orleans area with Pearl Paint, Bose and Power Lift Gate; I wanted more off but this was the most I could get - I was hoping for some other hidden incentives but I could not find any. The AWD is not very common in this area so there were not as many around. I put a deposit and will be financing with my credit union for 1.99%. The car was manufactured 10/11 and had been sitting in the dealer showroom for quite a long time; new vehicle.

    The deal was as follows:
    MSRP: 38435
    Negotiated Price: 32491 (invoice - $3,000 incentive - hold back)
    Tax at 9%: 2924.19
    TL: 126.50
    OTD: 35541.69

    No other fees, No trade

    We also considered the Subaru Tribeca, Honda Pilot, and Infiniti JX (to see how the new Pathfinder would kind of ride/look). The features, ride, and feel of the CX-9 just felt superior to all of them - including the $46,700 Infiniti JX.
  • mrchetmrchet Posts: 8
    Pretty much the same car: AWD, Dolphin Gray, Bose/MoonRoof, Liftgate, 6 disc, Roof Rack, Touring Models

    Local Dealer $31700 (+ wheel locks)

    Metro Dealer 3.5 hours away $31500 (+ dealer specific lifetime powertrain warranty)

    The added warranty is not a big deal since I doubt we'll keep the car longer than 5-6 years. I think the deals are ok. I may ask the local guy to throw in all weather mats and the cargo mat and see if it flies. We don't have tax in my state.

    Currently in a 2006 Subaru Tribeca that is just a little space limited. The AWD works great but the car is going on 101K. Trying to sell the Subaru locally as the trade offers aren't looking too hot. Looking to do the 1.49% 5 year PenFed loan on top of whatever we get for the Tribeca as the down.

    Prices were $2000 higher with the 0.0% 60 month incentive as previously posted.

    Not sure if I should wait it out till Nov/Dec when the 2013s actually start showing up...
  • sbuhlersbuhler Posts: 93

    Are you referring to the Touring model for the deal or Grand Touring? If this is Grand Touring I would think you are getting a great deal. I could not get under the price I posted.

    I like the Grand Touring better because of the Xenon Headlights, Fog lights, Memory Seats, and Blind Spot Monitoring.
  • mrchetmrchet Posts: 8
    Touring Models

    I'm happy with the Touring. Our Tribeca was the Limited Trim with Nav and DVD. 7 years later we have a horrible Nav and the kids prefer their iPods/tablets for movies anyway.

    I'm also looking down the road and looking to save a bit by not needing 20" tires and Xenon bulbs. Wife and I are nearly identical in stature so we don't move the seats in our cars around. Blind spot monitoring would be great but I think we can do w/o.
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