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Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jrhosjrhos Posts: 6
    I am looking to get a Galaxy Gray with Sand Interior 08 GT with Nav, Moon/Bose, remote engine start. They are giving me a price of $37,083 - it is the Splan price, although I am not eligible for Splan. I am asking them to throw in roof racks as well (I am holding out until they do). I plan on getting an aftermarket 2" hitch for a bike and luggage carrier I already have (no trailer towing, so don't need whole towing package). The dealer will have to get the car from another dealer in the region. A couple of questions :
    (1) Anybody every seen the Galaxy Gray and Sand together? I have seen them individually and think they will look great, but want to be sure.
    (2) Splan must be higher than invoice, as invoice for this vehicle is $36580 according to Edmunds and Consumer Reports. If I can get $500 over invoice and then save more on roof racks ($200 invoice), it is good enough for me. What do you think?
  • Bill -

    I'm in the Boston area and have just started looking at new CUV's. I stopped by a Mazda dealership about three weeks ago and took a look at the CX-9. Since then, I have been trying to find one on the road to show my wife, as it will be her car that we are replacing. I have yet to see a CX-9 on the road. Last weekend we drove to Maine, so its not like I haven't had the opportunity to spot one.

    My point is, I highly doubt that this car is in as much demand as the Dealer is saying, at least around my area. Honest, if we decide on the CX-9, I would'nt pay more than invoice for it. There are plenty of options to choose froom in this class, each with there pros/cons. Just don't get emotionally attached to the car during negoitations and you should be fine.

    Even if there are more CX-9's on the road in NJ, just remember that your $$$ is always in more demand than any make/model on the road.
  • I have yet to see another CX-9 (other than the one I just bought!) on the road in my city - granted, it's relatively small (500K people) but still, lots of soccer moms around here! :)

    I also note that I have only seen 2 or 3 new Acura MDX's, but they are starting to show up more and more now.

    I paid $250 above invoice supposedly.
  • Congrats!

    The only one's I've seen were on the lot and on televisions, which is not a bad thing. They are very nice cars and the interiors are top notch. Right now, we are leaning towards purchasing one, but are in no rush so we are going to check out other CUV's as well.

    I re-read my post. I don't want you, or anyone, to think that if you paid above invoice, that you didn't get a good deal.

    What I mean is that if I was in Bill's situation and the dealer said that to me, I would question him on it and then counter offer him with the invoice price. Be friendly, but act like you don't really care if he sells you the car or not. If he says "no", head towards the door. They will stop you, they always do. Keep saying "no" until the dealer comes down to a price that you can live with.
  • Just picked up a 2008 CX-9 GT over the weekend. Experience was excellent (Classic Mazda East). Here's the deal:

    Brilliant Black, Black Leather
    Moonroof Package
    Paid Invoice: $32,951
    Residual: 58% (36mo)
    Money Factor: 0.00181
    Payment (w/6.5% tax): $455.65

    Cash Down included:
    Acq Fee: 595+tax
    WearGuard: 529+tax
    Dealer Installed Options (that I selected)
    1st Payment
  • I just picked up a cx9 AWD two weeks ago and an aftermarket moonroof installed for a final out-the-door price of 34-grand. It's a Touring 07 model.
  • I have a couple of questions:
    1. what is wearguard?
    2. What mileage per year was your lease?
    3. Did you pay the entire amount for the dealer installed options or was that part of the lease/price?
    Thanks!! clay
  • intrumintrum Posts: 2
    Im located in the UK and I'm trying to buy a 2008 CX-9 GT and have it shipped to UK, since this model is not sold in the US.

    I will buy it from an dealer in the CT, NY or NJ area, since i have somebody who can pick it up and ship it for me.

    Im currently negotiating with 4 dealers (via e-mail and phone) and we are getting close to the closure of the deal.

    Would 2% above invoice be good deal? Will they present me with the actual invoice and can I be sure that it is real?

    Thanks for your help
  • All,

    I was shopping for a new CX-9 AWD Sport model w/ roof racks and was quoted 29,870 w/out the adv fees. Once I looked over the total price they included the adv fees and also a philadelphia assessed fee of $295. I asked what was that and they told me that all dealers get assessed this no matter what. Does anyone know what this is? I was shopping at the Conshohocken dealership and is the a good price for this trim.

  • Assetment fee is Advertising fee that Mazda charges the dealer and customer
  • In Texas the invoice CX 9 Sport AWD is 29263
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Surprising you haven't seen many. The CX-9 has been on fire, in sales terms, in the NY/NJ/CT area, especially Long Island.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Just make sure that you don't advertise that you're buying it for export. You may run into trouble...
  • >I have a couple of questions:
    >1. what is wearguard?
    >2. What mileage per year was your lease?
    >3. Did you pay the entire amount for the dealer installed >options or was that part of the lease/price?
    >Thanks!! clay

    1) Wearguard is basically insurance coverage for excessive wear and tear (dings, scratches, etc) at the end of the lease. It covers tires too, which was the real payoff on my last lease. The one from this dealer was actually called something else. Coverage I got is up to $5,000, including the first 1K miles over the lease mileage.

    2) 12K miles per year.

    3) I paid the entire amount for the options so as not to pay the rent charge on them. It works out cheaper in the long run that way, but by buying them as part of the purchase, they are covered under the full 3yr/36k warranty instead of the 1yr/12k parts only coverage.
  • I walked into the Lodi Mazda dealership couple of days ago looking for a GT CX9 with the moonroof and/or the navigational first the sales person seem very friendly and helpful.

    After 10-15 minutes he ask me how much I'm willing to pay each month. I've been told that and read from numerous reliable sources that you should not give them a $ figure because they can "work" the number and meet your at first I was a bit reluctant to give them a number but I figured I'm a smart consumer and have done my research, so i decided to give him a number and mentioned that i want to trade in my existing car

    To make a long story short...i'm finally decided to go with the GT plus the moonroof package...he walked away to crunch his number and he came to the monthly payment I want to pay. So I started asking him how he came up with the numbers, he wouldn't tell me. He keep beating around the bushes and finally said...the price is based on MSRP (around 39K)and only gave me half of the $ value of my traded in (based on edmunds and Kelly Blue Book). I was like WHAT???!!!

    I feel like they were out there trying to sucker a desperate and clueless buyer into a deal...I will never go back there again...anyone else have a similar experience with them?

    so anyways...any idea on how much I should expect to pay for a GT with the moonroof option int the NY/NJ area?

    there are a few mentions about wayne mazda and i check out their looks promises and it's not too far from where I am...

  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    You really fell into the ""After 10-15 minutes he ask me how much I'm willing to pay each month"" ???! That is the WORST way to buy a car. Did you do research on Edmunds first? The people in these forums have incredible knowledge. I can't fault Lodi Mazda for they thought they had a 'sucker' and almost any car sales person would do the same as the person you dealt with.
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Lets see ... you said (bolair0121) that ""Assessment fee is Advertising fee that Mazda charges the dealer and customer ""

    WRONG.. It is an attempt by the dealer(s) to get unwarranted profit from a client. The 'trick' is not new and I am surprised anyone falls for it.
  • Hi Steve (d4yt0n4)--

    I hope you see this message. You stated that you'd gotten the following deal, which sounds excellent (especially since I live south of SF and Menlo Mazda is not far):

    '08 CX-9 AWD GT: $32636
    1EP (RSES): $2202
    port fee (verified with 3 other Mazda dealers - they all pay this for this area): $200
    dealer: $100
    License fee: $228
    Reg/Title fee $69
    doc prep $55
    CA Tire fee $9
    CA Tax $2595

    total $38094

    A couple of questions...

    1) was this car "on the lot" or did you order it. If it was in stock, do you have any idea if you would have been able to get the same deal with a special order, or was this only available on current inventory?

    2) I'm curious about the sales tax figure. CA state tax in San Mateo county is 8.25%, and the tax you paid is well short of that. I know that if you live in another, lower tax county, like Sonoma, Tuolomne, etc., you get taxed according to where you live rather than where you bought the car, but I can't align the $$ you paid with any of the rates from 7.25 on up. What am I missing?

  • So (bolair0121) are you stating that on top of the $595 advertising fee that they want to charge me and the additional $295 Philadelphia Assesment fee for what story he gave me is an attempt to make a profit off their client? Can I argue with this addittional fee number?

    Thanks for your help
  • etoilebetoileb Posts: 34

    Its possible but difficult to export to the UK. Here are the things you need to think about.

    - your friend will need to buy it in his/her name. A dealer can't sell to a foreigner as you need a US driving license and insurance.

    - you will need a certificate of title to clear US customs but it is theoretically possible just to use a certificate of origin (most shippers will insist on title though) - another reason you will need a US buyer, you will probably have to pay sales tax (NY is very high)

    - don't let the dealer on that the vehicle is for export. The chain of events will mean that when the car clears US customs the main distributor will be informed of the VIN number and he will harass the dealer. The dealer will probably lose his rebate and be blackmarked. After I exported my first car, the dealer phoned me for weeks as if I had been exporting WMD to the Iraqis.

    - get all the extra's in person rather than by mail order. I fitted roof rails and cross bars. I had to assemble them in the dealers lot as it took 4 times to find a package that didn't have broken components, imagine doing that long distance!

    - On the plus side, its a great car that looks even better "in the flesh". I went for Black/Sand with MR. :)
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