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Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gahogsgahogs Posts: 15
    Thanks for the reply and info, badself.

    I got an offer for $1200 below invoice, so it would suggest something has to be in play from factory-to-dealer incentives for the dealer to come out of the gates with such an offer; however, again, the report mentioned in my thread above shows no such factory-dealer incentive in place for June. While I have received a couple of other very strong offers, most have been a little less reluctant to offer such a strong offer out of the gates (typical MSRP, offend-the-customer type offers). It is also possible the strong offers are perhaps storm damage vehicles, demos, or simply ploys to get me onto the lot, and then they will roll in unnecessary dealer and doc fees to recover the price. Nothing is for certain until you sign the bottom line. However, past posts on this thread suggest $1500 below invoice is the going rate, albeit a month or two ago.

    I feel market forces are in our favor (gas prices, competition, etc.). Due to the gas crunch, public stats show Toyota has been selling 4 to 1 on the Camery over the Highlander, and I suspect Mazda is not too much different. The '09 Pilots have rolled out, and it has been a feeding frenzy in the Southeast for them, but that is typical of any new release, redesigned model. We test drove them all and prefer the CX-9, but we are not in love with it enough to force the issue on a deal relative to considering dealing with other manufacturers (Toyota and Honda). All things being equal and if I can get around $1500 below invoice (through customer incentives, dealer incentives, or a combination of the two), we will pull the trigger on the CX-9.

    Currently there are no customer incentives from Mazda on the CX-9, but they have some pretty substantial ones on most of their other models right now. I think Mazda will probably roll some out in the near future, as folks will not be rational and probably favor other competitors simply over an extra mile or two in gasoline peformance ('08 Highlander: 18 city / 24 highway; '09 Pilot: 17 city / 23 highway; '08 CX-9 16 city / 22 highway). While it didn't ultimatley effect the decision of my wife and I, we did consider it, and I am willing to bet there will be a host of folks that will make their decision based on mpg performances in today's gas frenzy market!
  • coolpetecoolpete Posts: 30
    Judging from the activity on this thread, it looks like the Cx-9's are not exactly flying off the lots. Before somebody posted about the latest sale a few days ago (that too without the price), the last price paid post was on May 27th!!

    That right there should say something about the market. I am currently in the market and am really torn between the CX-9 and the Honda Odyssey (which the wife is insisting we need), and while Mazda is being sneaky about their incentives, Honda dealers are going all out with their offers.

    I have gotten such good offers on the Odyssey right from the first email that I am already wondering if it could get any better.

    No such luck with Mazda. I have received an OTD quote of $ 31750 for a GT with only a single option of BSM and the dealer is claiming that this is $ 450 below invoice.

    If the going rate is $ 1500 below invoice, by that math I should still be able to get the rate down to $ 30700 OTD?

    Does this sound like a good deal?

    I can almost feel the panic at Mazda dealers, especailly for these bigger vehicles and I can almost bet that they wil be forced to add more incentives at the latest by next month.
  • dc4alldc4all Posts: 6
    Wait for a better deal, my guess is 0% financing when next years model comes out, but buy the CX-9 GT, it rocks!

    I bought one for my wife last month and its just a blast. I gotta tell you, with the exception of the Audi Q-7 (optioned out at about $65-$70,000!) there is no 7 passenger vehicle out there with the style, performance and fun to drive quotient of the CX-9.

    The Passport IS more practical though with 8 passenger capacity and mpg its just a matter of priorities I guess.

    I do know that no other SUV has a better safety rating than the Mazda, check and see if the Honda is equal or lower- if its lower theres all the rationalization you need for the Zoom-Zoom :-)
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093

    I am a happy CX-9 owner as well.
    I would like to add that Mazda does not produce a lot of CX-9s in Hiroshima, Japan. They are selling all that they can produce. No inventory issue. The sales number is about 2200~2300 CX-9s per month.
  • gahogsgahogs Posts: 15
    Just a quick follow up and an attempt to "Pay it forward" to those that took the time to post in past threads that helped me.

    First, $1500 factory to dealer is 100% confirmed through at least the end of June.

    Second, we finalized a deal today and a new CX-9 is in our garage. Here is our deal:

    Grand Touring, Pearl White Mica Paint


    TOTAL MSRP: $36,475
    TOTAL INVOICE: $33,595

    Out the door price at dealer #1: $33,000
    Out the door price at dealer #2: $33,131

    Notice both out the door prices are below invoice (for those wanting a translation for sales taxes and such, just subtract $1098 from the above prices to get our bottom line negotiated price) . We also were extremely impressed with both dealerships. It was a great buying experience, and we wish we could have bought a car from each of them! We didn't pay any sort of dealer fee (whether it be advertising, doc, or anything else you can think of). Naturally out the door price is our bottom line what we paid (sales tax, title included). Dealers were initially reluctant to quote the above, and it took a couple of days, but all in all, it was pretty painless.

    We love our CX-9, and think hands down after test driving (twice) '08 Highlander and the '09 Pilot that the CX-9 edges them all out. We would recommend bringing some "sample groceries" and/or a suitcase... the Highlander space behind the 3rd seat is just frankly unusuable and horribly exposed in that scenario. The '09 Pilot makes you feel like you are ready to start patroling your neighborhood on behalf of the National Guard. Very "hummer" like in feel when looking out behind the wheel. On top of the space, well-thought out interior design, and great external looks, Mazda also has the Zoom! Zoom!, which made it edge out the Pilot and Highlander in our opinion. While there were aspects of the Pilot and Highlander we liked, in the end Motortrend knows their stuff, and we couldn't agree more. Mazda is kicking butt and taking names, and in our opinion would encourage anyone on the fence to test drive a CX-9 and consider it.

    Good luck to others who are interested, and please "pay it forward" to others as they come onto these threads trying to make a purchase.
  • gahogsgahogs Posts: 15
    Sorry - one last important note on the above post. We had no trade. So the deal was what it was without any other mechnisms in place for the dealer to make / recover profit. Bottom line (negotiated price) before TTL was $1693 under invoice for dealer #1 and $1562 under invoice for dealer #2. The car we purchased had 18 miles on it (14 of which we put on ourselves in the test drive). Again, no other fees (advertising, doc, dealer, etc.). They tried to tack them on, but we just wouldn't allow it and were willing to walk. In the end, we were just charged straight sales tax and title registration fee ($16.50) tacked on top of the above prices.

    Another note -- regarding my comment on the $1500 factory-to-dealer cash through June. It is well documented on this forum, but I had wondered based on previous posts if it was available in only April and May but then pulled away for June... in a previous post, I noted it was not shown on the newsletter service recommended by CNN Money. However, the newsletter service missed it -- it is indeed offered in June as well. I suspect it will remain in place for awhile, but all I can confirm at this time is through June.

    Good luck.
  • dc4alldc4all Posts: 6
    Just curious, did you get the 1.9% financing as well?
  • coolpetecoolpete Posts: 30
    I can't understand those option codes you listed and cannot find them on either.

    Can you name the options if it is not too much of a hassle.


    Update: Never Mind - found all the option codes and pricing, damn man you did real good witht hat OTD price as you have almost $ 2500 worth of options in there. I think you got it almost $ 2000 below invoice.

    Thats what it is coming up based on the price at after you add all the options you listed.
  • We are about to buy a CX9 (Touring) and have been visiting all local dealers here around Pasadena/Valley in CA. Was planning on 2008, but have been offered a very good deal on 2007 Sport that one dealer had left. low finance (0.9%) and good discounted price. wondered what downsides were? they would have to fit bluetooth device and upgrade to leather interior. would appreciate any advice. thanks.
  • badselfbadself Posts: 39
    In a month, the 2007 Sport will be two model years old for the purposes of depreciation and total loss valuation, so if this thing lists for $30,500, I wouldn't bite for less than $6,000 off MSRP, plus taxes and tags and nothing more.

    Then, you'd better pray the dealer can install your bluetooth and leather without major issues. Also, is your Sport going to have power seats like the Touring. I don't know, just seems to me, I wouldn't take the '07 at any discount knowing the '08 engine IS better than the '07, not just in specifications but more importantly in build quality.

    At the end of the day, buy what makes you happy. If it's a CX-9 (whatever the configuration or year), you should get a nice vehicle irrespective of the deal. For me, that vehicle was an '08 GT with everything (moonroof, remote start, Bose, GT assist, homelink, splash guards, all weather mats) but Sirrius for $35,000 plus taxes and tags and nothing more ( like advertising, etc). However, to say I never considered a base Sport (to get into CX-9 architecture for way under $30K out the door) would be a lie.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    First, the 2008 has 3.7L engine while the 2007 has the 3.5L from Ford.
    The 08 engine was tuned and modified by Mazda (also enlarged bore to 3.7L).
    The intake was modified for better zoom-zoom feel. Acceleration 0-60 should also improve from 7.9sec down to 7.3sec (according to some magazine). More torque and more horsepower while no significant change in MPG.
    Second, make sure that the 2007 is not a dealer buyback due to unresolved issues (due to lemon-law, etc.) You got to suspect why there is still ONE 2007 left in the whole dealership. I would avoid it personally, but it is up to you.
  • That all makes sense. He actually had two cars and the deal he was offering wasn't as good as the one you have outlined. Thanks for all your advice.
  • jferrettijferretti Posts: 4
    I am being offered a GT w/ homelink, Bose/moonroof, blindspot for 34,466 plus TTL. However, the dealer will knock off $2000 (confirming there is 1500 dealer cash plus 500 for being a program buyer) BUT they will not offer 1.9%. So in essence I can get 2000 below dealer invoice but lose the financing or pay 500 below invoice and get the 1.9%. Is anyone having the financing rate being used as a leverage point? I should be able to get this vehicle below invoice and with the financing.
  • badselfbadself Posts: 39
    That's the Mazda game, better price or a better rate, but not both. I opted for better price (about $2K under invoice) because I was fortunate enough to have the cash available at that time.

    I certainly like the vehicle; however, I wish Mazda would be much more forthright (honest) when it comes to their offers, the way they do business in regards to incentives is tantamount to fraud, IMHO.

    I guess, in the end all that matters is the bottom line, and that's pretty close to where you're at on the deal you've described. Hope you enjoy the vehicle if you take it.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    > That's the Mazda game, better price or a better rate, but not both. I opted for better price (about $2K under invoice) because I was fortunate enough to have the cash available at that time.

    Isn't that the same for every automaker? Better rate or rebate. Toyota has been doing this all the time. Even the GM's $2.99 gas guarantee has strings attached.
  • murrman67murrman67 Posts: 6
    Hey, I am getting ready to buy an '08 CX-9. Has anyone out there purchased in the Seatlle area recently? What deals have you gotten?
    Based on this site, I am hoping to get the 1.9% purchase financing AND leverage the $1,500 factory to dealer money to get the price somewhere below invoice - just wondering if anyone out there has had any recent experience in the Pacific NW (most experiences posted are from CA or TX and elsewhere). Inventories seem high (at all brands around here) so I am thinking they must be pretty motivated to make space for '09's.
    BTW, anybody know when the '09's will be arriving at dealers? Any news on incentive changes after June 30?
  • badselfbadself Posts: 39
    Can't help you with the Seattle market, but I can provide some information on the '09 CX-9. Production commences July 1, 2008, which should bring them onto our shores around September 1, 2008. Galaxy gray mica has been dropped in favor of "aluminum metallic". I happened to run across 2009 prices just surfing the net, and they looked very close (if not identical) to '08 prices. I think the prices may have been accurate because the color change information was accurate. Perhaps Mazda did not raise prices in light of the gasoline holocaust. At this point (in any major US market) aim for $5,500 under MSRP on a $40,500 Grand Touring. If you're also looking for 1.9 Mazda credit, the best you'll do is probably $4k under MSRP. If you're not in a hurry to buy, maybe waiting for the '09 would put you slightly ahead of the depreciation game if you won't be paying that much more for the '09, but the deal won't be as good up front at this point.
  • murrman67murrman67 Posts: 6
    WOW, you called it. We have a deal on a Touring FWD at $3953 under invoice with the 1.9% financing, PLUS they are adding the tow hitch (aftermarket) at no cost. The first dealer wouldn't go all the way on the $1500 AND financing - they claimed Mazda only supports either/or, but I find it interesting that the adds only promote the financing, rather than an either/or cashback/financing offer. I suppose the truth lies in our deal - we did get both. I basically told the sales guy that I had done my homework on Edmunds so I was shopping around and was ready to do a deal if he is ready to move another unit for the dealer holdback. We had a deal a couple of hours later. None of the back and forth, "I'll see if my manager will approve it" BS either. My sales guy is going to get straight A's on his eval. :)
  • wukwuk Posts: 12
    3953 under invoice would be a steal. sure you don't mean under MSRP?
  • jferrettijferretti Posts: 4
    Please clarify, you were able to get the vehicle for 4000 below MSRP and get the 1.9%? Or is it 4000 below dealer invoice plus 1.9%. If it is the latter, that is where I am having difficulty, being told that Mazda won't do both. You got a nice deal.
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