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Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    No not both. EITHER $4k manufacturer to dealer incentive OR $1500 cash back with special Mazda financing rates. If you have secured your own financing, i would go with the $4k. If you are a Mazda owner now you CAN add on an additional $1k loyalty rebate.
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    A quick price calc would be invoice (excluding destination) less holdback (probably $530 or so, basically MSRP incl destination x 1.75%) less the $4k fact to dealer cash plus dealer profit (2-5% of cost?), then add back the destination charge because it is an actual cost to the dealer that they must pay. So, assuming a $750 destination charge, I would say you are probably looking at somewhere just south of $25k, or $5,500 off sticker. If you own a mazda you can subtract an additional $1,000 for the rebate. Lay this formula out for the sales manager and I think you will get your deal done pretty quickly. The biggest sticking point might be how much profit you think the dealer should get. I think 3% is pretty fair, so maybe start with 2%. The biggest unknown is whether they have any hidden volume incentives that they can use to bring the price down further. Without knowing that, it's tougher to argue lower than the result using the formula laid out above. Also check and edmunds to get a feel for average actual prices paid.
  • Doh. That's still more then I have to spend. I only have 23K (+ tax, title, registration) to spend on the base model. This vehicle may never come low enough for me to buy it. I may need to look at other brands :-(

    Any chance if I hold out until later this fall that I could get this for 23K?
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    I think I read somewhere in here that the 2008s had $5-6k incentives well after the 2009s started coming out, but the obvious risk is whether the inventory will be there.

    You could go in and lay it out straight to them and say, this is what I have to spend, can you get there. Worst case they simply say no and you have your answer. If they can get there, I would say there must be some kind of other relatively big volume incentive that they are sharing with you, and they are making very little on the car.

    The article in the link below indicates supply/demand might be starting to come in line a bit more, so whether big discounts will be available later will depend a lot on whether that's true...
  • Somewhere within this thread a buyer mentioned getting a great rate at I finally decided to check it out and it was a pleasant surprise. Unlike B of A, which 2 days later is still trying to process my app, penfed gave me a result in 5 minutes. Check is already in the mail supposedly. You do have to pay $20 to join their group if you're not a military relative/member but I think its a good cause and worth it.

    Hope this helps someone....
  • volfan3volfan3 Posts: 9
    I ended up buying at a different dealer. I got a '09 FWD CX-9 with moonroof/bose in the exact color we wanted for $28k even out hte door excluding state taxes. I think the "price" was $27345 plus doc fee, temp tag, etc. that got it to $28k out the door. Again, I will still have to pay state tax on that - they didn't collect it because I bought out of state.
  • Trying to work a deal in DFW.. 2009 CX-9 Sport. No options. Tried to get $22k + TTL with the 0% Financing that's after $3500 for cash for clunkers plus the mazda $500 kicker and $1500 disc. on CX-9's. That would make it $27.5k before discounts. We got close.. $22.8k but he wouldn't do the 0% he said the price was two low and their deal with the lender wouldn't let him do it. He said I would need to do $25.6k if I wanted the 0%.. I thought the connection between sales price and finance % was BS. I didn't have to make a deal so I walked.. Is the $27.5k before discounts reasonable?
  • ap2009ap2009 Posts: 4
    Sorry folks, was out-of-town for a while with no internet. Please try the Browning Mazda in Cerritos or the Tuttle-Click Mazda in Irvine.

    I finally got my 2009 Mazda CX 9 FWD GT for $31,689 + TTL. It comes with the GT Assist Package, Moon-Roof Package and towing Package thru Cerritos dealer.
    Things went pretty smoothly, seems like Mazda is doing well (so are other dealers due to the "clunker" deal) and it took forever to do the financing/paperwork etc.
  • Hi all,
    I know the July 2009 dealer incentive on the CX-9 was 4K. Any changes for August? Thanks!
  • Ok.. So I went to another dealer over the weekend. I actually got an even better deal than I was initially looking for. I think forgoing the 0% and taking advantage of the $4k worked out better for me. I was able to get an '09 Sport w/ Power Seat Option for $20496 +TTL. Basically it was $28496 - $4000 Mazda - $500 Mazda Clunker Kicker - $3500 Fed Clunker Cash. I'm happy with the deal.. I think it's about as low as I could get.. So feel free to weigh in.... how did I do?
  • I was told July incentives expire today (Aug 3rd). I was quoted 28600 for Touring AWD w/ Bose Moon. That includes 1K Mazda owner plus 4K incentive that seems pretty uniform across the board. Gotta ask how pop tart can trade in a clunker for a vehicle that gets 17-18mpg combined? I know we are not buying the CX-9 for mpg so I gotta wonder how that works.....or doesn't. I know the GM CUVs Acadia et al were available @ 20 mpg combined, but I didn't think the CX-9 qualified. Then again this is the government we are talking so who knows.
    I am willing to bet that if you ride out the clunker craze and when 2010s come in with a mild refresh the 2009s will be even a better deal. Only problem is colors seem limited, plenty of black and grey and very few white/red on the lots in Chi-area.
  • Yeah, the July rebate/incentive ended yesterday. So, I want to know what it is starting today. Any chance the incentive is more then 4K now?

    And I agree that the deals will be better at the end of the cash for clunkers program but no low end models or good colors will be left. That's the problem.

    When someone gets the new August incentive, will you please post it? Thanks!
  • The CX-9 falls into the Category 1 Truck section of the Clunkers program. Which means it needs to have at least 18 MPG and 4 MPG (for $3500) or 5 MPG (for $4500) more than clunker you're trading in. That's if you're trading in another SUV, which I was. I'm not sure about what the rules are for cars. I was getting rid of an '01 Durango which was rated at a combined 14 MPG and going to an '09 CX-9 FWD which had a combined of 18 MPG so I qualified for $3500. The AWD does not qualify since it's below 18 MPG.. I would have loved to get the full $4500 and could have on other SUV's rated at 19 or 20 MPG but preferred the CX-9 over the others.
  • According to the dealers I spoke to today, the rebate and incentives are unchanged for August. (FYI)
  • The dates on the Mazda website have also changed from Aug 3rd to Aug 31st. If you are not picky on colors or options Sept. may be better, but looks like some good deals can be had right now. I have considered the Acadia or even the Outlook thinking Saturn would have to discount, but if you want a Moonroof and AWD good luck to you. For the price of an AWD Touring w/Bose/roof you can not touch a GM CUV. Sorry General ahhemm Govt. Motors maybe next time.

    Thanks pop tart for the heads up on the FWD available for the CARS program, I am not sure if everyone knew that. Just think that rusted out Navajo(explorer clone) sitting in your driveway now be worth $4500-5500!!!.only in America.
  • Can someone recommend a dealer in the NY/NJ/PA/CT/DE area? I don't mind traveling to get the best price. Thanks!
  • rtwickrtwick Posts: 1
    I'm also looking for same.

    I have been talking to john kennedy mazda in PA for a blue/sand cx-9 touring with moonroof/bose. the best he's offering right now is 33650 - 4000 - 1000 (owner loyality). This is the lowest i have found for a blue/sand so far. They have a lot in inventory and may give a better price if I'm not too inclined on the blue color.

    is this a good price?
  • Seems like what I am getting quoted in WI/IL AWD Touring Bose/Moon pearl/tan 33600-4K-1K loyalty. We have decided that if you don't want a Van this is one of the best values $/cargo space. Again the GM CUVs are a little bigger, but you can not get the same features for the price.

    I think it is a good price, but I have seen many Silver/Black and Blue out there so use your judgement, if they are not moving at that price and the 2010's come in I would bet you could save a couple more bucks.
  • We are in the market for a CX-9 Touring FWD with Moonroof/Bose pkg., roof rack and homeline/compass. We found one that still needs the home/link compass installed in Blue Mica with Black interior. I offered $27,500 with home/link compass and roof cross bars thrown in plus TTL. The dealer offered $28,500 plus TTL and no homelink/compass or roof cross bars. We are in a stand off. How's my pricing?
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    I can't comment about your price, but rest assured that both homelink/roofrail can be installed easily by yourself. No need for dealers to do them. So, this makes it flexible for your negotiation.
    - roofrail: 10 minutes with a screwdriver
    - homelink/audodimming: 30mins-2hours (depending on your skill)
    Parts can be bought at many internet Mazda dealers.
    Here is one
    (free S&H > $100 - this is important 'cause stuffs like roofrails cost $$$ to ship)
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