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2008 Nissan Altima Coupe



  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    With almost 10K miles on my coupe, I drive more HWY then I do city and I average about 70. So far no problem, I'm sure if you go to 3 different dealers, you will be told 3 different things... But I'm sure driving around the city freeways you are OK, but if you drove from LA to SF on the freeway at a constant speed that would be a problem.
  • Just curious has anyone had this baby out in the snow I was thinking about getting one but I live in Ohio and was curious as to how it performed non-ideal weather.
  • "says not to drive at constant speeds for extended periods of time during the break in period. What none of the manuals say is how long is considered too long to drive constantly"

    If you're on a 100 mile trip and the speed limit is 70, don't use cruise control. Simply vary the speed yourself, and periodically if you're free of other traffic, maybe let it coast down to about 65, then run it up to 75 and let it coast back. This gives the engine a chance to wear in early in its life at no set speed and will ensure good ring setting. I used this process on my '07 3.5 SE--I was about 3/4 of a quart down at the end of the first 3,500 miles change, and less than 1/2 a quart coming up on 7,500 miles. I routinely average 24-26 MPG over all.
  • Hey everyone!!

    I'm thinking about buying an Altima Coupe and I'm kinda looking for feedback from people who already own one. For those of you who own a Coupe, how do you like it? Does it drive well? Any problems under the hood? Etc... any and all feedback is much appreciated!!!!!
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    I have a 2.5S coupe fully loaded, and I love it. currently I have 11K miles on it, the only time it has been to the dealer is, for its service that is it. I have the CVT, which I really like. It well take some time for you to adjust to it, but once you do, I think you will find how easy it is to drive. I' averaging 30.8 according to the trip computer. I have taken it to Calif from AZ and it cruises on the freeway with no problem. Here in Phoenix area, they sell very well. My only issue is, I wish Nissan would offer a sport package for the 2.5S to me that is the only thing it is lacking.
  • flynfl01flynfl01 Posts: 13
    I've really enjoyed mine since I've had it. No problems whatsoever. It drives very nice in my opinion...quite a step up from the Honda Civic I owned prior to that. Plus it looks sharp. Mine is a red type S with 6-speed manual.

    The fuel economy is great...better than I expected. My normal commute gets me 28-29 MPG which is just a few mpgs less than my civic got, but with a more powerful car.

    Highly recommend it. Write back and let the forum know what you decide.
  • nathanttnnathanttn Posts: 3
    has anyone heard about the 09 altima coupe? Or when will nissan put it in the market?
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    WHy you worried about a 09, the 08 has been a sale success for Nissan. I highly doubt they well make any changes to the coupe...
  • nathanttnnathanttn Posts: 3
    'cuz the 08 will be in clearance and a couple grands less when the 09 is in the market.
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    No they wont, its called Supple and Demand, right now the coupes are selling very well, I highly doubt the dealers are going to have any left overs. Currently the coupes aren't scheduled for any upgrades, so there wont be any differences bertween 08 and 09 to warrent the dealership to discount any left 08 if they have any.
  • nathanttnnathanttn Posts: 3
    I see.. thanks for the info

    I was quoted $26,200 drive out for the altima coupe 2.5s CVT with premium package and carpet/mats. Do you know if that is a fair price? Or it's a little high?

  • ricko1ricko1 Posts: 1
    The car is amazing, just bought mine June 13th.

    Got the 08 coupe 2.5 CVT for 25680.00 prem pkg (w/o fog lights)

    that is 300 above invoice using the costco deal.

    Getting window tint done by . . .

    Dennis McMullin
    (951) 696 - 5047

    Limo back and 35% front comes to 159.00 with lifetime warranty

    Also, Dennis does house calls. he came to my house, did mine and my neighbors 100k BMW. Dennis is the real deal and the best rate.

    Also Dale F. from quality nissan. (951) 676 - 6601

    No hassle buying cars, no smoke and mirrors. just a straight forward price and he makes the numbers work in your favor. Dale is an awesome guy, he is USMC ret.

    About the altima, 2.5 is good enough, better mpg and uses Reg gas. I drove the v6, i also felt it was to much power for that car. i got the 2.5 sliding in the turns, the v6 is a bit much unless your going in a straight line. Drives smooth, no need to upgrade the bose sound. Blue Tooth ready. CVT is very cool, constant power! Worth the money!
  • insearch1insearch1 Posts: 6
    I test drove the altima coupe in california and want to know the reliability factor. Nissan Altima's have had a lot of recalls over the years. The coupe handled itself really well and I was definitely swept away by the car. I was looking to get the honda accord coupe but caught the eye of the altima coupe. Follow ups with coupe reliability will be truly appreciated. I am seriously looking to getting a car to replace my 17 years old faithful.
  • insearch1insearch1 Posts: 6
    How do you like your nissan coupe? Any problems with the car?
  • insearch1insearch1 Posts: 6
    Trying to get a follow up regarding coupe reliability since purchase. I am seroiusly thinking of getting one. How are you dong with your new ride? ANy recalls? Problems?
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    Interesting that people are worried about Recalls.... Go to the TSB web site and check them out. Most of the recalls are really interesting, nothing that would stop me from buying a coupe... I have a 07 have 15K miles mine is a 2.5S w/ CVT, fully loaded minus Nav, I love it.. No problems at all, I'm averaging 31 MPG and living in PHX,AZ the AC is the best I have ever owned... Its not my first Nissan and it wont be my last....
  • madpistolmadpistol Posts: 126
    The interior of the Coupe is almost identical to that of the sedan. The only difference other than its size is that the coupe has a handbrake while the sedan uses a foot-operated parking brake. At the same time, the sedan has one more cup holder in the front. I also agree that while this is the first Nissan I've owned, providing that reliability holds up, this won't be my last.
  • frifallefrifalle Posts: 1
    Has anyone else had a squeaky noise in the steering column after the car has sat in the sun for a while? Mine's been doing this for about a month now, and my Nissan mechanic assures me that it's nothing. It's just that the plastic around the column is expanding, and thus, rubs against the other plastic making a noise. Once the car is cooled off in the garage, it quits doing it.
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    No problem and here in PHX, AZ were we had 13 days over 110, I can say I havaen't had any issues that you are asking about...
  • insearch1insearch1 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the blog response. What is the TSB website? What made you buy the car? It's my 1st big purchase since I bought my now 17 yrs old car and I want to make a good decision about it. I appreciate any info. I am so taken by the altima coupe!
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