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Pontiac Grand Prix Heater blower relay switch



  • lberglberg Posts: 3
    Many issues finally climaxed with an engine fire while shut off...nice.
    Part of the 3.8 recall for engine fires?????
  • beamer22beamer22 Posts: 5
    Here is my problem, can anyone help.? I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Coupe., I had lots of ignition problems in the past, key not coming out, vehicle can't be shut down transmission won't lock etc. All fixed by dealer on warranty. Now the daytime running lights and the auto night lights will not work, The rear defogger, fan blower and A/C switches will not work. The dealer diagnosed it with a fan blower control switch problem. Approx.$ 500.00 in repairs. After going through the trials and tribulations of the ignition and security lock outs I am looking for a definitive answer. Can anyone one give me one?
  • gtmngtmn Posts: 1
    I have the exact same issue with 2000 Grand Prix where the running lights go out when blower switch is in 1-4. Do you have to replace ignition switch?
  • I just replaced my heater blower and the ristor pack and everthing working fine and also it took care of the key sticking in the switch.
    I have a 2002 SE Grand Prix and I got the blower out of a 2000 model at the junck yard. The ristor pack was differant looking but works fine, to me it looked like an older style but also looked like it was made better. You will need a 5.5mm socket and ratchet wrench or a torx bit and a swavel and small extension 1/4 inch drive. The fan is located under passenager side dash. Its not hard to do, but is a pain to get to coz u have to lay under the dash and coz of that takes some time. :( :)
  • Have u looked into replacing the ristor pack by the blower motor
  • tibone65tibone65 Posts: 2
    When I try to turn on the heater and a/c fan there is now fan turning on, he heater motor wasn't making any weird noises before the fan wouldn't turn on. Could it be the switch or what?!
  • tibone65tibone65 Posts: 2
    On radio display screen there is no light coming on at any time. Before it totally quite it would only work some of the time, like when the car what first started it would not come on but soon after started it would work!
  • I would say that the ristor pack by the blower motor and the blower motor needs to be replaced. Check to see if you can get one at the junk yard. If you have the money get a new one, should be like 110 to 70 dollars for blower motor and 30 dollars for ristor pack. I got mine at junk yard for 30 dollars.
  • mikey52mikey52 Posts: 1
    I've made many repairs to my 2001. The knob on the right that controls heat, vent, ac, etc., broke. I got a new one. It now turns, but the settings don't change. It stays on the heat/defog combo (I think). I've already replaced the ignition switch and the AC ristor. (If that's what it's called.)
    I don't know if this forum is appropriate for the following comment. This Grand Prix is one big piece of junk. The second worst vehicle I have ever owned. (Plymouth Voyager being the first) :lemon:
  • shaun63shaun63 Posts: 1
    I have a 04 GTP with a heat problem and a blower motor problem. this past winter the heat got to where it wouldn't get hot at first it was once in a while now its luke warm at best but coolant level is fine, and temp gauge says engine temp is normal. Now the blower problem Started slowly once in a while blower motor wouldn't come on found that hitting the dash near heater control seemed to work to get it to come on for a while now nothing. I read the other post about the ignition wiring does that still apply on 04 models or should I be looking else where
  • 2001 gp 3.1, 1-4 ac/heater not working lights would turn off at 1-4 .

    replaced ignition switch. ALL was good. Also key still gets stuck when you turn the car off but i just stick a small l wrench in there and its lets the key go.
  • Shaun, I had this problem also but the warranty worked after 9 visits and they replaced the ignition and the linkages from the floor shifter to the locking steering wheel and the the locking ignition switch. I have a friend with a 99 SE and he carrys a screw driver to hold back the locking mechanism when he starts it. I recently took my 2001 Grand Prix in for the latest recall as they are concerned that an engine fire may occur due to leaking head gaskets, when I got it back and started it up the fan and A/C,DRL and the climate control all worked, first time in a year. I turned the fan down from level 5 and everything went back to where it was, broken. I turned off the vehicle and reset everything to the way it was and everything worked again until I turned down the blower. I can now replicate the problem, which is a bonus I guess as the dealer told me it was the blower control module. I am leaning more and more toward what Christy has been saying that it is the ignition switch. I am going to try this myself and see what happens as I have nothing to lose except money going to the dealership to go through their process of 1 thing at a time as I pay for it all. Shut off your vehicle, turn the the heater controls to the hottest setting with the blower in speed 5. Start the vehicle first to check and see if your blower works, if it does then set the temperature control levers to cool and test your A/C. It's great until you turn down the fan speed below 5 and everything shuts off. Try and replicate this problem. :sick: Maybe everyone else with this problem should try it and let me know. I will post if this ignition switch fixes the problem for me.
  • Ive been reading alot on all the Grand Prix problems and im havin about all of them. first settings 1&2 didnt work on blower switch, radiodisplay freak out, then key sticks in ignition, then passanger side water leak, then blower failure...
    The problem Ive had that no one else seems to is that the blower came back on, and wont shut off even with the ignition off, its constant hot now. Think this all would be fixed by the "Ignition wire fix?" The main prob with the blower followed right after the water leak began

    this and numerous little things have me ready to drive this damn car into a bridge emparkment. Any help would be greatly apriciated. If not ill shortly have a 97 GTP parts car available soon...
  • The ignition wire in my GP had started shorting out my CD, radio, blower, can cause lots of problems associated with your dashboard.
    After I replaced it; the Blower, AC/Heater worked, but had to get new Radio/CD. Seems it connects to alot. Who would have thought?
  • I am having problems with the heater blower on my 2002 GP GT. When I start the car the headlights and the trip computer display will come on. However when I turn on the fan for the heater/AC the headlights and trip computer go out and the fan doesn't come on. What do i need to do to fix this. it started out as an intermittent problem but is now pretty much all the time.
  • I am having the same issues on my 2001 Grand Prix GP. Started with the mileage display flashing and then the heater control thing. It's degrading rapidly. Yhe headlights were flashing, now I have to turn them on manually and the heater fan doesn't work at all. Does anyone have a definate answer as to what the fix is??
  • I have an 2003 and last year the blower quit working and I took off the knob to the control and cleaned the area where the ball bearing was and it worked again. That is until today when my Driver Info Center stopped working along with my rear window defrost, HVAC, and daytime running lights!!!!!! So I hope I can replace the switch myself!!!
  • rs50rs50 Posts: 1
    Hi: We have the same problem with the fan ignition switch and are trying to follow these excellent instructions. We've run into a problem, though. There is a piece of black metal that sits on top of and surrounds the key cylinder, and it is in the way of the key cylinder release latch and the switch itself. There is just no way to get to anything without removing this piece of metal, which looks like it's held in place by two gold-colored bolts with smooth heads. Is this some kind of theft-deterrent thing? Can we remove it, and if so, how? Any help would be great.
  • Got my 01 GP back from my mechanic today. After he replaced a front wheel hub and sensor and reset the computer, my blower fan was working fine. The sensor was for the ABS system which also had shut down my traction control. My point here is that, one should have nothing to do with the other. I think it's the Pontiac gremlins. :confuse:
  • So i got this 2002 gtp about a year ago
    6 months ago the 1-4 switch on blower motor stopped working, i didn't get it fixed and i just used 5. Well yesterday 5 stopped working, i checked the fuses and they are all fine. I think I have 2 problems now, anyone got some ideas? I am headed out to clean the ball in the knob out to see if that fixes it, I will check back after that to see if anyone has responded. Its below freezing here and now I cannot drive the car until I get it fixed. I am trying to fix it myself as I am on a limited income.

    Thanks in advance!
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