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Chevy HHR Brake Problems



  • I took the HHR to the dealership and he turned the Hubs on the back cause they were shaped like an egg and should have been round, the dimming lights are suppose to do that. Everything is fine now
  • I am glad that your problems got repaired and your car is running well. Mine is at the dealer getting a new rack and pinion and steering box... another 1,000 into a car that has 30k miles on it.... So now I have put over 2k into a car that should have never had any of these problems.I am hoping that this solves the problems I have been having since driving off the lot 4 1/2 yrs ago with 9 miles on the car. GM says that because I have the first year of the HHR I should have expected that there would be some "kinks" to work out...Agree...but then they should be responsible for them and pay to have the repairs done.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    You must have meant this reply for thesubsitute, My 06 HHR is fine with no major problems yet (but I only have 110,000 miles on it ).
  • I just changed my brake pads on my 2006 HHR. I have 66 grand on the car. I changed the pads because of front shimmy when brakes applied. The pads showed very little wear but they were glazed over I mean they slick and shiny. After I changed them out It brakes just fine without the shimmy. A buddy of mine told me to rough the old pads up with a file but I didn't feel comfortable doing that. What I think is happening is the pads were over heating when brakes were applied we have had an extra hot summer.
  • sdasda Posts: 308
    What brand of brake pads did you go with? OEM? Replace or cut the rotors?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,038
    At 66 K miles I would definitely replace the rotors. That will prevent future problems in the future due to the wear that has already occurred on the rotors.
  • I'm just echoing what has already been said. I have just under 36K. 2008 model. Most of miles are highway miles and I have done nothing but treat the car with kid gloves. It started mildly vibrating when braking a while back, but just a little grabby. At 35K it vibrated more violently when braking. Dealership claims it is normal wear and tear and needs new pads and front rotors resurfaced. Found out the brakes were covered only for 12 months or 12K. I was naive enough to think they were covered through 36K. Also had my windshield wiper switch go out. Two airbag sensors have gone out. Paint is flaking on door edge and is not from any impacts. While they love to tout they are AMERICAN made, my HHR was assembled in Mexico. GM just went public with their stock again and made a BILLION dollars. I am paying for brake repairs that should not exist with the TYPE of miles I put on the car. Saying I won't buy Chevrolet again is not enough. I am going to make sure everyone I know on my facebook and twitter and private web pages that buying an HHR was HUGE MISTAKE and I only see MORE PROBLEMS down the road. What a SORRY excuse of an AMERICAN COMPANY they are. I would RATHER have a TOYOTA and by GOD next time I will get a TOYOTA or NISSAN or HONDA. I haven't even removed the airbag information tag that hangs from my glove compartment! My car LOOKS like new and DRIVES like EXCREMENTAL WASTE due to the poor suspension performance. I should NOT be having rotor problems with as little as I use the brakes, their 12K limit be damned.
  • Last GM car for me -EVER because they did not take responsibility for this piece of crap car. Basically--I want my hard earned money back!!! It sound like a lumber wagon and shuddres like one. HATE IT!! but she sure looks pretty with that bright red paint!! All show and no go.
  • zmanrz1zmanrz1 Posts: 1
    Over two years of dealing with the rotors 35000 miles I had to get to trade it in on a ford and take the hit. No MORE CHEVY'S
  • Holy Cow! I fought with my dealer who couldn't find anything wrong...after replacing the steering column and a few other things there were still shake/rattle issues. Hubby is getting ready to put on new struts and brakes in hopes that the shaking will FINALLY be resolved. 2006 HHRs are garbage and I wish I would have been in the position to ditch it long ago.
  • In my opinion, I had already replaced the brakes, tires, turned the rotors and numerous other things, I finally after me virtually telling the dealer what I thought was the issue, had them replace the bearings. I have not had an issue with the car since. Replacing the brakes DID stop the rattle and shimmy for a small time but it came back, I don't recommend spending your hard earned money to do this unless the brakes are indeed worn down.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,038
    Let's talk about your brakes. You say the brakes have been replaced four times.

    Have the calipers been replaced?

    What tires do you have on the car? How many miles? Have they been checked for runout and have they been Road Force balanced?

    Tell me more about when the "shakes" occurs. Speed. Type of driving?
  • The car has 30K...the first time the shaking occured and the horrible front end suspension noise happened the car had 200 miles on it... the answer from the dealer was to turn the rotors. From that point on the car has been in the shop more than out... The car has been maintained by the dealer, with second and third opinions coming from reputable mechanics...... Tires are Falken... and before that, they were Firestone. Calipers were replaced when the brakes were replaced time number three.. road forced balanced yes..They took it to a place that only deals with suspension, front end alignment, wheel balancing, and made sure that they were road forced balanced..Shake in the steering wheel occurs coming down steep mountain roads..and anything over in the canyons above PCH and driving in Los Angeles... that means the steering wheel shakes just about all the time.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,038
    Thanks for the info.

    I still think it's a dragging brake problem. Dragging heats the rotor and pads. The rotor warps. So it's extra tight where the warp occurs. That leads to a kicking effect every time the rotor hits that portion.

    I see a caliper that doesn't slide properly on its pins as potential cause of drag. I also see the ABS unit as potential for not releasing all the fluid back from the calier piston on release of the pedal. I see a brake line where it's rubber internally defective and not releasing the fluid back from the caliper as a possible source. I guess the master cylinder and power assist could be not releasing all the way causing a slight drag.

    What brand and type of rotors was put on as replacements.

    Myself I would have used the rear drum brakes and emergency brake (parking brake) to stop the car when the front was doing this and not touching the regular brake pedal. Then after the car was stopped, I would have felt carefully around the two front wheels to see how hot each rotor was. If they were different in temperature, that would indicate the hot one was dragging, most likely. The other possibility might be that one was not sliding on the caliper or the piston was NOT applying that brake and it was cooler. Therefore the other brake does most of the work and gets hot and warped and... so on. Years ago one company used plastic pistons inside the calipers, which could warp and drag and not work right.
  • I know about, rotors, using the emergency brake.. etc etc... I worked for a mechanic for over 6 years. :) So, being in a garage, parts, cars and their issues are not something foreign to me.I appreciate your advice in helping with a long term problem....This has kept the best of them awake at night :) Even when using the emergency brake the steering wheel still shakes...When the rotors are taken off, they don't appear to be warped, it just seems to be Chevy's "answer" to every problem.." turn the rotors on the lathe"... The rotors also appear to be all within the same no dragging sliding on the caliper or the piston...and all the pads are within the normal wear..not one showing signs of being used more than the other....The horrible noise it makes..would lead someone to believe that it was a suspension problem..a clunking, squeaky bed is the way to best describe the sound....Hence the reason why the rack, and front end ball joints have been replaced.. The noise, the steering wheel shaking, are still going on.... thoughts??
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
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  • Well, I have owned 26 GM cars in my life - and this will be my last. I have had GM put 4 sets of brakes and rotors on this 2006 HHR with 108-K. I have contacted GM and got a case number and they told me it was out of warranty and they would not help resolve the issue. I do have a very good dealership to work with and they have helped on the labor twice - but they can not fix the problem. I drive interstate mile and not city driving. It is a design issue with GM and they know it. I never have to even put pads on a car with 100 - K. They need to take responsibility and own the problem. As I told my case managers boss - THIS WILL BE THE LAST GM PRODUCT I WILL EVER BUY !!

    Good bye to GM.
  • I have had 12 GM's. The dealer we bought our HHR form certified it as being in good condition (GM Certified). Day 2 of ownership the font sway bar linkage was declared broken by the deal (heavy front end shaking). After going to the dealer 5 times for brakes, rotors and then for struts and sway bar linkage we are done with GM. Now the warranty has just expired and we have been thrown to the wolves. So buyer beware. Avoid all GM products. Our infinity (we thought) had a problem. Infinity gave us a replacement vehicle for the few hours it was int he shop and we found out it was our own error. I coudn't figure out how to activate the sirius. So infinity did it for us (3 months free). You will never get that customer service from GM. Sell now while your still alive (Especially if you are an HHR owner).
  • We just had the rotors replaced and the pads as well. Now we have a slight wirring nosie coming from the front right tire. When we pull over to check it out there is smoke (mild) coming from the brake area. The steering doesnt shake nor does the car vibrate now that the work has been done. I am concerned about the smell and smoke from the front right tire. This is the fifth :sick: time this work has been done in 15000 miles. :lemon:

    Work Done:
    1. New rotors
    2. New pads

    Any Suggestions?
  • 2006 HHR with 30K on it is once again going back into the shop.. The dealer has been the one to maintain the vehicle....and with the steering rack being replaced, the rotors, pads, shocks,struts, front end ball joint, front sway bar..I am not sure what is left. The shaking of the steering wheel is unbearable..and the clunking of the front end feels and sounds like the car is going to snap in two. Just today my oldest daughter was sitting in the passenger seat and said that she could feel on the floor when the car made the noise. I am so over GM...For them to not call an official recall with so many of us having the same problem is negligent.I have gone up to many I have seen driving an HHR and out of 10 people..7 are having the same issues...and GM does nothing to help.I will keep you posted as to what is found tomorrow.. :lemon:
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