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Cadillac Escalade



  • cdg19cdg19 Posts: 15
    I suppose Caddilac will come out with a truck next just like the Navigator truck
  • bostnwhalrbostnwhalr Posts: 128
    Have all you Escalade fans heard that the new Escalade is not coming out for at least another year? You're stuck with the old one while GMC and Chevy get the updated and vastly improved new one.

    What is GM/Cadillac thinking? Of course, I guess we should expect this from the division that forgot how to count back in December 1998.
  • no_body_74no_body_74 Posts: 5
    I think you better check your sources. Cadillac is coming out with a completely redesigned Escalade in 2000. They have not shown it an auto show yet because they are working to differentiate it from the Denali and other GM SUV. I think they are going to try to have a different exterior shape as well as a more "Cadillac" interior with the electronic climate control and stereo unit that Cadillac is famous for.
  • greenml430greenml430 Posts: 21
    I understand the "New Platform" Escalade will be a Mid-Year release & most likely marketed as a 2001 model. Cadillac however is working feverishly to bring it in earlier. The Navigator is killing both the Denali & Escalade together in total sales & GM needs to build a fire under the engerneering team redesigning this VERY profitable SUV. The sooner it arrives, if done well, the better.
  • bostnwhalrbostnwhalr Posts: 128
    My "source" is the June 1999 issue of Automobile magazine. They said that it is coming out next year as a 2001 model. The new Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon are out this fall.

    As greenml430 has said, hopefully Cadillac is taking the time to truly differentiate the Escalade from its lesser cousins. At least Ford was wise enough to equip the Navigator with an exclusive engine at 300hp. Perhaps GM is thinking along the same lines....
  • revgslickrevgslick Posts: 5
    Let me be the first to bring a contrarion point of view.
    A) PPl who are spending 10k more for a navigator over an expedition are either buying an XLT Expy or are getting raped by the dealer. If you are to comparably equip a navigator and an Expedition E/B the difference sums up to $4-$5k. With this you get different leather, 2nd row buckets, 300hp DOHC engine, better warranty etc.
    B). I test drove a Denali, Escalade, Land Cruiser, Expedition, Navigator and LX470.
    The two entrants from Toyota were just awesome pieces of machinery but the price difference for a decent looking Land Cruiser/LX470 is astonishing compared to the Ford/GM luxo-utes so they were off the list.
    I liked the Denali and the tu-tone leather, didn't even think about the escalade because the major difference (onstar) can be had on the denali.
    The Expedition just didn't lust me as much as the Navigator.
    So now I was down to the Navigator or Denali. My decision was the Navigator because of the more powerful engine (300hp) vs. (255). I need to tow a boat so the tow capacity issue was a must. Also, the Denali didn't have a third seat so it couldn't fit the bill. Also, I managed to save 2k on the navigator compared to the denalis because the dealers wouldn't budge off of MSRP.
    With the 2k I went and upgraded my speakers in the Nav and also had an Alpine CVA-1000 TV screen installed. I am very happy with the deal but to each his own. Just thought I would let you know what I picked and why.
  • bonnie_rickbonnie_rick Posts: 115
    Road Test: Cadillac Escalade, coming soon to the front page of

    Bonnie Rick
    Town Hall Community Manager,
  • s_cole00s_cole00 Posts: 3
    I enjoyed Edmond's review of the Caddy SUV. I own a '96 Tahoe. I really like the vehicle. I felt silly buying it when there's only me and the Mrs., but then we have a 20' boat to tow and had numerous mishapps trying to haul it in and out of unimproved launch ramps with our '81 Buick Century wagon. Hauling everything from firewood to furniture was easier too. My RC boat racing hobby takes me to many off road ponds as well. There's actually room to sleep in the back when rain starts soaking my tent at a camp site. The big truck makes freeway driving in the snow almost a joy. The vehicle laughs off snow drifts that would spin-out a car.

    I actually wanted a vehicle based on a chassis that was around a long time. My hope was that bugs would all be worked out and I could expect a machine that wouldn't spend time at the dealer. So far this has been true. The vehicle has not been back under the warranty.

    I have enhanced the vehicle slightly to deal with some of the minor short-commings. A set of heavier Bilstein shocks to stop wind wander and firm up the ride. A set of Stainless Steel gas slotted disc's for the rear brakes. Carbon fiber pads for the front. This baby WILL STOP! This setup pulls up the pedal slop too.

    The ultimate cruelty was that I purchased a 99 Civic Si to use for my long work commute and spare the gas and the wear and tear on my Tahoe, but when I got the insurance bill I found that I could have driven the Tahoe for even money. The Si cost 2.5 times what the Tahoe does to insure and that's at least the fuel cost difference.
  • nancytnancyt Posts: 4
    I'm so glad to find this discussion. I have a 98 STS and wouldn't trade it for anything. However I have been tearing out my hair shopping for an SUV. I was disappointed to see the drop-down tailgate on the Escalade. Loading & unloading way too difficult. On the GMC website I see the 2000 Yukon will have a liftgate option, but my Cadillac dealer says the 2000 Escalade will be unchanged. Some of the comments I'm reading here about a new platform are giving me hope. I'd like to stay with GM for the Onstar system. Maybe 2000 is too early to buy if big changes are coming later?
  • jarrettwjarrettw Posts: 14
    Nancy, have you thought about the GMC Denali? You can get the doors with it and also the Onstar system
  • mjordan23mjordan23 Posts: 1
    Do you think 'brand names' are worth the expensive price? I mean from ck, to tommy hilfiger, adidas, jordan, abercrombie and fitch, eddie bauer, gap, fubu, r.l. polo, nike, roxy quiksilver, etc. etc. you could spend a million dollars on ten shirts. it is rediculous.!!!
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 578
    Some of my "Pickups" conferee's...

    have been getting downright rude lately! I will not permit this rudeness to begin here. Please reread your Participants Agreement. Obscene, rude and uncivil behavior will NOT be tolerated!

    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickup, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host
  • vosakivosaki Posts: 5
    I guess the above posting is a joke. I haven't read everyone of the postings here, but at their worst, the posters are merely stating blunt opinions. Compared to what you just wrote, other comment seem mild.
    Stop trying to be a minor league censor.
  • vosakivosaki Posts: 5
    Can anyone explain the benefits of On Star. As I understand it, Cadillac provides it free, but after the first year, you pay $20 a month. That sound exactly like a cell phone contract. And its about the same price. But what you end up with is a brain damaged cell phone that can only be used to call a tow truck.
  • chevy10chevy10 Posts: 17
    Remember Vic, if you can afford a 45,000 dollar rig than you can afford another twenty bucks a month. On Star can also save your life. If the air bag is ever deploided then the on star communications will send an ambulence so if you hit a tree at one in the morning and no one is around there will be help on the way no matter where you are. Now if its your life were talking about i think its worth the extra twenty bucks a month.
  • nancytnancyt Posts: 4
    Vic, here's my poiint of view on Onstar. When I bought my STS I also thought it was just another toy, and since I don't use my cell phone while driving, I didn't buy it. After learning more about it, I did go back and have it installed. I drive several times a year from L.A. to the eastern Sierra alone. Sure, if something goes wrong out on 395 I can use a cell phone to call for help. However, on an unfamiliar stretch of hwy or way out where roadsigns and landmarks are few and far between, it isn't always easy to know your exact location. At least Onstar knows where the heck I am within 100 yds, even if I don't. I like knowing that a real live person is on the other end of my Onstar button. Also, as Chevy10 said, if the airbags deploy, they call the car. If no response, they send emergency vehicles. If my thinking isn't flawed, it also makes Lo-Jack somewhat redundant. If the security system is violated, they also call the car looking for a password. Without it, police are notified. In theory, my car could be stolen and recovered before I know it's missing. Locking keys in the car probably happens less with remote locking, but if it happens, you can call Onstar and they can unlock the door remotely. Of course there is the frivolous stuff too: finding a hotel in the next town, closest restaurant, atm etc. Maybe with guys the personal security thing isn't such a big deal, but for me personally, the peace of mind I have driving around alone as I do, is well worth the cost. True, I haven't needed it yet. I have only needed my earthquake insurance once also, but I was REALLY glad on 1-17-94 that I had paid the premiums all those years.! Just my opinion.
  • glenmarglenmar Posts: 1
    I have been looking at SUV's, specifically Escalade, Navigator, Tahoe and Yukon Denali - I understand that the Tahoe will have a new "truck" body for 2000, is it the Z71 body, and will it be put on the Escalade as well? No dealer will tell me, since I seem to be leaning to the escalade (2000), they keep pushing the 99 saying it will not be different???
    2nd question, has anyone heard when the new Denali is due out, I understand it will be VERY close in similarities to the Escalade?? Thanks for any Help...
  • jarrettwjarrettw Posts: 14
    What I have heard is the 2000 Tahoe will get the new body and chassis the trucks got last year. The Escalade won't be updated until 2001. Not sure how concrete this is. Hope this helps.
  • Tell you what, it doesn't matter to me when Cadillac comes out with the re-designed Escalade. I have one and the machine is a dream to me. The smooth ride alone blows the Navigator out of the water. Bigger isn't always better.
  • blake6blake6 Posts: 1
    IS the 2000 Denali getting the new truck chaises
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