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Cadillac Escalade



  • bobryanbobryan Posts: 3
    I live in Orlando, Florida. I can't seem to get any good deals in on new cars in central Florida. The last three new model cars I purchase came from North Carolina and South Carolina. Please advise of any Cadillac dealers in the Southeast who sell large volumes at a small profit.
  • normalnormal Posts: 19
    I just took an 07 for a test drive, fully loaded including 22's. I was very impressed with the ride and power, I may be taking the plunge in the near future.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,949
    Check out the Cadillac Escalade: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion and get some free quotes under New Cars on the page. There's also a Search Dealer Inventory tool if you drill down to the 2007 Cadillac Escalade Styles page.

    Steve, Host
  • carnutincacarnutinca Posts: 35
    You definately need to upgrade the vessel to keep up with the spankin' new E-slade. Very nice!
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    A national news magazine is looking to interview college students who has “pimped” out his/her ride Have you tricked out your car with big rims, outrageous stereos, wild paint jobs, spoilers, ground effects, neon lights, nitrous, the works . Please send an e-mail to no later than Friday, June 9, 2006 by 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET containing your daytime contact information and the make and model of the car you’ve “pimped” out.

    Chintan Talati
    Corporate Communications

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • sflemingsfleming Posts: 12
    Ooops, I Should Have Never Gone To See the GL 450 by sfleming Jun 13, 2006

    I was really jazzed on an '07 Escalade for the wife and I was going to get an EXT in a couple months. We've waited an extra year to replace our outdated rides for the new engine, tranny and style on the "07.

    Then we heard about the Mercedes GL 450. First I went to see it and was pretty impressed. I feared the wife would disdain its somewhat narrower and shorter (height) aspects. She hauls a lot of $%!# ! We live on a large ranch far from town and haul big loads of everything. Her family all drive Mercedes however and she knows they are good automobiles. She loved it. I loved it. I actually had more room in the front passenger seat than in my wifes expedition. (I'm 6'2" and 240 pounds) It was very quick. Quicker than the 'slade. It rode better and much quieter. The fittings and appointments are just about 100% superior to the american truck. The brakes were a whole nuther world to me. Holy Larry, Moe & Curly ! I didn't know 5500 pounds could stop that fast! With all the options we want compared to the same or near same on the Cadillac .... it's cheaper. The Mercedes will certainly have better resale value than the Cadillac. It has several options you can't get on the Escalade. Did I mention the thing is whisper quiet?

    The only thing we felt would be better on the Cadillac was cargo capacity. Nope. The poorly storing second row rear seats in the Escalade eat up any extra space and you don't get a flat floor no matter what you do or what kind of seats you get. Then there are the ridiculous third row seats you have to drag in and out if you use said third row. Mercedes disappear into the floor in 4 seconds. They're nicer seats too.

    I am now so ruined by my discovery of just what a Mercedes really IS .... I can't even get excited about the EXT. I've driven trucks all my life ... 40 years since I turned 16 and in my retirement I fancied myself tooling around in my very own caddy 'trucklette'. My dogs were all excited about getting to run from the truck bed to the back of my seat so they could snuffle my ears at will and then run outside and 'fly' down the road. How do I explain to them it may now never happen? Well .... at least the rear windows on the GL 450 go down all the way. hmmmmmmm his and hers GL 450s ? Why the ____ not?
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    I feel for you on the GL450 thing. Looking at build quality to its design inovations, it really is a nicely put together vehicle. There was a interesting comparison on the two machines in either Car & Driver, Motor Trend or Road & Track. Being a performance junkie, I find solace in the fact that the Cadillac did beat the GL450 in the 1/4 mile, even though it had slower 0-60 times.

    My main decision was based totally on an emotional point; the "cool factor". The GL looks too much like a large Toyota RAV 4. Certainly the wrong way to approach vehicle selection, but there you have it.

    I believe that German engineering is superior to most american counterparts (I have a BMW X3 too), but the better designs haven't translated into reliability. The JD Power comparison put Mercedes below Cadillac this year, which is quite a surprise. Last year, they were tied. (JD Power survey released earlier this month).
  • gap2006gap2006 Posts: 20
    I would just give you one caution, the electrical system and software. Having driven a Mercedes for the last 6 years before my '07 Escalade I have some experience with the brand. Mechanically, they are excellent as only a German car can be. My 2000 was great, no problems. Then came my 2003 in which they added a Nav system and variety of other gadgets in the console. After a year of trying, MB gave up and quietly recalled thousands of cars, including mine, and simply replaced them, no questions asked. Even with the new car there were numerous recalls involving brakes, transmission and electronics. Even as I was turning the car in there was nothing but static coming out of the speakers after pushing a button on my Nav system. These issues are common to thousands of vehicles, not just mine(in other words, I didn't have an isolated lemon). I don't have any idea if the GL has any of these issues but having been a loyal Mercedes owner I would check these aspects out before buying. I fully expect MB to resolve these problems over the next couple of years and will probably buy again. In the meantime, I have no problem supporting the USA and GM. Good luck whatever you decide.
  • I Hope Cadillac Escalade Hybrid gets the big one this time, this is an event in history.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    I've heard about the "Hybrid" for Escalade, but for the life of me, I can't understand why. Are they going to do the same for the Hummer?

    Seems to me that people willing to pay $60k plus for a SUV, are not concerned about fuel economy, or the environment for that matter. Like putting a band-aid on a severed leg.

    The Escalade already weights in near 3 tons. Another 700 plus pounds of electric motor and batteries will put this truck into another classification.

    If you need good mileage in an SUV, buy a 3 row RAV4 or similar.

    I bought this monster for towing the boat and family camping trips (and to look "cool" while doing it). Otherwise, it sits in the garage.

  • sflemingsfleming Posts: 12
    awf axis,

    Thanks. You always have good info and share it freely. On the 'German engeneering' thing: I'm sure that used to be true and of course it was coupled with the money factor. MB was always significantly more expensive than a Caddy or Lincoln. Now that they are trying to go head to head $ wise I suspect Daimler-Chrysler with there American plants are squeezing out a few thou per unit ( or squeezing into ) that they can put into every aspect of production. We appear anyway to be getting substantially more vehicle for the same dollar. There could also be some superior 'value engeneering' going on here that American Manufacturers cannot match. Don't really know.

    Now that my 'aquisition hormones' have dialed back a bit I would guess that the wife will get the GL and I'll still get the EXT cause I want an open bed. If my assesment of my previous post holds true over the first year of ownership I might dump the Caddy. Or if your warnings turn out to be prescient on the Benz I'll be a happy camper and she'll have to dump the Benz.

    It seems to be a crap shoot whatever you do. There's a new recall every week. Or more. Even the Japanese cannot maintain their quality and engeneering any more it seems.
  • Because cadillac has a new active fuel management now.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    In your post about Hybrid and then Active Fuel Management, these two things are not related. The AFM is what the brochures call "Displacement on Demand", or DOD. This technology is in the Tahoe/Yukon line, and scheduled later for the 6.2 ltr engines in the Escalade Denali later this year.

    I'm a little wary of this technology. The negative comments regarding drivability and performance that has come from the Tahoe forum's kind of confirms my caution.

    There's going to be enough first year bugs coming from my impulse purchase, that I'm glad DOD isn't another thing to deal with.

  • escy07escy07 Posts: 3
    I have 10,000 miles on my new 2007 escy and have experienced a "hesitaion" issue when decreaaseing speed into a corner and the hitting the pedal at low speeds. It seems idle is too low. I have brought it in 3 times for this issue. Caddy did have a bulletin about "rough" idle. It said to reprogram. After that was done 50% of the problem went away.. Is anyone else seeing this?
    any thoughts? ideas?
    JP from Ct
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    I've just broke 5000 miles, and don't have any mechanical issues. Some of the problems I initially posted went away, such as mirror whistle, rear-camera errors, seat latch failure, etc. What I still have problems with is the vibrating mirror at speeds above 40 and the rear DVD screen needing a tweak to re-light after stop-starting.

    Idle is fine, and putting the vehicle through stop/go/cornering acceleration all fine. I've put 1000 miles of towing on it as well, with hard up/down climbs to the lake(s) and back.

    Hopefully, your issue will be resolved without much grief, and isn't some flaw we will all face down the line.

  • slw1slw1 Posts: 1
    I've had my 2007 Escalade for four months and have experienced problems twice now with the stabilitrac and traction control. My car was in for repairs for 15 days because the dealer could not get the part to fix the stabilitrac problem. The part would be located and before the dealer could get the O.K. to get it, the part would be gone...which makes me think this problem is widespread. Has anyone else had problems such as this?
  • You should obviously get whatever you want, but...

    The GL450 is just too much of a wagon to be considerred alongside the escallade. The brakes issue i totally understand, Cadillac's are fine, but they could add it in for marketing.

    However on Marketing the escallade has the image the GL will probably never have. While i have seen both i do not find the interrior of the MB to be better than the Escallade. The rear seats issue sucks, I agree. It is going to hurn GM in the long term, and they will either have to invest in an independand rear end to make the seats fold flat, or axe the whole platform due to fuel consumption.

    The new set of crossovers comming out will not help sales of GMT900's. I hope GM makes the rear independant, its one of the few things these trucks really lack.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Posts: 136
    The GL450 was in a recent comparison article in Motor Trend, which put the GL against the '07 Escalade and Range Rover. What was funny when I saw the pics in the magazine, I thought they were comparing a Toyota RAV4 to the Escalade and Range Rover. Mercedes hasn't found a design in this rendition that sets it apart from the crowd.

    From the comparison, the GL was found to be the overall winner, but I personally could never get over its econo styling.
  • Thet would be powerful.
  • all LED marker/tail lights

    I was behind an '07 at a traffic light and noticed that the trademark Cadillac high-center stoplight that runs the width of the top of the rear end was only 30% functional. Only the middle 30% of the light actually had functioning LEDs in it. The rest of the light didn't light up. Was this particular Escalade defective or is this how it is designed? :confuse:
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