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Cadillac Escalade



  • carlccarlc Posts: 3
    From what I understand, the Denali and the Escalade won't get the updated platform until the 2001 model year.
  • I've had my fingers crossed for the new platform for this year. I really want an SUV for this winter and would love an Escalade, but it seems silly to buy one one year before the new platform comes out. I also didn't want to deal with a drop-down tailgate; too hard to reach over to load and unload. I had hoped for a liftgate, which the GM website says will be an option on the Yukon for 2000. My cadillac dealer says he has a 2000 Escalade in now with the "barn door" style doors. I'll keep hoping until October, then tear my hair out trying to decide what to do. I'm glad to hear from greyghst that the ride is really smooth. I'll have to drive one. I went with friends to test drive a Land Cruiser and it was fantastic. I would really like to see the Escalade measure up.
  • Bought an Escalade about two weeks ago. Love the truck but am having serious problems with alignment. At first the truck pulled badly to the left, with or without any braking input. A trip to the local Caddy store did not correct the problem (they said that they aligned the truck). A second trip resulted in a new set of wheels and tires, a second alignment and slightly less "Towards the median we go" pulling". The problem seems to be amplified by any crown on the roadway. Let me know if anyone else is experiencing these types of problems
  • I was at the local Cadilac dealer today. 1999 & 2000 models are on the lot. No change in pricing for 2000 (yet) ... based on the last price increase for the late 1999's. Can anyone tell me what numbers they are getting for residuals? I have been told 59% for 45K and 62% for 36K on a 3 year lease. How do these numbers compare.

    I have also seen notes of dealers selling at MSRP. Just wondering how that is now that we are closer to 2000, and with the 1999's on the lot. Locally, we have $1,500 rebate on 99 Escalade ... and $1,000 on Denali. 2000 Denali has On-Star as standard ... supposedly some sort of difference in the services offered between the Denali and Escalade (vanilla, vs. vanilla fudge)?
  • For all potential escalade buyers: why not buy a
    Denali and donate the extra do-re-mi to charity?
    Or better yet, send it to me. Of course, it you want to pay $$$ simply for a Cadillac badge on a
    GMC truck, then I guess that's your deal. Don't know if anyone else remembers the Cimmaron, but Caddy's continual badge engineering is pathetic.
  • Anyone have any news on the 2001 model. What changes are in store beyond the platform modification?
  • Im in the market for a new suv but not sure whats
    available in a 7 passenger I already have the durango.
  • sobosksobosk Posts: 3
    I am looking into buying an Escalade and have already taken a test drive. I was extremely impressed and am very interested. Can anyone give me some info. on their experiences with the Escalade? Pros., Cons. problems that I didn't see in the test drive? Also, how far were you able to haggle the price down to? Let me know ASAP. Thanks!
  • king1king1 Posts: 5
    Do not waste your time or $$ buy a Lexus Lx470..........
  • sobosksobosk Posts: 3

    There is not a chance I would by a Lexus. They are too overpriced and are basically a gussied up Toyota. Thanks anyway.
  • crlcrl Posts: 3
    and the Escalade isn't an overpriced, gussied up Chevy Tahoe!!!!
  • I have owned an escalade for a couple of months now and I could not be happier with it. I was also debating at the time between a navigator and escalade. I made the right choice with the is unbelievable....the ride is unparalleled to any other SUV. Even the Denali felt different in the handling department. The superior bose sound system is something to marvel at...the quality of sound is amazing. And for the next model Cadillac is offering the same rear styling doors that the denali has, but i prefer the original tailgate.

    Cadillac did one hell of a job with this SUV and all you haters out their just don't know....
  • It's too bad that the 2000 Cadillac could not get the benefits of GM's re-design. Better engine and brakes, just to mention a few improvements. I would wait for the new model.
  • The 2000 Tahoe is built on the new platform with 4 wheel discs & the new suspension, but for 10K to 15K more the Escalade/Denali has to wait until 2001. Does this make sense to anyone?What does this say about Cadillac as GM's technology leader? I'll give you this though, the Escalade/Denali are the best looking SUV's on the market. In fact the White Escalade is my favorite, or maybe its the Gold Denali, no it has to be a Black Caddie, ah well they all look GOOD!!!
  • sobosksobosk Posts: 3
    I really appreciate your help. I won't be able to wait until 2001, but I am plenty satisfied with the 2000 version. Great to hear good things about it. I am pretty sure that we are going to purchase the Escalade.
  • I really like the ride and looks of the Caddy, but I am confused by the impending changes. Does anyone have any solid info on what changes to expect with the 2001 model? I know the platform will be updated to the new Yukon one, but will the body panels and interior design change.

    I must agree with bordeauxml55 that the Caddy is by far the best looking SUV. By the way, do you own an ml55? I looked briefly at the ml430, but the styling and size are negatives to me.

    My hesitation in getting the Caddy is the outdated engineering and the uncertainty surrounding the new model. Also, when is the 2001 model expected to come out?
  • I presently own a 99 ML 430, & a Suburban as my SUV's. I love the looks of the Esc/Den, but am a little disappointed in their not being the technological leaders for the GM truck divisions. I am in no way implying that the present truck isn't a fine one, I simply hate to see the "Top of the line" vehicles have to wait in line for the upgrades. After I get the ML 55, most likely in Jan or Feb, my wife will either keep the ML 430 as her daily driver or trade it for a Denali/Escalade which she absolutely loves. I hope to convince her to wait until the new platform is released, hopefully in mid-year 2000.
  • The Caddy is by far the best looking SUV ever! It has a look that just turns heads everywhere it goes. I know because I have a white one and believe's hard not to notice the stares that this car gets. It's perfection inside and outside.
  • I couldn't agree with you more. It seems crazy that the Denali/Escalade are the last to get the changes and not the first. GM needs to take lessons from their luxury challengers and truly make Cadillac the brand of unrivaled engineering, design, and performance. Just look at how Mercedes introduces their top technologies in the S class or ML55 first. Then in subsequent model years, features like ESP, Brake Assist, Xenon lights, etc. are rolled down their product line.

    All the excitement and discussion on the ML site also caused me to seriously consider the 2000 ML430. I wish there was more info on this site to generate that same level of excitement. Hopefully, Caddy is veiling everything in secrecy because the changes will be worth the wait.
  • nancytnancyt Posts: 4
    I also don't understand why GM would not update the top of the line first. I really want an Escalade, and have seen the 2000 with the new panel doors. It looks great, but I still hate to buy a vehicle that will be redesigned next year. I'm waiting for the 2000 Yukon to show up as it has the new platform. I may lease that until Cadillac gets its act together. Does anyone know if the 2001 Escalade might come out in mid-2000? That might convince me to wait, eventhough I wanted an SUV for this ski season. Cadillac looks a bit silly saying "It's good to be the Cadillac." It seems this year it's better to be the Yukon.
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