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Toyota Tacoma Vibrations/Shimmy/Noises



  • wifes trk has a vibration at highway speed that comes and goes. dealer has replaced tires and road forced them 4 times,then referred me to an authorized bribgeston dealer for 2 more balance and road force attempts. not much improvement! Took truck to dealer #2, put tires from an 09 trk on as test. Dealer called me said that my truck drove out exactly like the 09. nobody has been able to diagnose the problem even though the techs. have also noticed the vibration.Also have had the rear driveshaft replaced.To me the vibration is felt in the seats and also slightly at the steering wheel.after a depression in the road the "bounce" is more pronounced and then fades away. Any help in fixes?? :confuse:
  • Finally got my drivetrain vibration figured out and taken care of by Ft. Myer's Toyota at no cost. Seems that the universal joint was bad and it came under warranty limits so I was in and out of my dealership in an hour and a half after pigging out on sub sandwiches and coffee that they provide for all waiting room customers. Vibration is totally gone. :) Didn't need new mount, or tires. And the price was right.
  • okie147okie147 Posts: 2
    theres no way that ur motor mounts are whats causing the problem, if they were loose yes theyd cause a shimmy but only when u pin it. its a toyota the mounts arent the problem, its in the driveshaft, ur U - joints, hanger bearings, ball joints ect..
  • okie147okie147 Posts: 2
    dont listen to the motor mount guy thats a bunch of [non-permissible content removed]! ive owned every year toyota there is and toyota has just got cheaper over the years, my 91 pickup killed my 97 tacoma and i had a 85 that was better then both of these trucks although the 91 pickup never let me down even with 22" rims and i put over 100 000 km on them even on [non-permissible content removed] roads. ur problems in a drive shaft,cv,u-joint,ect. somehting along those lines, not motor mounts and if u think it is just open your hood pull the throttle and watch your engine ull see in a second. i had a 97 all it was was a hanger bearing i thought i had to redo my whole front end the shimmy was so ugly. just another piece of mind to whoever wants to read
  • I recently purchased a 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 SR5 with 100000, V6. It is an excellent driving pick-up, I am very happy with it. I have recently noticed when I stop and I take my foot off of the break, I get a weird bump sensation, it does not do it all the time, and I notice it more prominently if I break hard, and take my foot off of the break. It shifts nice, no audible noise from the transmission, no wheelbearing problems. Shifts in and our of gear nice, by the way it is an automatic, no clunking, does not do it in gear while driving, only when I'm stopped taking my foot off the break to drive while in gear.
  • I just picked up a 2011 Tacoma 4 cylinder on 9-6-2010. I noticed between 60 & 65 mph a very slight shimmy. The truck does not appear to be out of alignment. Only 225 miles on it. I plan on tacking it back to the dealer to check it out. Has anyone had a similar experience and what to expect from the dealer?
  • Ruger, My 2005 Tacoma 2x4 SR5 Double cab does the EXACT same thing. Did you figure out the problem?? Anyone else on here have any idea?

  • I have a 2006 TRD 4X4 Double Cab that I bought used from a Toyota dealer as a "Certified Preowned." I noticed a slight shimmy around 5-10 MPH in forward or reverse. I assumed it was the tires and eventually (about 1.5years) replaced them. Surprise! The shimmy is still there. I took it into the dealer and the Toyota extended warranty refused to fix it because it was lifted. (it was that way when I bought it "Certified" with warranty) The dealer has been trying to fix it for almost 8 weeks now and can't figure it out. :mad: At this point they are just shot gun replacing parts. Here's what they've done so far..... Replaced the center bearing, replaced the drive shaft, replaced the rear transmission mounts, replaced the rear leaf springs, tried a different rear-end, removed the lift and put factory tires on it.
    None of that has resolved the issue. Only one thing resolved the issue. Removing the rear drive shaft and driving it on the front drive. And in some sort of, well I don't know, they have decided to obtain a lift kit with an angle to adjust the drive line angle to factory. (despite it still having the issue when the brought it to factory height with factory tires) :confuse:
    I have been telling them that I think it is the transfer or transmission, but they are refusing to look at it at this point.
    No, I am not a mechanic, and no I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express, but I think that the transfer and/or transmission should be looked at.
    Anybody have any ideas or wisdom? Any good lawyers want to take this on? LOL
    8 weeks in the shop is a bit excessive, especially because the loaner they give is a Corolla, which an 8ft ladder doesn't quite fit in.
  • rtm68rtm68 Posts: 1
    I have the shimmy/vibration problem noted in other posts on a new 2010 Tacoma. The problem didn't start until the truck had about 15,000 miles on it. The vibration happens at speeds above 25. Dealer tried alignment and balancing and the truck drives straight but the vibration is still there and it feels like the truck is fighting itself. With all the posts on this site, anyone tried sharing these with a dealer to get a response?
  • My 2006 was in Bell Road Toyota in Phoenix Arizona working on my shimmy for over 9 weeks. They have given up on it. I got fed up and traded it in on a 2010 Ford F150 Raptor. Interestingly enough, I figured out the problem with mine while taking it to trade it in. The shimmy mine had disappeared when I put it into 4 high. The dealer said "it sounds like the transfer is bad." Funny thing, I told them I thought it was the transmission or transfer when I brought it in. It just took them 2 months and replacing everything but the trans/transfer/engine.
    Good luck with yours.
  • The shimmy has plagued the Tacomas since when they were introduced in 2005. They know about it. Its more pronounced depending on the type of road you drive on. I have a 2005 Dual Cab Prerunner. Why Toyota doesn't address the problem is beyond me. Maybe complaints to the government are in order. Maybe they don't want any more black eyes in the media. Ah well, great truck otherwise....I really hate the fact that they don't step up to the plate and acknowledge the problem and make it right.
  • I have a 97 taco 4X4 (manual hubs), manual tranny 2.7 liter and I experience a front end shudder/vibration...only in neutral (with the clutch released) when I'm coasting. If I push in the clutch or put it into any gear the vibration stops. I have checked all the fluids, ball joints, tie rods, axles, etc and cannot find any answers. I have brand new tires and have had them balanced and aligned multiple no avail. I was hoping you would have some insight since we have both owned the same truck. I would appreciate a response if you have time, I know your post was a long time ago but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • HI everyone, i have a 07 double cab with the same problem. It is the plastic part that goes into the fender well, i replaced the foam insulation on it, so it is tight to the fender. This worked for awhile now the noise comes and goes but is very bad at time, i am still trying to figure on what to do next. As in replacing the part along with the flexible hose with the k&n filter system as i saw on one site but i can not remember which one. Thanks and hope this helps.
  • gtacogtaco Posts: 2
    edited February 2011
    I am getting a grinding vibration sound at 62 MPH to 65 MPH. It occured from mile 1 to mile 1000. The dealer said this is normal!!

    It is very annoying when drivin gon the highway. I will be forced to drive at 70 to avoid this vibration!

    What should I do? Can I return it using the lemon law? :lemon:
  • gtacogtaco Posts: 2
    I hav ethe same problem!! Dealer of course said, I am the first one to complain, and i tis normal!! Ahat a bunce of liars. So many people have the same problem!
  • I have the same thing, so i took off the plastic fresh air tube(that goes into the fender) and noticed that the bolt were a little lose, but i took it off and the noise went away. When i reinstalled it i made sure the bolt were nice and tight and the vibrating noise stopped. Hope this helps and please let me know how it works. Paul
  • cleehcleeh Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Tacoma double cab 4WD. After starting the engine and putting it reverse to back out of the garage, I hear a vibrating noise which seems to come from under the hood on the passenger side close to the dash. This noise continues off and on while in Drive for the first 3 or 4 miles and then goes away. Any slight bump or dip makes the vibration louder. Seems like it vibrates more in cold weather. Any ideas?
  • ynoyno Posts: 1
    had same problem dealer balanced tires twice,then replaced one of the tires no more shimmy they are dunlops this was done @eddys toyota,wichita ks
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