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Chevy Tracker



  • Bought my 4door, 4cyl. 5spd Tracker in June, and have 11000 miles so far. No problems whatsoever.
    I tow a trailer back and forth to a cottage approx 300 miles one way, a mix of interstate and two lane. I've hauled motorcycles, a garden tractor, lumber, etc. up to 1200 lbs. and have no problem keeping up with traffic at 70-75 mph. Also bought a cargo box for the roof rack, it has no negative effect on handling or performance. I use synthetic oil, change every 3000 mi., averaging low-mid 20's mileage, even with the trailer. Overall, it's fun to drive, enough power to cruise the interstate at 80 (no trailer) and saves me $200 a month over my traded in '96 K-1500, 5.7 V8 in gasoline costs. It's a keeper.
  • I just bought a new 2001 Chevy Tracker LT. Everything seems to be okay. No bad vibes or such. I do notice a slight sing in the 4wd shifter. If I engage 4wd the sing goes away. If I put slight pressure forward on the lever he noise gets louder. Has anyone else noticed this? I like to get some info before I take it back to the dealership.

    Thanks, Dave
  • I would like to find a 95-96 Tracker LSI 4x4, manual , soft top. I'm in New Jersey. Any one know any good used car web sites? Any things to look out for or qustions to ask?
  • I just ordered the armrest option for the Vitara today. It looks like it will work with no problem. The dealer didn't have any in stock but I checked out the Vitara's he had on the lot and they look identical to the Tracker on the inside. Since he has to order this part the only concern is the shade of gray. I hope it's the same I will let you know when it comes in.

  • nick29nick29 Posts: 19
    Just wanted to inform you it is definately the same shade of grey.No worries.
    The armrest is sharp looking,enjoy!
  • Thanks,nick29. That was my only concern. I guess they made them all the same color to save costs. fine by me.

  • I have something for you guys to chew on. I went to my local Suzuki dealer for the armrest, and he refused to sell it to me! He said it wouldn't fit a 2001 Tracker b/c the seats are different from a 2000 and that he was doing me a favor since I couldn't return it. Have you heard of this before? He got his information from Suzuki America. He said the 2001 requires two armrests, one for each seat (which they don't sell since it comes standard now on the Grand Vitara). I convinced him (barely) to open the box and it sure looks like it would fit. I saw an "A" and "B" scheme on the instructions depending on the model and design of the center console, but the A scheme (with the drilling on the one-piece console) seems to be the correct one for the Tracker. Any info before I buy the armrest online would be appreciated.

  • It should be in maybe buy this weekend. As soon as I get it and try it out I will post how it worked.
  • Does anyone have information on when the Tracker ZR2 is going to be available? A dealer in the Phoenix area mentioned March of 2001. This seems like a long time from now. Has anyone had a chance to actually try one out? If so, I'd be very interested in initial assessment.
  • Just to let everyone know. I have installed a Suzuki armrest on my new 2001 Tracker LT. The armrest matches and works perfectly. So if anyone is thinking of this accessorie go for it.

  • Thanks for the info, Dave. Did you have to drill holes in the console to attach the armrest over the large hole behind the cupholders, or does the LT have the removable compartment with a cover in that back spot, a la GV?

  • I had drill holes no big deal. Only took 15min to install. Very straight forward and easy to do.
  • I have been reading this forum since I ordered my wife's 2001 black Zr2 Tracker in September. I have emailed Corporate Headquarters and the manufacturing plant in Canada to find out when production starts... They tell me to ask my dealer. Well He has no clue and everyone I have talked with has the same answer. Another Chevy dealer told me they are only making 9% of the 2001 Trackers Zr2's, and they would probably be special orders only. Ant info would help. Great Forum by the way. My decision to buy was swayed here.
  • I ordered my ZR2 in October from a dealer in Northern Virginia. I was told to expect 6 to 8 weeks for delivery(I'm hoping to stay with in the rebate time frame). Of course, last week two different dealerships in the area got 4 ZR2's in stock after a had placed my order.
  • My Dealer called me last night and said my Black 2001 Tracker ZR2 w/ roof rack, cd player and ABS brakes (including all other standard items) has a build date of December 11, 2000!!!
    I can't wait.

    I will let you know.
  • Installed the armrest today. I was initially hesitant about the price, but the armrest might be the single most cherished option on my Tracker. If not, it's a close second to my cd player. The Austrian manufacturing definitely makes for high quality. It's much sturdier than the armrest I installed on my old '89 Prelude. The installation took a little longer than planned because I didn't have a 9mm drill bit. Otherwise, no worries.

    On the flipside, the cargo tray cover is a definite pass...

  • I had a 1991 4X4 2-door Tracker that I purchased used in 1995 and drove until Oct 1999. I only had one problem with it (transmission 4th gear) and that was caused by an improper clutch change out (didn't replace the pilot bushing at the same time which caused slight misalignment.) The only other point of problem was the top. The sunshine and weather elements deal harshly to the threads holding the top together. Halloween 1999 I traded that one for a 2000 4 X 4 4-door. I have driven it for a full year including a trip to Minnesota from Virginia and I have had only one minor problem with it. The left front turn signal will sometimes act as if the bulb is blown (when it is not) and usually only happens on the hottest days. Has not happened for a few months now. I enjoy this vehicle. The relay that turns the dash/parking lights can be quite loud at times. Finally located the sensor in the dash. Only other quirk is the inability to manually turn the headlights off. Active duty military are required to dim headlights when entering military installations. They can get quite pissy when bright headlights aren't turned off. After many weeks of their complaints I kept explaining I couldn't turn them off. I never turn them on.
  • captjcaptj Posts: 8
    I’ve now owned my ’99 silver/black/4WD/2.0/5-speed Tracker convertible for a year so feel I can add a credible review to this forum. Bought it as a new leftover from a dealer in Maryland. $10K cash plus $3K GM card bucks with A/C and AM/FM/CD. Used as my daily commuter for 13 miles each way, and for local errands. Hasn’t been more than 25 miles from home. Has a little over 11K miles now at an average of 29 mpg. The tranny synchros mildly crunched on engagement when we first got it, but I hoped they would wear in. After about 7K miles, the crunch was getting progressively worse on every downshift plus upshifts into second. I went to a local Chevy dealer for repairs. Had a crummy experience with the Service Manager, but a great experience with a Service Advisor who was aggressive about getting the problem fixed right the first time. Ordered up a couple of “synchro upgrade” kits recommended by GM tech advisory service, took the car in on a Wednesday after work, and gave it back to me on that Friday. Has not crunched since. Service Order says they installed synchro kits and switched fluid to GM Synchromesh. Other than that one problem, all I’ve had to do is tighten a few fasteners here and there to stop minor rattles and vibration noise. The automatic headlights will turn from off to on or from on to off only four seconds after the sensor’s light reception changes. This too-quick response appears to be a design flaw (The owner’s manual says they should wait 20 seconds, a more reasonable time). The Tracker is a great commuter vehicle. The heater and A/C do an excellent job, probably because the convertible has the same heater and A/C as the larger four-door model. Reliability is flawless. My teenage daughters love the various ways to open up the roof. The 4WD with two-speed transfer case is tenacious on snow. Despite this glowing endorsement, I do not recommend this car for very young or new drivers. In addition to the greater possibility of rolling this high CG vehicle during exuberant driving, the short wheelbase makes the steering extremely responsive. Because I keep the tire pressure at 35 pounds (which improves mileage but causes more rear axle hop and skitter over bumps) I have become very aware of just how very little correction in the steering changes the direction of travel. This is a characteristic that is fine as long as you are aware of it, but could easily lead to overcorrection in a challenging situation by our less-experienced roadmates. With this one limited reservation, I heartily recommend the Tracker for anyone seeking a highly capable, but low-cost mini-SUV.
  • I now have 6000 miles on my 2000 4WD Tracker Wagon. And it is performing perfectly. I have'nt experienced the vibration problems that have been discussed here. And now that it's properly broken in, it has a lot more pep. At 2500 plus rpm it is downright perky. When merging on the Mass Pike I use the power button and rev it up to 3000 rpm. This gives the low end power that is needed. With the GM recommended 26 psi tire pressure for the Uniroyals, I found it difficult to remain centered in my lane. Applying the rule of never below 80% of the max tire pressure (in this case 35 psi), I have settled for 29 psi front and rear. This works well, gives a decent ride, keeps the rear end from hopping to much, and gets me an extra mile per gallon. Cross winds and tractor trailers still present a problem. That's just the down side of a real SUV and one I'm willing to live with.
  • I forgot to mentions that I have the automatic transmission. Wildfire
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