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Chevy Tracker



  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    I let the dealer change the oil and use what ever chevy recomends. I use regular all the time. Yes, I'm happy with the little thing. My wife drives it regularly and I drive it when she has a day off or on vacation. However, when we leave town or go cross country, I take the Impala.

  • ckyeungckyeung Posts: 9
    Hello, i have learnt so much from this forum. I am currently looking at a 2001 Tracker LT 2WD with ABS and leather. I like the fact that its a rear view drive and my girlfriend and I dont really go off-road. I live in NY and it snows frequently in winter. Any idea how the 2WD tracker performs in snow? If snow tires are necessary, any recommendations and how much would they cost? Thank you very much for your help!!!
  • Here is a good link for chains:

    (watch the wraparound)

  • robyntrobynt Posts: 1
    I am shopping for a gentley used car and love the small SUV's. I have found a nice 2000 Tracker but have heard that they may not be as reliable as I need. Please advise!!!! My email address is

  • infinia1infinia1 Posts: 174
    My mom was recently in the market for a new small suv. her ranger wasn't working anymore now that she has grandkids to haul around. She drove the santa fe (she liked but dealers wouldn't budge on prices), escape (she thought it was ok but waiting list), crv (very pricey), and rav4 (ugly and pricey). then i showed her the tracker. it was way more affordable, plus it had the $1500 rebate. here in wyoming, we were lucky to find a 4cyl 5 spd 4wd with 1sb pkg locally. she was within 1 day of buying it when someone else bought it. so we were on the hunt for the same tracker. using gmbuypower, i found that not 1 dealer in wyoming had a 5 spd tracker! after much looking, we found 1 in nebraska that had all the same options plus cd instead of tape for the same price! she only paid about $16500. that's a great price considering all that the tracker offers. she bought it right away and has been very happy ever since. last week we took it to las vegas (12 hr trip) and it was very comfortable and adequate. we averaged about 26 mpg and that was with lots of wind. she has no regrets; this is a wonderful vehicle for the money!
  • ballfire8888ballfire8888 Posts: 131
    HI Y'ALL

    1999 Chevy Tracker...2.0 L engine

    With 50,000 km (30,000 miles) on the odometer, I did my own engine oil change for the very first time. Recognizing that there is not much financial advantage even with synthetic oil, it does save a lot of time driving to & from the dealer...or so I thought!

    That oil filter was a MAJOR pain. Tough to access from above...impossible from bottom with obstructions. Dealer screwed it on way too tight. I had to deploy the "screwdriver thru the filter" method to get it off! What a mess!

    Anyhow, once the filter was off, the rest of this surgical procedure was dead simple. Drain plug looks like the absolute lowest point of the Tracker.

    I must say doing an oil change on my 2001 Pathfinder is lots easier with clear access to everything.
  • cosmo2cosmo2 Posts: 61
    ballfire8888, you did not say what type of filter wrench you tried before resorting to the screwdriver, but I have found the filter on my 1999 2.0 liter to be one of the easiest oil filters to access from the top. I use the channel pliers type filter wrench, and even when the dealer does their psycho-macho-man-only-we-can-do-this-job routine, the filter comes off easily.
  • carl815carl815 Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2001 tracker in feb. 2001. it is a 4 door 2.0 liter. auto. loaded, air, criuse, power 4 wd. ect. I must say that I looked at the competitors ford toyota ect. but none would deal as much as chevy did, i got a good deal on it. I do like it. It does very well in the snow in 4wd and also not to bad in 2wd. air conditioning works well stereo cd is nice and the auto trans is nice with the o.d. and power button for holding the shift pattern works well. I have aprox 7,000 miles on it with no problems yet. I have changed the oil twice.. I have always change my veh. oil aprox. every 3,000 with filter. It is a good car for getting around since my wife basically drives it all the time to and from work. I get aprox 25mpg overall right now. The only downside to me is that yes it is small, front seating is good, rear is tight 4 door is the way to go. and it is a little sluggish. the 2.0 4cyl. it is not a power machine. recomend the 6 cyl. roof racks do make wind noise and arm rests would be a plus.. the ride is a little stiff and bumpy at times..handles good on highway an occasional sway from trucks and crosswinds. cargo space could be better. The next one will be a 6cyl. or a step up to the sazuki XL7. Overall I am pleased, and for the price and economy, sometimes you have to give alittle..
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    If you havent done so already, take those cross bars on the roof rack and store them in your garage or yard barn. That will eliminate the low droning or drumming noise. Unless you use them every day :) I had the 4 cyl in 99 and got the 6 cyl in 2001. The 4dr LT. It wont give the cameros or mustangs any problems if your into street dragging, but its the perfect little town&country hauler. My wife & I love it. For interstate cruising or cross-country trips I take the other larger car. You can get a center arm rest from the Suzuki dealer. $70 bucks in this area. (Indiana)
  • ballfire8888ballfire8888 Posts: 131
    COSMO2 >>> What is a channel pliers type filter wrench and where can I buy one? I did not tighten this oil filter on as tight as the dealer so I'm hoping it will be easier next time.

    NICK01 >>> Do you have to install that $70 center arm rest yourself? Do Chevy dealers sell it also? Is it usable for the front passenger seat? Does it come in colors to match the interior fabric tones?
  • ballfire8888ballfire8888 Posts: 131
    I too removed the $150 dealer supplied cross bars on the roof rack. Seems to reduce noise and drag plus look sleeker at same time.

    Only regret is having to pay for the bars in the 1st place!
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    the center console in the Suzuki is identical to the Tracker. the armrest mounts on top of the center console and is secured by a couple of screws on both sides. Seems to be good and solid and sits high where you can actually use it to rest your arm on. It also flips up and out of the way when you dont need it. dont know about color but grey was the only choice we had for the tracker seats. I dont think the tracker dealer has it. But you could check and make sure.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    anybody out there tow with a tracker ?
    A friend of mine got a 01 v6 4x4 and had a
    hitch put on to tow a 1500 lb trailer.
    Owners manual sez 1500 lb max.
    She needs extended mirrors . Have seen the ones
    that attach on to the factory ones. Any ideas
    or where did u get yours. I said try a RV store.
    Please post with ideas............Thanks Geo
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    She wanted a blazer but 30 K was too much.
    But that 2000 rebate and GM discount she
    couldn't pass it up. And she loves it too.......
    She did have a honda..
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    I had the small reciever type installed with the wireing for the brake and turn signals. Use it to haul a 5X8 trailer to do light work around the house. Lawn mower, plywood, lumber, dirt, landscaping shrubs, any light stuff like that. Its tucked up under the bumper and is hardly noticeable. Had it done at a small shop that does Mods and accesarys for autos. They had to order it from a local distributor. Took 2 days. Everything ,including the wiring and installation was $139.00. That also included the reciever 'bar'. Much cheaper if you dont have it wired, of course.
  • cosmo2cosmo2 Posts: 61
    I bought my oil filter pliers at Schucks Auto Supply. They look like channel pliers, except the vice end is shaped to surround an oil filter. The grips have a slide adjustment to fit different size oil filters. I hand tighten the filter after replacing it, but by the time it needs replacing again, it's too tight to remove by hand.
  • carl815carl815 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. I was about to take the racks off to see how much the wind noise would decrease. and thanks for the info on the arm rest. I am going to look into that one. Also I noticed ballfire8888 talking about oil filter pliers. I used an oil filter cup attached to an extention of my 3/8 ratchet works well for me because I can fit underneath the car to drain the oil, so while I'm there i use the cup and extention.
  • ballfire8888ballfire8888 Posts: 131
    So you can actually access the oil filter from the bottom? I did not think that was possible due to physical obstruction!
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    wish you guys wouldnt all jump in here at once. All these posts are putting a strain on my old PC

  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    Does anyone know if the Chevrolet Tracker Suzuki
    clone will have the extended version next year?
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