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Chevy Tracker



  • roland8roland8 Posts: 5
    I have no problems with my 1999 4dr 4wd, other than low idil during the morning. But isn't a problem if a gas treatment is used. Actually, now that winter is basically a memory, this problem is less. There's nothing to complain about except Suzuki's 2.0 liter engine. Not a bad engine, should be tuned for about 140-150 horsepower from Chevrolet. Although, power has increased as the engine breaks in properly. With just 7K on it, performance should improve slightly.

    Does anybody know when small performance enhancements will be introduced on the market? K+N doesn't yet have a filter to my knowledge, but should in May. How about powerchips, headers, even camshaft upgrades? These vehicles are weak, according to certain magazines, if using the automatic transmission Don't get me wrong, the manual transmission does improve accleration much over the automatic, but it needs more low end power. Let's all tell Chev and Suzuki about this complaint. You know what they should do? Have the vehicle, and 4x4 system continue to be Suzuki made, but Vortecize the 2.0 engine.

    Enought preaching, but serioulsy, my Tracker has been dependable, decent fuel economy, up to 28MPG! Just curious, what are others with this vehicle acheiving? Thanks for reading, see ya'll.

  • srz948srz948 Posts: 63
    The lease on my 97 Cavalier Z-24 is up in April and I am considering a Tracker. I priced a 4 door , 4 wheel drive with auto, A/C, P/W, P/DL, keyless entry, cd player and aluminum wheels. NO money down, NYS sales tax rolled in, 39 months @ $250 per month. Does this sound good? I just found out on Edmunds that there is a $1500 rebate on this vehicle which the salesman conveniently failed to mention. I'm sure he'll say it was figured into the price.
  • 70boss70boss Posts: 4
    Before buying or leasing a Tracker...Test drive the Suzuki V6 Grand will buy it.
  • tim98tim98 Posts: 16
    By all means, pursue the lemon law. Make sure you have all documentation.

    General Motors repurchased my 99 Tracker yesterday. I was shocked how well the dealership handled the final transaction. GM is to send the check to my bank to receive a clear title. I am confident this will occur with no problem.

    One thing I found interesting, I searched for a new vehicle for 3 weeks. I visited 6 different Chevy dealers. I was looking for a Camaro or Monte Carlo. During my search, I did not see ANY Trackers for sell. Is this car so great it sells as soon as it hits the showroom? (HA!) Or are dealers even afraid to have one?
  • ddssjsk9ddssjsk9 Posts: 36
  • ddssjsk9ddssjsk9 Posts: 36
    Tim: Email me with details of your buyback. I am
    very encouraged to actually know someone received
    one. I am very interested in any suggestions. Also I would like a detailed description of your
    concern and symptoms.

  • mmcswmmcsw Posts: 29
    It's sort of a shame that the most reliable Chevys are the "captive imports". We've had 2 Trackers so far, a 95 and a 98. The build quality has been outstanding on both. Never had to do anything to either vehicle outside of normal maintenance. After reading of the problems other people have had with the 99 and 00 models, I'd guess those to be teething problems associated with a the new design. With the first generation Trackers 89-98, there was plenty of time to work the bugs out so that the later models were reliable.
    As far as the performance of these mini SUV's is concerned, all I can say is that they are honest vehicles that do what they were designed to do very well. On the highway they are not Cadillacs by any means, but we knew that when we bought them. Around town they're great. The 4wd is the real reason why we purchased these particular vehicles. We live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and heavy snow is a reality we have to deal with. The 98 is especially nice since it has auto locking hubs.
    I am especially pleased with the drivetrain on the Trackers. When I let my dad drive the 95 he commented on how smooth and vibration free the engine ran, which is saying a lot because Ol' Dad was a mechanical engineer at GM Research Laboratories at the GM Tech Center for 45 years. Remember that the entire drivetrain is manufactured by Suzuki in Japan and dropped in as an preassembled unit into Trackers. Anyway 95 horses out of 98 cubes is a very high specific output, but it does have a lot of weight to pull around. They run like old Singer sewing machines and are very stingy with a gallon of gas.
    For what it's worth I'm sort of a gearhead whose passionate about small block Chevy V-8's and old 60's muscle cars, but practicality these Trackers are hard to beat. I'll be keeping mine.
  • amoraamora Posts: 204
    Wife leased a '99 Chevy Tracker 4WD, 4 DR, 2.0L
    AUTO. Had water pump replaced under warranty at
    3000 mi. Took Chevy dealer 4 days to get pump, could not buy fromn local SUZUKI dealer because
    Chevy only buys from GM parts it PRIDE?? , vehicle then had leaking radiator hose,
    tightened up, squealing fan belts, a little WD40
    quick spray, engine is very noisy and buzzy
    when accelerating, auto tranny does not know when to upshift. Good passing and great on long steep grades. Lots of fun to drive. Averaging 9000 a year, will be turned in in 2 years, this will be
    last MUNCHKIN SUV we lease. Will purchase intermediate or larger GM or Ford product....THIS TIME WE WILL SHOP AND PURCHASE ON INTERNET, HAD A HORRIFIC, DASTARDLY AND DESPICABLE TIME WITH SALESMAN, INTERMEDIATE SALESMAN AND FINANCE MANAGER trying to agree on a fair price, the pressure was unrelenting, finally after 4 hours of
    negotiating we got a fair price and lease terms...
  • ddssjsk9ddssjsk9 Posts: 36
    8,680 Miles, vibration has gotten progressively
    worse. Chevrolet standing on statement there is no
    problem. Vehicle is operating as designed. I did no realize I was getting a massager as a no cost
    option. Cadillac charges for this option on 2000
    model Devilles. Filed for buy back mid March no date
    scheduled for arbitration. Anyone have any suggestions.
  • ddssjsk9ddssjsk9 Posts: 36
    For any of you with drivability problems. The
    Engine Control Modules on the 99-2000 Trackers are
    reprogrammable. Chevrolet first said no but now the Dealers have the procedure to do so. If they tell you they do not, ask them to check their latest technical updates. To date there has been three ECM redesigns and at last count seven programming revisions.
  • cosmo2cosmo2 Posts: 61
    We've had our 1999 Tracker 4-door for a year now. Since both of our vehicles are primarily business vehicles, my wife rents a car when she goes on long personal trips. This last time she rented a GV for 5 days. "Scary on bumpy highways", "sluggish", and "gas guzzler" are words she used to describe the GV when she returned. She drove cattle trucks in Eastern Oregon as a teenager, and she drove a '95 Sidekick for three years before we bought the Tracker, so she wasn't comparing the GV to our previous Audi's or our current Passat. Seems that Suzuki spiffed up a good basic design too much in the GV. The suspension/wheel/tire combination on the GV is harsh and skitterish when compared to the Tracker, and the V6 and extra weight put the gas consumption into the class with the larger SUV's. So, 70boss, if I ever meet you at the gas station or tire store, I'll give you a friendly but bewildered smile, and we'll keep our Tracker.
  • arkie2arkie2 Posts: 2
    We bought our Tracker in Dec. 99 . Here it is April and it has been in the shop 4 times and will go in for the 5th this week. So far we have had problems with poor gas mileage {19 mpg},engine vibrations, doors lock by themselves, overdrive goes off by its self, windows fog up, windows rattle, doors leak, interior trim falling off in 2 places, spare tire rattles, the dash rattles, and on and on. From reading some of the other peoples problems, I dont feel quite as bad. It really stinks to have a vehicle that you are scared to drive for it falling apart. I don't think that I will ever own another tracker possibly not another Chevy unless GM does something about this sorry excuse for a vehicle.
  • bouybouy Posts: 14
    Has anybody noticed how easily the plastic interior scratches or did mine not cure properly. If I brush up against the dash-board with my key it will scratch. Trucks are supposed to take a lot of abuse but this one im afraid to put my camping gear into. If I get ten scratches a year on the interior, that means I will have over fifty scratches in five years. Is this nit- picking or what? And what about the seats, has anybody noticed the front seats looses its support after six months? I like the design and the size but this truck needs to be built better. What I am doing is documenting every problem at the dealer and then I will file for arbitration.
  • ledfootledfoot Posts: 1
    I'm considering purchasing a new Tracker. Based on the few messages I've seen, it looks like I should reconsider this. I'd like to hear good / bad stories from other owners. Is there a recommended 'buy' of a competitively priced compact SUV? The vehicle would be used primarily by my teenage children.
  • macadam1macadam1 Posts: 22
    Read the HONDA CRV-IV Topic 2505. I also was considering a Tracker but was advised against it by a Chevy dealer and I even had the employee GMC invoice discount. I bought a CRV and its been excellent.
  • I am looking to buy a used 94 -96 Tracker. Most of whatI have read and of the people I have talked to has been favorable for those years. It seems the more recent models have had many more problems. Any other input would help such as gas mileageto be expected. I just missed an '96 33k hunter green for $6500. It, as most in FL' was the 2wd version. Thanks to anyone who can help
  • I have a '99 Tracker and love it. It climbs like a dream, treats the Sierras like a Freeway.
    I get 26 to 29 mph, low 4 eats less than I thought it would.
    I call the Tracker 'the Bubble', you get such a great view. The winds here (Nevada) can be horrendous, especially between Reno and Carson but the little Bubble just pops along.
    It takes fords and creek beds well, just keep the revs high and create a bow wave. We were at 9000 feet today, the view was awesome, the bubble lived up to its nickname.
  • i have a '92 tracker. ( And knock on wood..) it has over 104,000 miles on it. i've replaced the front hubs on it, as well as a valve cover gasket. it still gets over 24 mpg. i hate to replace it. thinking about keeping for a winter car (4x4) and buying a summer car. no real point to this post, just trying to knock some of the negative posts down.
    teqster@(usmoremovethis, as well as "system")
  • gene58gene58 Posts: 8
    I always wanted a Tracker back when they were Geo-- could not get one until just a few days ago. I bought the 2000 4-door hardtop automatic, air,
    just about everything except the power windows,
    door locks and mirrors. So far I am quite satisfied. Washed it today-- it does NOT leak; it is very quiet, even on the old brick streets in
    parts of my city. In fact, it sounds like a Lincoln Town Car compared to the 2000 Cavilier (sp?) I test drove. I have read all the dire warnings posted here... I will be back in a few months to let you know if all the horrible things mentioned have actually happened. The only thing I wish mine had-- is a locking gas cap!
  • tim98tim98 Posts: 16
    If you are having problems with your Tracker, check the lemon law in your state. General Motors was ordered to re-purchase my 99 Tracker Convertible. The entire ordeal was frustrating, but not impossible. The only out-of-pocket expense was for presentation materials for the arbitration hearing. Be sure you have plenty of documentation. Get repair tickets for ALL warranty work. Don't give up!!! Stay on GM until you are satisfied.

    After my re-purchase, I bought a 2000 Camaro. I went back to GM even after they treated me with so little respect. But, I drove many cars before deciding on this one. I am just a Chevy fan. I hope the Tracker will be the only GM lemon I ever own.
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