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Chevy Tracker



  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    my guess would the dealers, either chevy OR suzuki. but be ready for sticker shock! HARD...... i doubt that simple sticker will be cheap.. you might even have to purchase the console it belongs on.. i never used my sticker anyways. i just read the manual or followed the diagram on the order in which it shifts into high or low. i know you cant except i think it is 55mph in high and i think it is 25 or 35 in Low. other than that, there isnt much to know..

  • lramseurlramseur Posts: 13
    I tried one Chevy dealer and he could not find it in his book. If anyone has a good one they could take a picture of and email that would work too. Thanks.
  • dunesmandunesman Posts: 4
    mine is also faded but it is also shown or written in the owners manual. can send you a pic of that.
  • lramseurlramseur Posts: 13
    Thanks for the offer. I have a .pdf copy of the manual but was wanting a sticker or good picture of the sticker for the wife.
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15
    My service engine soon light came on, but went off like 2 days later. Anyway, the scan showed P0400-EGR Flow. Well, the obvious thing to check first is the valve...exactly where is it? Is it a quick, easy fix? 2000 Chevy Tracker, 4 CYL 2.0L
  • mgmoodymgmoody Posts: 4
    They changed out the fuel filter first. This cleared one of the error codes.(it should have been done before on routine maintenance anyway as this was the original filter).
    After they test drove it it came back with a second error code and stalled again. This earned a changed out EGR valve. That seems to have fixed it.
    We have not been driving it as much as we were just before it started having trouble but it does have a few hundred more kilometers on it and it is running fine again.
    The Suzuki dealer does seem to be the way to go for knowledge but it did take them two days to get the EGR valve shipped in.
  • englishemenglishem Posts: 2
    I just found this message so I'm sure you have resolved your problem by now...but no, I had to bite the bullet and spend the money. That's the only major thing I've ever had go wrong with my Tracker, though.
  • rudypoprudypop Posts: 2
    Can the sun roof portion of the top on a 2002 be removed easily. I had a 1995 Tracker previously tht allowed this to be done, the sun roof portion was part of the 1 piece top. The 2002 model is 2 piece and is seperate and looks like this has to be done using some tools. I was hoping the front part can be removed easily without having to get out the tools.
  • jfrench2jfrench2 Posts: 1
    I am having problems with my 1999 Chevy Tracker 4x4 Convertible also. The check engine light keeps going on and off, and every once in a while it will flash. When it flashes, it gets very putsy. It has never stalled or anything, but I also do not believe it is getting near the gas mileage it should be. I am thinking that it needs to have the plugs replaced and possibly the o2 sensor. The Code Scanner came back and said cylinder misfire?! Would that be caused from the plugs?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15
    well, mine is the EGR Flow...I had it scanned. But yeah, if you havn't changed the plugs or O2 Sensor in a while, you probably should. Also, check the timing...that will cause like a misfire too.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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  • I recently bought a 99 Tracker convertible with the 1.6 and I'm having similar problems. Check engine light on, with the code that indicates EGR system problems. Bad hesitation and no power. I replaced the EGR valve ($$$), exhaust and catalytical converter, but am still having problems. The Tracker has a pup converter (CA emissions?) which might also be plugged. That's going away shortly. New downstream O2 sensor also. If this doesn't fix the problems I'm not sure what else I'll check. The Tracker puffs smoke when it starts, so maybe new valve seals also. Good thing it was cheap to buy! Is it something with the 99s? This is my third Tracker, and the other two (a 92 and 94) were great. :mad:
  • Did you ever find out what was causing your problem. I have a 2001 tracker with the same problem.

    Thanks in advanced

  • Thank you for responding to my message. Last week the mechanic at the Chevy dealer explained to me that the reason that the "service engine soon" light is still on after replacing the O2 sensor is that the four cylinders are running at low pressure (120 - 140 psi), and that one of the four cylinders is really bad (<110 psi). He said that the piston rings are shot and that the best thing to do is to replace the engine. He said that the present engine could continue running for 6 to 8 months. I hope he was telling me the truth because this is the third mechanic that I have gone to for help. I have been pricing 1996 Tracker engines and they run anywhere from $1100 - 3000. If anyone knows a mechanic who is really knowledgeable in Trackers and interested in fixing Trackers in Ohio please let me know. Thank you!
  • Is your tracker blowing any smoke? The reason I ask is that my tracker was also compression tested, and the shop came back with 140 psi each cylinder. They said it was supposed to be about 190 psi per cylinder. They then found out that my cats were nearly completely plugged. When they "cleaned" out my second cat (mine has CA emissions) it ran better. I'm hoping that when I remove the first (pup) cat, it will run better. I'm replacing both O2 sensors first also. How many miles does your Tracker have on it? Mine has about 160,000 miles, and the previous owner towed with it.
  • If you haven't already done it, it's an easy swap to replace the EGR valve. It's expensive though. Cost me about $300 for my 99. It will probably be less for the older years. If you do it, don't forget to clean the carbon out of the exhaust passages into the EGR (and the EGR tube if you have one) or the error will come back. I also think that excess backpressure (through a plugged cat) partially caused my error.
  • My Tracker is not blowing any smoke, at least not yet anyway. It currently has about 116,000 miles. The second shop that I went to changed the O2 sensor. The light went off for one day, but as soon as I got back up to 60 mph on the highway, it went back on and stayed on. Thanks for the advice about cleaning the cats. I will investigate that as well.
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15 then the EGR Valve is located like somewhere on the exhaust manifold? Actually, I think I'll just have a shop do it. Was that $300 just for the part...or parts AND labor? Well, it doesn't really matter to me...I'll pay whatever I have to in order to make sure it's fixed cuz it has to pass emissions test too. In fact, you think I should go ahead & get a new converter too? lol like I said, the cost isn't really an obstacle...I just want it right. :)
  • metalmykemetalmyke Posts: 14
    Hi. New to this site, need help. Driving down the road three blocks from my house and my 91 4x4 tracker dies. No nothing. Tow it home. Good ignition, pour fuel down throttle body, runs til fuel burns off. Change fuel filter, check flow, excellent. Check fuel injector, no spray. Check ohm resistance, shows fine, pull injector, no clogging on screen. Check throttle postion sensor on ohm meter, shows good, only thing that shows a bit off is idle speed control valve, shows too much resistance. Think this may be problem, but one other thing I want to check is the fuel injector relay, as everything just went dead at once, and still thinking it may be that. Question is, where is it located? would like to check that to make sure before replacing mechanical parts. BTW, took off the idle speed control and check it with a 12V load, and the valve did move slightly. not sure how far it is supossed to move. ANYWAY, please anyone help with location if the FI relay or any other words of wisdom. I love my tracker, have had it for a decade, have beat on it and this is the first time I have had a problem I couldnt figure out in a minute what was wrong. Thanks.
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    Two words---Fuel pump? 15 years old, try that.
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