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Chevy Tracker



  • shows this socket in their catalogue as a Service Tool called a "WHEEL BEARING TIGHTENING TOOL" under part number 09951-16050 for $78.15 plus whatever to get it to you. Would love to know if you find an aftermarket source.
  • Thanks a lot for the new source of info. :)
  • I have just got my Tracker back from the Suzuki Service Dept.(my Chevy Dealer didn't have a clue) that told me the fuel injection system had a sludge coating of carbon build-up. It seems that the Suzuki recommends that a complete de-carbonization is needed every 30,000 miles. My Tracker had 86,000 miles, needless to say it was overdue. Also, if you have any work done on the exhaust system, Suzuki says to make sure the parts meet the factory specs because everything is program into the Computer to run in a certain way. If you go back a couple of pages, you can see my help request thats similar to yours. Hope this helps.
  • have one on order now! thanks. now i need a torque wrench...
  • i wish that was the problem, but i don't see how a carbon build up is stopping the engine from getting spark. i forgot to add in my previos post that i have the 1.6 liter manuel transmission with a little over 76,000 miles. any other ideas? please help. planning my day around the car is getting more and more annoying. i am desparte here. the worst is when i break down in the south florida heat.

    thanks again for any help,
  • rvgondarvgonda Posts: 12
    Lads and Lassies,

    My 2003 Tracker 4x4 2L auto 2dr power "switch" isn't working. When engaged in the "power" position, the dash "power light" lights but I can detect no shift to higher rpms of the transmission gears - either on the flats or on the hills.

    Any insights would be appreciated!

  • rvgondarvgonda Posts: 12
    To clarify the previous post, I am referring to the higher rpms at which the gears shift.

  • What I understand from my 03 manual is that if you were to really put your foot in to it, the transmission would hold the gear to redline or a higher rpm before shifting. If you drive normally the tranny will shift normally. That is my understanding. I maybe wrong.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    what you said about the power switch is exactly how mine works in my 1999 2.0l 2-dr..
  • rvgondarvgonda Posts: 12
    Thanks poorcruzer and arkainzeye,

    I'll test it out and re-read my manual and report back.
    If what you say is true it sounds like it is for REALLY STEEP long hills or for towing, although the my manual says to take it out of OD for towing (rather that use the power switch?). This should be interesting!

  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    im not sure if they are called wheel flares or not. but they are the plastic covers that go over the wheel wells like on the chevy tracker ZR-2. i really want a set bad to cover little dents and rust on my 1999 tracker 2-door. any websiteS you guys know of that you could show me?
  • rvgondarvgonda Posts: 12

    They are called fender flares and here's a web site that has a number of brands of them. It is all one line so copy and paste the whole thing into the address line at the top of you browser- if clicking on it here doesn't work. - s

    If you have trouble due to a slow phone line, let me know and I will go to that web site and browse for flares specific to you vehicle and pass the info along.

    I failed in an installation attempt of a rear hitch on my ZR2. One of the four bolt holes does not line up so it looks like it's going to take either some muscle-ing with a crowbar for aligninment or filing or drilling.

  • rvgondarvgonda Posts: 12
    Also, when you get to the web site, look to the left at the first item under "Cool Stuff". It'll get you a better price than anywhere - or at least - online.
  • inuvikinuvik Posts: 131
    My 2001 2L 4X4 auto shifts dramatically different when the "power" switch is on. It downshifts with less throttle, and revs higher before shifting to the next higher gear. So if you aren't noticing any difference then there is a problem somewhere.
  • rvgondarvgonda Posts: 12

    Do I understand you correctly? Does it do so with ordinary (light to moderate) throttle?

    Arkainzeye said his works under, if I understand him correctly, heavy throttle. I tried mine out on a 1/2 mile long very steep hill which required at least moderate throttle just to get up, but the shift rpms didn't at all change from when the switch was disengaged.

    Likewise, light throttle doesn't show a difference.

  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    thats for the link, but no where on there did i see the flares for the chevy tracker. they had them for just about every other chevy but the tracker... 8(
  • rvgondarvgonda Posts: 12
    Aarkainseye, If you didn't see anything on the website itself I would call the toll free number and let them do the search as a next step. You can also do a google or Yahoo or MSN search on "fender flares" or "fender flares Chevrolet Tracker" or something simlar to these words and see what your retrieve. I work using search features with Internet sites and toll free numbers all the time and usually find what I'm searching for, i.e., if it exists.
  • mtj67mtj67 Posts: 15
    Hey, what is that little thing on the top of the dashboard up in the passenger side corner...and what does it do? lol
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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  • cobcob Posts: 210
    If your talking about the black circle, it is the sensor for the automatic headlights. If you cover it in the daytime with something the headlights will stay on all the time.
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