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Chevy Tracker



  • the tracker has over 103000 and the plugs' electrodes were burnt down and rounded off and i put the gapper in there and it was like .080 or so... i havent checked the MPG yet. i was wanting to get a K and N for the tracker, because i have one for my truck and it runs alot better.
  • I just got a 2003 Chevy tracker it has some damage on hood so we have to paint it but we can't find the paint code >
  • erscoloerscolo Posts: 11
    Chevrolet Tracker

    That is where the paint code should be.


    P.S. Here is a link: vrolet&model=Tracker
  • wojowwojow Posts: 12
    I have 2000, 2 door, 2wheel drive, 2.0 Tracker. I have this vibration ( only around 2300 RPM) that is coming somewhere from driver side of the motor (front area). Checked for loose bolts, had muffler shop check exhaust out - no results. I keep thinking that this could be either timing chain or the tensioner - have 106K miles on the motor.
    When there is problem with timing chain or the tensioner - what kind of noise are we talking about here ??


  • snicholsnichol Posts: 28
    You need to do a search under "Timing Chain.
    Especially under the category that has "Repair" in the label.
    I broke my timing chain awhile back and it broke the engine!
    It would do you well to read all the emails pertaining to timing chains, as they mention noises it makes.
    Hope that will help.

  • wojowwojow Posts: 12
    I did read everything under "timing chain" . I don't see anything there. I guess I will have to tear into it and see if there is anything that needs to be replaced. Interesting enough: there is no timing chain replacement required at the maintenance schedule for Tracker.
    thanks SNichol

  • I just had to replace 2 valves,timing chain,guide, and a couple of other parts om my 2000 Tracker with 170000 miles. I bought it from my boss for $5oo after it broke on him, and a mechanic friend repaired for me. I got lucky, with it only bending the 2 valves on the last cylinder next to the firewall.I'd pull the cover off and drop a compression check if possible. But you might not be able to do that with the engine in that condition, or with out doing more damage.
    Hope this helps.
  • I just am on the tailing end of finishing my timing components and having the head done due to 4 bent valves. See my thread at suzuki-forums tjkashin Timing Chain

    Maybe you can find some tips there as the users are helpful, friendly and responsive. After all, a Chevy Tracker is just a badged Suzuki Vitara....
  • snicholsnichol Posts: 28
    You didn't check in the right category ....
    In Edmonds, go back to the category "Chevrolet Tracker", Under "Discussion Title" click on " Chevrolet Tracker Maintenance and Repair ".
    You can do the search there for "Timing Chain", or just browse through the 55 messages there.
    There were some detailed messages about it there.

    I have a 2001, 4 door Tracker with 2 wheel drive, automatic trans, with a 2.0 L, 4 cyl. engine.
    At about 209,000 miles, the timing chain broke while driving. It bent every valve. I looked at having it rebuilt, but cost were too high.
    Buying a short block was also too expensive. So I went on line searching for a better alternative, thus my discussions on Edmonds.
    I had a few discussions in Edmonds about it.
    I got lucky ...
    I bought an engine out of a wreck in a junk yard just a 100 miles from here, with low miles on it.

    Been running good since then and now have about 220,000 miles on my Tracker.
    It's been a good, dependable car and still is.

    But some of the things I learned about it makes me very upset with Chevrolet.
    They stuck us with a vehicle that is basically one-of-a-kind, in that:
    no other year engine with interchange with it;
    not many commercial re-builders will touch it!;
    the parts are expensive and/or obsolete, not easy to find;
    the AC Compressor has no oil reserve reservoir, so if you have a freon leak, you lose the lubricating oil, which "Whacks' the compressor...
    ... if you replace the compressor without flushing out the system to remove all damaged particles, it will clog the expansion valve and then "Whack" the compressor again! (I'm speaking from (dumb) experience here. :>)

    Sorry to get on a Rant, but they don't tell these things when you buy it.
    Anyway, if you suspect a bad timing chain, fix it BEFORE it breaks, or it will do a lot of damage.

    Good Luck!
  • wojowwojow Posts: 12
    just read your post and went to Suzuki discussion group. The picture of your new timing chains kind of show me what my Tracker looks like inside. I see that you did leave oil pan. So it doesn't have to be removed. I will need to instal new valve at the same time. I have 2 wheel drive with little over 106K on the motor. Do you have more pictures?
  • wojowwojow Posts: 12
    is yours 2 or 4 doors?? Do you have page here on Carspace?? Did you take any pictures of work you did ?
    I am trying to find your pages at Carspace but I can't find any of you
  • I recentley bought a 1999 2 door 4x4 1.6 liter 5 spd chevy tracker. It has 205 75 15 tires on it,I was wondering if any body knew how big a tire I can install on it without lifting it. And how the bigger tire would effect it with the 1.6 engine.
  • just checking if you found the problem i am having the same issues with my 2000 tracker
  • I have a 1999 Tracker 2 door 4X4 5 spd with the 1.6 engine. Do you know if I could put the 235 75 15 on it without it rubbing.Also do you have any Idea if it would strain the 1.6 engine to much with the bigger tires?
  • mnmzmnmz Posts: 1
    A basic question I know! But, I have purchased a new tracker in Mexico and the manual is in Spanish and I don't understand too much of the manual. Can someone please tell me what the air pressure should be in the tires. Thanks
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    my manual says 26psi in each tire.. before i read the manual i was putting in 35psi. and i was getting great mpg, but i made the tires cup...
  • I had a mouse build a nest in my 99 Tracker blower motor. A very easy way to get at it is remove the glove box, switch the blower motor(dash switch) to recirculate air from outside, then cut out that black plastic grate which allows you to reach right in and remove any stuff in there. Use a mirror and you can see right in. Will save lots of time trouble and **^%##$^%$# words. The plastic grate will be ruined but who cares, you,ll never see it.
  • hi to everyone who's listening, I am praying someone can help me get my music back I'm going nuts w/o my radio! Please does anyone have the unlock code for my radio, I would really appreciate anyones help please! Thanks!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    Sometimes radio codes can be found on a sticker on top of the radio. And sometimes you can view the sticker by removing the fascia or bezel surrounding the radio with a butter knife or similar. Otherwise you may have to remove the radio and hope the code is on a sticker on it somewhere.

    Before going to that extreme, check for a sticker with a 4 or 5 digit code on it in the glovebox or on a fuse box somewhere. This Guide may give you some hints of places to look.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • jpearojpearo Posts: 1
    I bought a 2001 4cyl 4wd Tracker a few months ago as a winter vehicle. I live where there is lots of snow during the winter. The Tracker has been AMAZING in the snow and is fun to drive. Just having trouble finding after market parts such as wheel flares or wheel trim. so far so good...I love it! :)
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