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Chevy Tracker



  • cheech73cheech73 Posts: 14
    Ok, did a partial tune up on the tracker, changed the gas filter, bought a K&N air filter and changed the spark plugs. I also changed the 2 motor mounts, goes into gear much smoother now not as ruff, car runs much better under acceleration. BUT i still get a bad vibration,happens badly when not moving in drive and in reverse, although its better its still there. i thought doing a tune up and changing the mounts would take care of this.. i think the car idles pretty low is there a way to raise the idling in these cars.. my mechanic says he has not worked on these cars alot and says these cars idling is computerized, can i raise the idling??
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    I have a 2003 Tracker LT with the 2.5L 6cyl. Looking through the Helms GM service manual it states the generator (altenator) for these trucks come in three states of output- 60, 70 and 85 amps. I am just taking an educated guess that the 60 is for the 1.6L. The 70 is for the 2.0L, the 85 amp is for my 2.5L. Would I be correct?
    The reason I am asking is I would like to put a set of PIAA fog lamps on my brushguard. The 540 series runs a 55w bulb. The 520s run 85 watts. I am just concerned with putting too much of a load on the generator/altenator and would accept all advice on this matter.

    Thank you in advance

    PS My A/C went on the blink recently and was traced to a blown fuse. I took the truck into Suzuki who showed me how the condensor fan in the very front of the truck could have a bit of ice build up if in one place for a while and when the A/C is activated it blows the fuse instead of frying the fan motor. If you don't drive your rig in the winter for any lenght of time reach in through the grill and just move the fan blades. If you hear a squealing or scratchy noise coming out of the condensor fan or the fan blades seem to catch, it's on the way out and will have to be replaced.
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    We all know engineers underrate their tow ratings for vehicles. The reason Chev does is obvious as they want you to buy a bigger truck. Can't have a small Chevy truck pulling the same as a full size half ton P/U. Here's where the conspiracy theory comes in. I bet you seven ways to Sunday Chevy "CONVINCED" Suzuki to match their underated tow rating for the Grand Vitara. My 2003 2.5L V-6 LT 4 dr is rated for 1500lbs and yet there is another web-site that states a 3500lbs ratings. The same year Suzuki XL-7 with the 2.7L and a whole lot heavier truck is 3000lbs. Could I tow 3000lbs safely with my Tracker? Watchcha think? :P
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    is there a difference in Brakes between the 2.5 tracker and the 2.7 suzuki. that might have something to do with towing. Not the fact of power but the ability to STOP when you need too...
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    The reason Chev does is obvious as they want you to buy a bigger truck.

    That's not obvious to me. Quality engineers know (a) that lives are on the line and (b) that irresponsible people will push the safety margins to their limit then seek massive damages when their luck runs out. I think prudence trumps conspiracy in this case.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • cheech73cheech73 Posts: 14
    can someone please give me some ideas of what my problem could be. i already did a partial tune up, changed the motor mounts, had a computer diagnostic check done, and found nothing!!! but my car shakes in drive or reverse at a still like if it were to stall really bad. and it gets worse when turning the air on... please help...
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    Without seeing the rig this is a shot in the dark from a psuedo BYM.

    1) harmonic engine balancer- my Tercel went bad on me, caused roughness at idle.
    2) Clean your thottle body, it may have carbon build up around the butterfly valve not enough air getting by to maintain a smooth idle. A toothbrush and some throttle body cleaner should do the trick.
    3) if you haven't already, take it to a Suzuki dealer. :confuse:
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    You have a point, so I did some checking. Could not for the love of God or money could I find the dimensions for a 2003 Suzuki XL7 brake rotor. The 2003 Chev is 11.3" dia by .67" thickness with a 2987lb curbweight. The 2003 Suzuki XL7 curb weight ranged from 3582 to 3781 for 4x4 with auto. One article even stated a curb weight of 3825. Now that's a 500+ to 800+lb difference, plus think of all the stuff you can load into a XL7 compared to a Tracker or GV and tow 1500lbs more than a Tracker or GV. You may be able to stuff more rotor behind a 16" rim than the 15" on my rig, but not enough to accomodate that much more weight and towing capacity. Plus the XL7 was recalled for rotor breaking apart if applied for any great length of time travelling down hill. Which makes me suspect their running close to the same if not the same rotors as us.
    If anyone can find the dimensions for a 2003 XL7 rotor please submit them. :confuse:
  • cheech73cheech73 Posts: 14
    would you happen to know what it would cost for replacing this and is it worth replacing.. i have a 99 tracker with 87k miles...

    i did clean the throttle body it was done when i had the partial tune up..

    lastly why a Suzuki dealer??

    and thank you very much for replying...
  • I am the new owner of a 2002 2WD chevy tracker with 68,000 miles on the V-6 motor. I drove it to work a few days and noticed a bad oil leak. Is this common on this motor or what might cause it. I have no history on the vehicle pryor to me owning it. It does run good and didn't notice any thing unusual.
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    All Chevrolet Trackers are rebadged Suzuki Grand Vitara's. They were built on the same assembly line in Ingersoll Ontario Canada at the CAMI plant. If you look carefully you will spot Suzuki written on parts like the air filter housing or other cosmetic parts. Most of the parts electrical and others are Denso parts, if the parts are from Japan they will be labelled Nippon Denso.

    The entire truck was designed in Japan, it is the reason why the rear door opens opposite to Jeep rear doors. The Japanese drive on the other side of the road so when they park on the street they don't have to walk around the rear door when loading. You will understand if you try and do an oil change on a 2.5L V-6 and you have to try and squeeze the oil filter between the steering column and cross members, all the time cursing Suzuki for not putting the oil filter on the other side of the motor where's there tons of room. On Japanese trucks there is tons of room.
    I am not sure how much of the North American truck is made in Japan, the powertrain, engines, tranny, axles most definately are Japanese made and assembled. The only relation, the Suzuki XL7 which is a longer version of the GV and Tracker, is totally Japanese, being assembled in Hamamatsu Japan.The 2007 XL7 is a GM design based on the Torrent however the engines are a Suzuki assembled GM design. I am looking for a 2004 to 2006 XL7 five passenger not the seven passenger 5sp auto right now to compliment my Tracker.

    As for taking your rig to a Suzuki dealer verses Chev is simple. They know your truck back to front and sideways, it's all they know, other than the Suzuki cars. They will know it quirks and quarks and the cheapest way to fix it as the Suzuki parts tend to be cheaper than at Chevrolet.I only take my truck into Suzuki as I trust them to fix it right the first time. Chev dealers don't like seeing these trucks come in as they usually don't have the parts to fix them and they also last so long.
    As for the balancer I haven't got a clue and wouldn't want to render a guess.

    I hope I have been a little help to explain your truck. They are awesome trucks and with routine maintainance will last a long time. Goodluck :)
  • cheech73cheech73 Posts: 14
    thanks for the reply, i did see some Suzuki badging in the tracker, and i do know its the sister car or copy is the vitara. i didn't know it would be cheaper to bring the car to a Suzuki, i will take you up on that advice next time around... i decided to fix the problem it makes sense what you said after reading up on what you said it might have been... other than the very ruff idling the car while moving is really good and runs good..
  • cheech73cheech73 Posts: 14
    well 400 dollars later and a new harmonic engine balancer did not work... I'm taking it to the Suzuki dealer but after doing a tune up, motor mounts and harmonic balancer to fix this problem, I'm kinda broke for a little while... so any other ideas what it might be please share... or should i just deal with the shaking.
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    Like I said, it was a total shot in the dark, since you said you had it tuned up and scanned for codes and it's all clear, I'm out of suggestions. Just take the rig to Suzuki, they could at least tell you what's wrong if it is expensive you maybe able to fix it later but it could be something so little and cheap. I am sorry about the balancer not being the culprit, but I was hoping you would take it to Suzuki as I made a pretty strong case for them. :sick:
  • Sounds like maybe 1 cylinder has reduced power output for whatever reason - valve not seating or maybe weak coil pack for that cylinder. Had an older car that had those same symptoms - engine would "shake at idle" but would smooth out when accelerating and it was just a valve not seating which reduced the compression on that cylinder, all 4 cylinders need to make the same amount of power (among other things) to get a smooth idle. Good luck.
  • cheech73cheech73 Posts: 14
    i don't think its a weak coil, they were checked. plus the engine doesn't sound like its misfiring. but one never knows, right now my funds are dried up to even think about it. but i will take it to the Suzuki for service next time.
  • luisferluisfer Posts: 6
    When i drove my tracker, somehow starts nice in the morning , then when it's hot, the engine stop working properly, and shut down. please i need help whit this problem. tanx.
  • stevertnstevertn Posts: 4
    Had the same problem. It was camshaft position sensor. It located at the rear of the valve cover. A real pain to get it off with a torx bolt you can't even see. This is the hot engine failure problem discussed elsewhere on this forum. I bought a cheap one at advance and it didn't help. I returned it and got a mitsubishi unit at autozone, they matched the advance price, and have had no trouble for 2 years now. The dealer part was outrageous.
  • cheech73cheech73 Posts: 14
    just to update.. after installing the harmonic balancer and actually running it for a little while the shaking has gotten better enough so where i can actually deal with it and if it does get a bit annoying at times i just throw it in neutral and poof no shaking... didnt fix the problem there is something more behind it but its definitely better.
  • luisferluisfer Posts: 6
    Hi, tanx for the help, have some questions, where exactly is this sensor, i went to chek out the rear of the valve cover and i saw 2 sensors, one at the top and one at the bottom, so ...wich of those 2 it's?. i chek out the autozone page and i find a camshaft position sensor, the price was $70 , but it wasn't mitsubishi, the brand was duralast, do you tink i't will work similar as yours? tanx for all , and i'll wait for your answer.
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