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Chevy Tracker



  • rksynanrksynan Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2000 Tracker 2.0. I found the solution by searching forums and purchased a cam position sensor at AdvanceAutoParts. Someone else said this part did not solve their problem and they had to get the Mitsubishi sensor instead...ugh!

    The main problem I have now is that I cannot get the blasted bolt out! I checked with a mirror and it looked like a Torx head to me but the T-30 was too small and a T-40 is too big. Which size did you use? Do you turn it counter-clockwise like most bolts to loosen?

    Thanks for saving my sanity!!
  • stevertnstevertn Posts: 4
    There is a round metal box with a sensor inserted into the side. You change the whole assembly. The part is pictured on the web site. I bought a duralast and it would not work. I think I got the story reversed and it was Advance that sold me the mitsubishi for $70 under their price match program. I just took a print out from the web site for the $70 part. It was about 2 years ago. Sorry for the confusion. After 2 years it is still running fine. To test it out before you buy, wait until the engine is hot and won't start. Pour a large glass of water over the sensor assembly to cool it off and it should start up immediately.
  • luisferluisfer Posts: 6
    i bougth the mitsubishi sensor already, but i'ts not installed... i went to the suzuki and they sold me jus the sensor for about $65 , hopefuly i't will work correctly. Tanx for the help ...
  • gotdustgotdust Posts: 3
    could someone give me the low down on changing front struts on 02 tracker 4x4 with 6 cyl auto they do not have coils or nothing just kinda look like shocks
  • george114george114 Posts: 10
    If the Tracker is a 4X4 the answer is yes. Put the transfer case in "N" for natural. Put the transmission in park, release the brakes and using a spare ignition key leave the key in the ignition key lock in the OFF position so that the steering is not locked. Make sure that all accessarys are turned OFF (radio, blower, etc. just incase the key gets turned on). The towing equipment can be purchased at Camping World. I have been towing my Chevy Tracker 4X4 for seven years and it tows great.
  • Hi all, I am looking to purchase a 02 or 03 manual 4cyl tracker with about 120 to 140KM. I would be using it for winter driving only and storing it the rest of the year. I would probably only be putting 8000KM a year, mostly city driving. Hoping for worry-free use for about 4 winter seasons. Looking for opinions, is it a good vehicle for winter driving? How does it handle in 2wd when its snowy or slippery? (ie. do you have to always have it in 4x4?) Is it reliable? Any major issues I should look into before purchasing? Is it difficult to find parts since it has been discontinued? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • The Chevy Tracker is a great small SUV. I have a 1999 4X4 two door convertible with the 2L engine and automatic transmission. I was up in the Toledo, OH area several years ago and had to drive in the snow. The Tracker handled poorly in the two wheel drive mode because of the Uniroyal tires that came with the Tracker and the light weight of the vehicle. I tried adding weight to the back of the Tracker but that did not help much. I then tried the 4X4 mode in the snow and then the Tracker handled good. I now have Michlen all terrain tires on the Tracker and it handles better then the Uniroyal tires did. I use my Tracker all year long. I travel over 100 miles a day for work at present and have about 134,000 miles on it. The Tracker is reliable and parts should not be a problem. Also remember that the engine is a Suzuki. You can bring it to a Suzuki dealer if your prefer to instead of a Chevy dealer. The Tracker is a Suzuki that was manufactured in Canada. Hope this helps answer your question.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    I have owned (2) trackers to far. 1999-2door (2litre) and a 2004-4door (2.5litre) and Both are completely amazing in snow "with the right tires". Now as far as driving in snow in 2-wheel drive... It is not good in 2x4. When it is in 2 wheel drive it is in REAR wheel drive. I think the 2 door is better in rear wheel drive than the 4door model as the weight in the 4 door model isnt as centered. But when you put anyone of them trackers in 4x4, its like putting it in TANK MODE.... in each of my trackers i have gone out when there was a State of Emergency and they said no one should be out on the roads due to snow... Now you also ask about reliablity. alot of the 1999 up to i believe 2002 or 2003 had A/C issues. and alot of 2.5 litre v6 engines from 1999 to 2002 had timing chain issues i believe.. Other than them two things both of my trackers were great. i still have the 2004 model now, I rarely use it in the summer time as thats when i ride my motorcycle (fun and 46mpg!)
  • I purchased my 2004 Chevy Tracker in January 2007 following the historic blizzards that struck eastern Colorado in December 2006. I've never regretted it, especially in the winter snows. I put a set of Michelin XCX/APT tires on the car, along with the spare, and it handles very well in the best mother nature can throw at it.

    I use 4x4 when the snow is sticking to the roadways. If it is wet and snowing, 2x4 works just fine. I've used 4x4 up to 60 mph, though more often than not you will be traveling much slower than that.

    The A/C works quite well in my 2004, and thus far no timing chain issues either. The only time I had trouble was when the 4x4 place forgot to tighten the negative cable at the battery post.

    I've also been slowly fixing some of the interior imperfections, mostly due it seems to the previous owner transporting baby carriers in the back seats and other items in the trunk that gouged or damaged some of the trim. I've been able to find all the parts I need online. I've also had the whole car serviced up to manufacturer suggestions, again with no problem. I took it last to a place specializing in 4x4 vehicles, and at 66,000 miles it runs very well. I have not been dissapointed.

    By the way, the lifetime MPG (well since I bought it with 40,273 miles) is 24, not too bad for a SUV. My other car is a 2007 Civic Hybrid, which, at 50 MPG is my drive to and from work car. The Tracker does weekend duty except in Winter.

  • Thanks for the information guys!
  • cody91cody91 Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 2000 Chevy Tracker ZR2. I guess it has the 2.0l engine and it's the 4 door, but I don't know any of the other details. The owner says the vehicle broke down, and either needs a timing chain or new engine. I've been searching, and have been coming up with different answers about the engine type. Is the 2.0l an interference or non interference engine? Because if it's the non interference, then I shouldn't have much to worry about, except replacing the timing chain. If it's the interference engine, meaning the valves hit the pistons when the chain breaks, then the whole engine will likely need replacing. So hopefully it's not. Thanks.
  • I have a 2000 Tracker, same engine,I bought with a broken timing chain also. It is an interference engine. But I got lucky and it only bent 2 valves on the cylinder next the firewall. We replaced them new head gasket, timing chain, guide and parts and we were good to go. I got the truck for $500 , had a friend who owed me the labor. I would only go for it if it's real good shape, and you can do the work yourself or have some with cheap labor. Parts aren't cheap, but I do like the vehicele otherwise. Do a compression check on the engine and see what you get.
    Good luck.
  • steven_ssteven_s Posts: 10
    I've been noticing over the last few months a very grating, nails on chalk board sound from my wipers. I had thought it was the wiper blades themselves, but today I flipped up the wipers and the sound continues. I pulled the little plastic caps off and removed the bolt that holds the wiper body on. removed wipers themselves and sprayed the wiper stub with wd40. Noise continues. The actual motor and mechanics seem to be under the dash, where it meets the windshield, I had briefly thought it might be on the engine side, up against the firewall, but no....Does anyone have any suggestions? I really don't want to remove the dash....If I could just try spraying some wd40 into that area, perhaps just undo a couple dash attachment bolts...?

    thank you. Steven
  • steven_ssteven_s Posts: 10's a 4 door 4wheel drive 2l 2000 tracker.
  • lisa75lisa75 Posts: 3
    Hi! I own a 2000 Chevy Tracker 4x4 , 4 door. I LOVE this vehicle. I purchased it in Feb 2007, it was a one owner and had 96.000 miles. Its been great.
    In July of 2007 I had to routinely change my rear brakes and immediately afterwards I noticed that when i put it in drive or reverse it has a little jump to it. It drives fine and changes gears wonderfully.
    Well, I took it in to the shop and found out my rear axle seals were leaking and I had to have them replaced (no biggie) I told the mechanic about the jumping ( I feared transmission trouble) and he said if he could keep it a few days he'd check it out. When I went back to get it he told me he drove it all over and didnt have any trouble with it. He also noticed the jumping but said he didnt know it seems fine. So I just let it go, Ive drove it 13 months with no problems. Tonight, I drove a mile, got gas, got on the interstate and after 15 miles my engine light came on. It didnt act any different, still the same quiet, great running vehicle, but because I got spooked I brought it home and parked it. NOW Im concerned....LOL!
    Any suggestions??
  • lisa75lisa75 Posts: 3
    The engine light was the gas cap!! I feel like such a dummy! LOL :blush:
  • My 2000 Tracker, 2.0 engine is very loud at idle.Mileage is about 193000. It has had a new timing chain and all related parts, but has started getting loud at idle for about the last 2000 miles. The exhaust system is good and the oil is not low. I have done some searching and only thing I came up with is low oil at idle. If nothing can be done, I can live with it, but if I can fix it I would like to if it feasible.
  • Hi people:
    I have an 03 2.5L LT four door with the stock aluminum rims. I would like to purchase some steel rims to fit the truck. The rim size is 15x5.5" with a 5 bolt 139.7mm lugnut and a 29mm offset. The 108mm center hole is the problem and limits my choices to stock Chev and Suzuki products of the same ilk. There in lies the rub, does any one know what model years (Suzuki or Chev) truck steel rims will fit my truck? IE will the rims off a 1999 Suzuki X90 fit or not. I know the 16" steels of the Vitara and XL7 will fit but I am hoping to keep to the 15" size as the tires are cheaper.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Are you wanting to put larger rims than stock on your truck ? Is it 4wd? Try to call or email They can probably get you some steel wheels that will fit, or at least tell you what will work.Or you maybe able to get some adapters made, but I'm not sure how well that would work. I see them in adds in the truck magazines all the time. Good luck.
  • :confuse: I have a 2003 Chevy Tracker, 4 cyl. 4 door SUV 4x4. I just moved from the country to the city. I now take a bus to work but my wife now uses the Tracker to commute a long distance to/from her work. She hates the harsh ride, so I was wondering if there is anything that can be done to the car to soften the suspension, shocks, etc. to make it a bit more paved road friendly? Thanks
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