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Chevy Tracker



  • Trackers are good snow trucks they are light enough that if you put it in low and low gear they will just creep on the snow. My tracker will go in snow about 2 1/2 feet deep before I get in trouble. If you know how to drive in the snow than you will have no problems
  • After I posted my message I read through some of the pages and found other people have had the same problem but thank goodness all I had to fix my trouble was re-connect a line but I would have never found the problem had I not read messages from other people, so I would like to say thank you to everyone who has troubles and cares enough to share with people they do not know.

  • I have had several tanks of more than 15, even 16 gallons with my 2004 Chevrolet Tracker. I hit vapors once (it sputtered) and was still a half gallon below the 16.9 gallon stated capacity.

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,978
    Like to live dangerously eh? :D

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • quick question, I'm driving around a lot with 4 wheel drive on here in a snowy ontario winter. I know that you should only use 4 wheel on roads that allow for some wheel slippage. My Question is about how noticable the wheel binding is, especially in reverse. Just backing in to a parking spot, with a medium slight turn will result in noticable resistance/binding. Is this normal?
  • I would like to put 15x6 white spoke wheels on my 2 dr 4x4 with 5spd tranny. What wheel size backspace would I need????? Can I also use a 1" spacer for a wider stance???? I am running 215x75-15's now.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    if you used a spacer would what hold the wheel to the 5 lug splines? they would be too short at that point.
  • I was thinking of the Rocky Road spacers:
  • What better way to know how big the tank really is. It was interesting, as the road (in Highlands Ranch, Colorado) was constantly up and down, so I would sputter going up, and coast going down. The gas station was only two to three miles from where the sputtering started.

  • Hi All,
    Just purchased my first tracker I am in the process of going over it to make sure it is sound. I am removing the rear diff gearing however the assembly does not seem to want to come out easily is there something I need to do other than remove all the bolts from the front of the diff????
  • I just bought a 2002 Tracker 2 door and am planning to change the soft top to a sport hard top. I have to remove the seat belt anchor posts and the anchors to install the flat sport hard top. The rear seat is folded down and will not be useable, so the seat belts will be redundant. Can anyone addvise me how to remove the anchor posts and the anchors without damaging the parts, so that they can be reinstalled if necessary ? Thank you.

  • hennhenn Posts: 1
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    My wife had noticed a pool of water collecting on the drivers side floor mat after going through a high powered tough less car wash. I had gone through the same wash a number of times before with no problem. The amount of water was quite significant which concerned me as the airbag module is on the floor and shouldn't get wet. I ended up removing the wipers and pulling the air intake shield off the truck, thinking that a drain pipe from the air intake system was blocked. I found on the drivers side intake that a wiring bundle was run through the intake. On the fire wall side the wiring bundle had a rubber grommet but where it went from the air intake to the interior of the truck there was no grommet and a rough hole. I ended up taking some silicone III on the end of a long flat screw driver and smeared it over the ragged hole, trying to completely surround the wire. It seamed to me a pretty crazy place to run a wire. I haven't tried the car wash again but I am pretty sure I have rectified the problem. Getting the air intake shield off is a a pain and you will break the retaining clips holding it in place. The clips are pretty cheap to replace compared to paying a shop rate to fix the problem. :shades:
  • dave215dave215 Posts: 1
    thinking of buying a 2001 tracker for my son who is getting his license this month. have looked at a bunch of sites about safety. tracker seems to score good,but i couldnt find anything on rollovers. i know that suv's are more likely to roll but can anyone enlighten me on the tracker.
  • wwelderwwelder Posts: 4
    Has anyone tried a different camshaft, in the 1.6 engine with automatic, to improve power and fuel economy?
  • coffeecatcoffeecat Posts: 7
    Did you ever pin down the cause of your problem at 2300 rpm? I think I'm having the same. It hard to tell what the final solution was.
  • grumpy_007grumpy_007 Posts: 1
    The drivers side door handle to my 2000 tracker just broke. It has snapped off completely. Does anyone know how difficult this is to repair and can anyone advise the procedure for removing and replacing the inside door panel(electric windows) and the door handle?

    Thank you.
  • eblrobertseblroberts Posts: 1
    Hey everyone,

    The original factory battery just went in my 2003 tracker, and when I went to the auto parts store their computer said the only battery they could give me was an Optima Yellow Top Deep Start $215 battery. The only explanation they could give me is that "It's a Tracker!" To me, that just doesn't ring true, but could anyone shed some light onto it for me? Is it true that you can't put a normal battery into a 2003 tracker, or did I just get taken for a top of the line battery I didn't need? Thanks a bunch.

  • george114george114 Posts: 10
    The battery on my 1999 Tracker is a standard 12 volt, top post, battery. I am on my third battery. The battery should sell around $60.00 at Advance Discount Auto.
    Who ever sold you that battery for $215 did not do you right. They sold you the top of the line battery that you really don't need.
  • Okay I own a 97 Chevy Tracker two door with a soft top. Now, I have no clue how to take the top off and there was no manual with car. Any one know where i might be able to find a diagram online to show me how to take this off and put back on without drama?
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