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Chevy Tracker



  • mqh123mqh123 Posts: 1
    Should I repair my 1999 Chevy/Geo Tracker? It has 113,000 miles on it. A few months ago the engine seized and I'm being quoted about $1500 for a rebuilt engine. The rest of the car seems to be in OK condition - minor rust. Is it worth it to get a rebuilt engine or should I just scrap the car and find another used car?
  • I have a 1991 geo tracker after driving for a small distance the gears will not shift until the car cools off. Whats happening?
  • lou54lou54 Posts: 1
    Thinking of buying a 2000 used chevy tracker with 111,000 miles on it...?? I only drive about 6-7,000 miles a year. Priced at $3900.... 4WD - 4Door.... What should I offer and am I only buying trouble..??
  • jjjonesjjjones Posts: 1
    has anybody put 235 70 15 tires on the stock 15x6 tracker wheels? how about 225 70 15 on the same wheels, any problems?
  • blacktracblacktrac Posts: 14
    A few months ago I put on Michelin Weatherwise 215/70/15 on the rims and I like them. Their a little wider than the original tires that were on my 2001 tracker(Tiger paws) which lasted me to 81,000 miles! These new tires are rated for 80,000 miles.
  • poorcruzerpoorcruzer Posts: 141
    The stock size of 215/70R15 which are on my Tracker LT with 15x6 rims have to be on of the most common tire out there except perhaps 225/60R16. Practically every mini van and medium car uses these tires, so they're cheap, cheap, cheap. The other two sizes especially the 235 size are not so prevalent and would cost significantly more to buy. I bought a XL-7 that has a 235/60/16 tire, which only two manufacturers make that size, cha-ching! I recently purchase a set of base steel 16x5.5" Vitara rims that will fit the XL-7 for winter with 225/60R16 tires on them, saving me big coin. If money is no object, go with what ever you want. If you want to save money, try to buy a common tire.
  • eod1060eod1060 Posts: 1
    My mother owns a 2004 Tracker 6500 miles,they bought it just before my dad passed.At about 4000 miles check engine light went on.I checked it with my machine,a Cat code came up and I brought it to the dealer.Six weeks later we got it back,they replaced one of the Cats.30 to 50 miles later,the Light came back on,same code back to dealer.Two weeks later we got it back with a new O2 sensor,
    30 to 50 miles later,Lights on,same code.MOM insisted on driving the car from Brooklyn to Pa.,Car died,a dealer in Pennsylvania claimed he cleaned the Catylitic Convertor(??).30 to 50 miles later,Light is back on,same code.The car runs fine for a coupla hundred miles after the light goes on,then it starts to lose power.The Bumper to Bumper(engine) Warrantee has expired.Original Dealer wont work on it anymore,claims I abused him,I didnt.I just used the BS word inna polite but very terse question.My Mechanic,who knows these platforms,spent a day onnit.He tells me these 3 Cats are just too small for this engine.Any views on this would be appreciated.Its got me nutz.Im about to weld up some flanges and pipe and replace all the Cats. Thank You
  • Anyone who has had trouble driving a Tracker is simply a bad driver. I'm from the North (read: snow is normal, not evil) and enjoyed all my Tracker time. I drove through "Cat3 snow emergency" in the hills of West Virginia as easily as driving through normal snow. When snow would be so deep in Ohio, people were getting stuck in the middle of streets, I would drive around town towing larger cars anywhere they needed (free, of course - because we need to be neighbors). Learn to drive in bad conditions and you will have a great time while being the safest car out there. *** DON'T get the cheap tires. Stick with the bigger, factory size. ***
  • The 4WD is engaged but the 4WD light blinks about every 10 seconds. I noticed this after finding a small leak at the transfer case drain plug. Is this because of low fluid level?
  • billp5billp5 Posts: 12
    Stay away from that seller. Auto Zone has good batteries mfg by Johnson Controls. I am on my second Tracker (1999) now. Basically if it will fit the battery tray and has conventional post, it will work. Most RELIABLE STORES will sell you the correct battery for somewhere between $60 and $90, depending on the warranty and amp power you want.

    PS: I have never worked for Auto Zone and have no connection other than as a customer
  • billp5billp5 Posts: 12
    NO. At least not for the 1999 two door.

    Do an on line search at a parts house, Auto Zone, Advanced, Rock auto parts, etc.,

    I believe you will find that the right and left are identical. There is a different mount for the transmission, depending on Auto or Manual.

    Suggest you put the vehicle on jack stands and place a wood block on the oil pan. Gently raise it to see which (or all) mount is bad.
  • I know this problem has been discussed before, but I couldn't find a definitive answer for my particular problem. I have a '99 2.0L 4wd & the 4wd light has begun blinking off & on. I can shift into 4wd and the front wheels engage just fine, but I can hear the pump cycle on & off constantly. I followed the rubber air line to where it enters the front differential from the pump & pinched it off at that point and, the pump shuts off and stays off - indicating to me that the pump is able to maintain pressure (or vacuum maybe), so...does this mean I'm in for an expensive rebuild of my front diff? I put sealer on the fill holes thinking maybe that was leaking air - no luck. Can anybody else think of any other reason this pump might constantly cycle on & off? Thanks!
  • billp5billp5 Posts: 12
    Motor smooth when in neutral. Idle around 850-900 RPM no vibration. When shifted into gear, R or D sitting still it vibrates. I have put it on jacks and gently jacked both the motor and trans. Mounts look fine, no cracks or torn places. Have
    checked the vacuum an within correct range. Check for vacuum line leaks with throttle body cleaner, no change. Removed and thoroughly cleaned throttle body, slight improvement but NOT fixed.

    Anyone have ANY suggestions??


  • My 1990 tracker has minimal heat, The thermostat and gauge work normally, flushed the heater core and was clean and had good flow, but heat is barely enough on a cold day, fan works well,
  • billp5billp5 Posts: 12
    Can you find the valve that actually turns the hot water from the radiator into the heat circuit? If you can find try flushing only this valve. I had this problem on a different brand vehicles years ago. Took me forever to find it. The valve would turn off and on but was completely stopped up. If you flushed from where the hose is connected to the hot water on the block back through the hose that returns the water from the heater to the block/radiator, this will not help.

    Good luck.
  • this is a well known issue on the Tracker. I just got done replacing mine tonite (about 20 minutes). The part is an electronic part that is located inside the front passenger side bumper. It is secured by two 12mm bolts, has two vacuum lines and and electronic connector. It took care of part of the problem I have (the blinking, and not going into 4WH Drive. The part is available from ( and about $100 cheaper) from a Suzuki dealer rather than a Chevy dealer.
  • I have a 2000 MY 4WD Tracker. This one has me going. After about 6 miles in 4WD, the vehilce will start pulling to the right. The only way to get it to quit is to throw it into reverse, move about 5 ft and then go forward in 2WD. I replaced the electronic unit that is located in the front bumper, this took care of the blinking light and the intermittent condition of non-engagement of 4WD, but this pulling condition still exists. I previously had a front axle seal leak, that is now fixed. Could it be possible that I have a bad hub?
  • I am unfamiliar with the 1990 model, but I had a problem with air flow in my '02 Tracker. There is a pair of cabin air filters located behind the glove box. which get very dirty, if left unchecked they can block air flow. These must be replaced, not just taken out. If you take them out without replacing your condensor coil will plug up with dirt, which is an expensive fix. Trust me, I know.
  • I've had my Tracker VR2 for 5 years now and love it. Today the rear door (tailgate) latch would not open. The door handle is located directly over the license plate. I've tried to lock/unlock but it just won't budge. Any ideas on how I can open the door and fix this?
  • 1999 Chevy Tracker 4wd 2.0- Engaged 4wd in the rain, moments later, thumping, clanking, crunching, grinding noise inside front, right wheel. Just after that, right wheel came right off, only held on by the caliper!!!
    Just got the vehicle from out of state, if this had happened on the HWY, I wouldnt be here to post this message!
    Anyway, Jacked it up in the rain, took off wheel, caliper and rotor... Bearings were chewed up into bits and pieces.
    Figured the spindle nut came off inside the hub, but upon checking the left wheel, while everything looked fine, I noticed there wasnt a spindle nut on that side!!!
    If thats how it is supposed to be, then can somebody please tell me what the heck keeps the wheels on???
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