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Chevy Tracker



  • awol65awol65 Posts: 1
    Any one have a wiring diagram for the AC I have a short somewhere
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,958
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  • twm1010twm1010 Posts: 1
    Have a 2003 tracker, and it wont start. I read most of the old post, but the tracker has been setting for a day. Went to leave and it would not start. And info would be helpful, because I am between jobs. Thank you.
  • bex1bex1 Posts: 6
    What exactly does 'won't start' mean? Does it crank? Or do nothing? If it's cranking, can you get it started with test fuel sprayed into the intake? If you can, then chances are your problem is on the fuel side of ignition. You may also want to pull your plugs and see if they are wet, indicating that the car is flooding.....
  • Just came upon your post while having the same problem myself. I tried WD40, which did fix the problem for awhile, but now still doesn't always work.

    Possible solution:
    Insert the key into the tailgate lock hole. Turn it into the unlock position as far to the left as it will go. With the other hand (still holding the key in unlock), hold up the release button (above the license plate). While holding both in said positions, close the door all the way and open it. Repeat a few times without ever letting go of either. Close the door all the way and then let go of the latch and key.

    That's what I did and somehow it worked. Probably a temporary solution. I'm sure there's some worn out part behind it, but figured I'd share it.
  • Same thing here. I lubed the heck out of it and 6 months later it doesn't work. I've thought about replacing the guts, which are over the license plate assembly, but I think the same would happen with another one. Obviously the problem is not unique. I will try your fix just so I can get the door open. The thing needs to be removed, taken apart and cleaned and lubed. I don't think it's a broken part, I think it's just dirty. One thing I noticed is the handle stays in the up position aftger releasing it. I have to manually pull it back down with my fingers. If I go to the driver's door and unlock the tailgate using the auto lock and then try to open the back, sometimes it will work. Sometimes I have to do that 20 times but eventually it will open.. :/
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