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Jeep Grand Cherokee A/C Heating Ventilation



  • Yes - it was posted in another part of the forum. There is a vacuum tube which you may see going from under the battery toward the firewall which then turns right toward the engine. Then a smaller tube turns left and goes to the ventilation control on the dashboard.

    Find out where it has broken and fix it! Now have all the cold air I can handle.

    Good luck!
  • Nope - and the dealer keeps saying it's "normal". I've had people tell me the compressor motor will wear out quickly from the start and stop, but without the guy who made the repairs acknowledging it's a problem, don't know what to do - except vow to never get another Chrysler or jeep. We've had AC problems with every single one of them, and it's cost us a bunch of money. And they wonder why we don't buy American anymore...look what it does to us!!! We've never bought foreign yet, but that's probably going to change, as my husband is too tall for the Chevy and GMC SUV's - not enough headroom for him. We'll try them again next time - maybe they've made changes. Really frustrating - we hoped to keep this one until it died.
  • I found my problems... The issue was 2 fold... first the reason the compressor wouldn't kick on was that the car had a major ac leak (there is a pressure sensor that keeps the compressor off when there is not enough pressure in the system) and secondly the blend door towards the firewall that I couldn't see was actually broken per the stored codes in the ac control panel. The car has had a small leak for a while now and we've had to charge it about every spring for the past 2-3 years. We just charged it in late May so I didn't think it had time to leak out as its been almost as predictable as old faithful in about once a year but apparently the leak became really bad really fast. Thankfully the last time I charged the system I installed the UV dye freon and when I had the heater housing out to replace the broken blend door I checked the evap coil with a UV light and the special yellow goggles, it lit up like a Christmas tree. So how or why I had 3 simultaneous part failures or at least 3 within a very short period of time I do not know but now the whole system is up and running great. I will say I'm not a professional auto mechanic, I am very mechanically inclined however but removing the dash was fairly difficult and took the better part of a full Saturday and night to remove it and replace the parts and reinstall the dash. I actually took a couple weeks in real time because I had to get the evap coil and it took a while to get re motivated again but I saved myself, I'm assuming close to a grand over having the dealership fix this problem. I've read reports between $1,000 and 1,500 from the dealer for just the labor on this type of job so I feel accomplished and it's working great.
  • I'm at the end of my rope and really need some help. My wife who is 5 months pregnant has a 2000 grand cherokee and the AC doesn't work. We took it to the local garage two months ago and they diagnosed the condenser fan was broke. We had that fixed ($500). Then a week later the AC was blowing hot again and we brought it back to them and they said it was the wiring harness for the fan that wasn't working so they clipped off the end and made a better connection. That worked for another week. After which I brought it to the Jeep dealership and had them diagnose it and they said it was the evaporator and we had that replaced ($1200). That worked for three weeks and then we brought it back to them and they said that the pressure was too high (375 lbs should be no more than 270 lbs) so they fixed that and that lasted for another week (no charge). We brought the GC back in today and they said there is a leak in one of the lines and to replace it is $400. They asked if I wanted them to order the part and I picked up the GC and said I would get back to them. I really can't believe this. Please help!!
  • I had this problem back in 2004, 04/22/04 Carl Burger Jeep World $164.95 A/C not blowing out of center ducts, instead it is blowing hot air Removed battery tray and repaired vacuum leak.

    I had another situation back in 01/28/06 Kirby Olds-Jeep Suzuki $13.08 Purchase Gasket and Thermostat (this is on the "if this happens to you" page of a service thing,... it was not on a "recall list" and of course not on a warrantly... that price was for the part itself and my mechanic at the time fixed it for free since I was getting a lot of work done at the time.)

    Either one of these may fix the problem...or at least for a little while. I am having a problem kinda like this gain so I am going to my mechanic tomorrow because my a/c is now intermittantly blowing when I let off the accelation.
  • I have a 2000 JGC Laredo. I noticed a musty smell in the cabin, after much looking I found the underside of the carpet on the passenger side soaked. I have come to the conclusion that the condensate is not draining from the housing (the heater core is good). I tried cleaning the drain but with no joy (with a wire) I really don't want to dismantle the dash at this point. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone else had this problem? :confuse:
  • I have a leak and the repairing is costly( $1200.00) to say it lightly. Has any one ever used Liquid Glass to stop the leak? My plan is to make a temporary fix until I can save up for it.
  • About all you can do now is bypass the heater core. You will not have heat in the cabin but it will buy you some time to save the money for the repair or gather what you need to do the job yourself. Sorry to say but the dash will have to be removed for this fix, plus the freon will have to be recovered. :cry:
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    on the bottom of the condenser housing there is a valley that extends from the front to the back of the housing

    if you drill a small hole on the edge that faces the seat you can then clean out the botom of the valley with a wire the hole can be 1/2 inch so can get it cleaned out then find a rubber plug at peb boys that will plug the hole you drilled (would find the plug first then you know how bigto drill hole) BE carefull when you drill so as not to hit evap core
  • Does anybody know or have any suggestions as to what this problem could be- my a/c is not blowing much cold air at all. My heat works just fine (knock on wood), but my air doesn't seem to wanna blow cold air. I checked the refrigerant, and that is around like 40 psi- which is right about where it should be. So now I'm not exactly sure what the problem is? I've had this jeep for three years now, and am starting to have some problems w/ it. It only has 115,000 miles on it. I really appreciate any advice I can get.. Thanks!
  • goguengoguen Posts: 1
    If your blower fan relay which is derectly behind blower fan is not in place and secured properly you will have cold air blowing in from air box.
  • ubc64ubc64 Posts: 1
    I have an 1999 JGC with dual climate control. The problem I have is when I turn up the thermostat for some heat, I only get heat on the passenger side. I only get cold air on the driver side. I replaced the heater control unit with one from the junk yard and have the same problem. I can't believe that both switches have the same problem. A dealership I called said that it might be the blend door and that I would have to pull the dash out to fix that. Has anybody else had the same problem? Also, how hard is it for the backyard mechanic to pull the dash and replace the blend door? I'm unemployed and can not afford to take it to a dealer. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    look on ebay for Blend door repair has a repair kit that you do through the glove box hole
  • Is there a way to check a blower motor resistor on a 1997 jeep grand cherokee? I have checked the switch in dash, blower motor works when you hook up a ground wire and there seems to be power to resistor ( but it is below 12 volts) everyone thinks it's the resistor , but no one is for sure. The part costs about $70.00 and hate to buy it if that is not the problem. Before the fan stopped working completely sometimes it would not come on right away, it would come on after a few minutes. Any ideas? thanks
  • That's weird i have the same problem with my 97 Cherokee. I wish I had an answer for you but I don't,sorry. What I did for right now is I hooked up a on off toggle switch to the ground side of the blower motor. I know that it's not the proper way to repair the problem but i need to get back and forth to work. Hopefully someone can help us out with this problem.
  • I had my AC replaced in 2000 Jeep Grand Cher. While the dash was apart, had heater core replaced. I now have not heat. Heat worked fine before core was replaced. Any ideas?
  • First thing check your fuses, second check the connector to your blower motor. (real easy to forget to connect) third check the connector to your blower motor resistor. My big question is did you do the work or did you pay for it?
  • I paid to have it completed and have taken it back twice. I get the impression they don't want to spend the time to troubleshoot and have to pull the dash apart again. Good heat from hoses just very little inside - luke warm at best.
  • If the blower runs then there is a good chance they didn't get the blend doors hooked up right. Yea pulling the dash apart is no fun but you can skip a few steps in the manual and get the same results. Since you paid for the job and are not satisfied and the system doesn't work properly the shop should be held accountable, DOG EM OUT
  • Hello Mark243:

    Before dogging the repair guy.

    You should have an idea of what is wrong with your system.
    It might not be the repair guy’s fault.
    Coincidence does happen!
    It could be a faulty actuator motor, etc.

    If you have the dual control heating system, then the first thing you should do is read your fault codes.
    You can also check a few problems manually.

    The fault code system is an excellent place to start the diagnosing process.

    IF you have the Automatic Zone Control system (AZC)
    The first thing you should do is check the AZC fault codes.

    To read the fault codes:
    1. Turn on the ignition switch.
    2. Turn on the AZC system. The temperature settings should be displayed for both sides.
    3. Simultaneously hold down the AC and the Re-Circ buttons.
    4. Then turn the driver’s side temperature (Left) control knob to the right (CW) one click.
    5. Then release the AC and Re-Circ buttons.

    If there are no fault codes, the “00” display value will remain in the window.
    If there are any codes, each will be displayed for one second in ascending numerical sequence. Once all codes have been displayed, the system will repeat the fault code numbers. This will continue until stop the process by moving the left side set temperature control one click in either direction, by pressing both the A/C and Recirc buttons at the same time, or the ignition is turned off.

    Record all of the fault codes and also describe any symptoms you are having with your heating system.
    Like - Are you getting a good air flow thru your vent outlets?
    Can you direct the air flow to the different outlet vents?

    Post your fault codes and symptoms.
    I’ll interpret them for you and advise you on what I think the problem is.

    Merry Christmas
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