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Jeep Grand Cherokee A/C Heating Ventilation



  • mrsixpackmrsixpack Posts: 39
    Ok, so do not take your GC to the dealer to get the doors fixed, they want $1550 to fix mine, they just check the codes and say everything needs replaced but I can see the dang motor turn so they are way off on their repair guesses ! Check out the site and do lots of web searchs, I just got the parts to fix mine for $70 ! It replaces the cheap plastic doors with metal doors and a metal rod, You cut into the heater behind the glove need to remove the dash ! It makes both sides work off the drivers heat controler but its much cheaper then $1550 and in shop for 2-3 can do it at home in a few hours...well maybe a day if you really want to be carefull ! One sites said the hardest part of the repair is clean up after your done !
    One more thing....I took my 01 GC to the dealer to get service, they checked off the "checked battery and cables" I came home and was looking under the hood and the battery cable came off in my hand, I went to the dealer and yelled, even went and found the owner and they both said they just look to see if battery is there and not covered with corrosion....they did not touch the battery or the cable ! No checking of water or to see if it was secure or anything...they just look to see if its there !!!! I guess they did check the tire pressure as all 4 air valve dust caps are missing ! Never take the dealer shops or any shops word on what they did...check everything yourself ! Love my Jeep GC but hate the dealers and their shops !
  • Trying to troubleshoot A/C in 95 Jeep grand Cherokee. Everything seems to be working, freon pressure good, I can hear the compressor engaging, and the blower works fine. Just no cold air. What should I troubleshoot next? FYI, this is an older Jeep with very high miles.
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    Is it possible to pull the heater core without disconnecting the A/C?

    Does anybody have experience with this repair.

    It looks like the heater core is leaking. The procedure in the shop manual indicates A/C evaporator core and heater core must be removed as an assembly. Not very efficient if the problem is just the core.

    1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.0L I6, auto, 2wd.

    Thanks in advance
  • sadly you do have to remove the entire case the evap and core are in which comes to the really bad news this requires a complete dash removal in order to do it correctly ,but on the up side you can also check your blend doors which are a known item that constantly needs to be replaced unless you install the aluminum blend doors which you can Google and get for 150 bucks and they install fairly easy and will never need for the dash removal look on YouTube there is a vid on how to do this .good luck and believe me I know I did it a few times myself .
  • hull03hull03 Posts: 1
    I did this a couple of years ago to replace the evaporator. Both the evaporator and the heater core are situated almost side by side within the HVAC box which is located behind the dashboard fastened to the bulkhead and is almost the full width of the vehicle. I did this myself because repair shops were quoting silly prices but you will need to know what you are doing, it is a fairly big job, it took me around 10 hours, but I was working outside and dodging showers. The short answer is 'no' it is not possible to pull the heater core without disconnecting the A/C, the whole HVAC has to be removed and disassembled to gain access to both heat exchangers. If you trust your expertise go for it.


    also although this is a later model it gives you on overview of the job:

    good luck
  • mike20878mike20878 Posts: 58
    When I'm stopped at a light my a/c blows warm air. When I hit the gas again it gets cool. Any ideas?

  • Check your electric cooling fan motor, mine stopped working last year and the car temp would run a little warm and the ac wouldn't be cool when the car wasn't moving. Could be low freon or a plugged condenser in theory also.
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    Heat and A/C are controlled by a vacuum switch. A vacuum powered actuator opens and closes a door to redirect the air over the heater core or the a/c evaporator. I suspect you have a vacuum leak. When the engine increases rpm it increases the vacuum enough so that maybe it compensates for the leas. The problem could be a leak in your vacuum reservoir which I believe is designed to prevent uneven performance of vacuum controlled items. Unless you get real lucky, you will need a vacuum test kit to find the leak. It's not big $, but it is hard to troubleshoot this type of problem without it.
  • Someone help! i just spend 1000 getting my blend door, heater core, and evaporator core fixed. my air flow was barely working, but now its a little better. problem is that my passenger side isnt working nearly as good as the drivers side. my mechanic is going to take a look at it again but he is unsure of what could be keeping the air flow from coming through as hard as it should be. before the repairs i had no ac or heat coming out of the passenger side, and luke warm and cold air coming from the drivers side. the air flow on the drivers side isnt working as hard as it should be in my opinion but the lack of air on the passengers side is what concerns me. does anyone know what could cause this?
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