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Jeep Grand Cherokee A/C Heating Ventilation



  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    you got it
  • Here's some info. I get no heat from any vents at any time. There's plenty of air coming thru and I can move it from floor, to dash, to defrost, but never get any heat on driver or passenger side. Recirc seems to work (the vent by the wipers pulls air when the recirc is off).

    What's the problem? Air Blend Door Accutator? A heater control sensor?

    Will the "heatertreater" on ebay work? Cutting a hole in the plastic once removing the glove compartment to access the air blend door? Do I have to remove the entire dash?

    Help, it's getting cold and people are starting to whine.

  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Before you start cutting things up and modifying your system make sure your source of heat is working. With your engine warmed up make sure you are getting hot coolant flow through your heater core. You can tell if you are by setting your heat controls to the warmest setting and them feeling the two heater hoses going into and out of the firewall. Be careful as one or both of these hoses may be very hot. Both hoses should be hot if you have good flow, but if not look for a stuck flow valve or a kink in one of the hoses. I also am assuming that the heat did work before. If this is a new vehicle for you check to be sure both heater hoses are connected, sometimes people that get a leak on a heater hose just loop it to fix the leak if they do not need the heat.
  • I reported before that I disconnect my batter and reconnected it and the I was able to get heat on both sides of my jgc limited with zone air control. Later I only received heat on drivers side and cold on passenger side. This a.m. I again disconnected the neg term then the poss term. Waited about ten minutes then connected the neg and then the possitive and again I got warm air from both sides. I talked to a jeep mech who no longer works for jeep and he said it was prob. a prob. with the gears that operate 3 doors. Why does disconnecting and reconnecting the battery seem to solve the problem short term. Other who have reported the same problem and have not had it repair would you please try the same thing to see if that changes anything for you and report back to me Thanks, Bob
  • Hi, my 2000 jeep grand cherokee has the split climate control, the left side DRivers side is working properly but the passanger side never changes no manner the temp I set on the passanger side temperture control. I located the drivers side control in the dash but I have not been able to find the passenger side conrol for the passenger side, It maybe in the temp control???? please e mail answers at beachbum5334 at aol
  • This may fix it only temporaly and I would be interested in your results. Try discounting the neg neb terminal on your battery, then the positive. Leave it that way for about 10-15 minutes. Then hook up the neg and then the positive. See if that changes anything. It may reset the system. It may only work until you shut thew car off again and then you right back to where you started. Let me know what happens.
  • Any one have the problem of passengers seats heats ok but drivers seat does not heat. What is the problem with my heated seat. :( :mad:
  • Man these Jeep GC 2003 really suck. One year ago had to have a major fix, not compressor but something major, then this door thing, now the condensing coil is leaking and needs replaced. This is my last Jeep or Chrysler product. I won't even talk about the problems with a Plymouth Grand Voyager. I got rid of that before the warranty ran out. I just did not learn from that experience. It is Toyota Highland here I come. :mad:
  • The Jeep GC Ltd. I just posted about only had 2457 hours on it when you convert the miles to hours of use. An average person working a 40 week with 2 weeks off only works 2080 hours. Can you imagine a pc of machinery in a Chrysler plant only lasting 1 year.......say a converyor, a bearing, a drive sytem, some hydraulic system. They would get rid of that supplier so fast it would make your head swim. Plus if it did fail they would want the manufacture of that sytem to pay them lost production time and on an on and on. I guess the big boys have clout and us little guys only have forums to complain to. You can bet they don't read this stuff.
  • nigbonigbo Posts: 4
    Apparently its a common fault on Jeeps - a/c unit packs up after @ 3 to 5 years - condensor or similar - complete removal & renewal cost @ £1200 in UK. Waste of time just getting gas top ups - when the problem is a failed / failing unit.

    Had mine replaced at 5 years old - talking to an a/c specialist - told me to run the a/c every week without fail - summer / winter for at least 20 minutes. Seems the gas lubricates the system & if its not run frequently - the seals fail - lose gas etc. - units overheat and fail full stop. Regassing lasts for a few weeks then gone again etc.

    Nowhere have I seen anything on this requirement to run for min 20 minutes per week - but I've done just that for the last 3 years and not even had to regas
  • I have the same problem with mine 2000 Cherokee Limited. Have you found an answer to your issue? If so, let me know and I'll do the same.
  • I am having the door thing fixed where they have to remove the dash, having brakes all the way around except no new rotors on the back, the condensing coil replaced and so I am going to hold of on the drivers side heated seat. I will ask my mech. if he has any idea other than the element in the seat. Seems to me elements which are not used that much would not normally fail. I was thing about a short or broken wire going to the element or somehting is unplugged. Prob. just wishful thinking. I will let you know what he says. Stay tuned.
  • Just replaced my heater/ac blend doors using the heater treater kit available on ebay. It works very well and took one hour to install. My passenger side plastic door was broken (failure code 56 ) . The replacement is stainless steel and installs without pulling the dash apart. Just follow the directions carefully....and you get heat again for $130.
  • go to ebay and buy the Heater Treater repair works well ,costs $130 , and you do not have to pull the dash.
  • How did you find these replacement doors on Ebay? What did you ask for? I will pick my 2003 up tomorrow after having an independent garage repair mine but it sound like it will happen again before I get rid of this junker. RWM
  • here's my dilemma, when i disconnected the negative battery cable and reconnected it, i got heat! Well, at least until i turned the car off, then the heat went out again. With this in mind, it doesn't seem like it could be the doors, because how could disconnecting the battery and reconnecting "fix" a broken door part?

    Any thoughts?


  • Hello all,
    I am new to this list and I have a '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with automatic climate control. The blower motor is working intermittently. When it does work all modes on the directional control work just fine and do what they are supposed to do, so I'm thinking control module or something similar. I put direct power to the motor and it spins happily with no abnormal noise. So the question is this: is there a blower motor control module and where would it be located? Thanks in advance for the help.
  • Hey i just repaced mine 2002 GC blen doors with same kit, took me 36 minutes to fix what has been broken for 2 years , I had never seen a kit with such ease of follow instructions Great kit
  • where did you get your kit and how hard was it to install??? Thanks Walt
  • hal12hal12 Posts: 1
    Code 52,54,56 Will the heater/ac blend doors fix problem ( heater treater kit) available on ebay. Work for these codes ,Everyone is saying it takes one hour to install.

    Does anyone have the directions to install to preview before ordering from e-bay .

    (Looks appx cost $130 )
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