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Jeep Grand Cherokee A/C Heating Ventilation



  • the kit on e-bay is very easy to install, you need phillips head screw driver, pliers, a deremel rotary tool and the rest comes on the box, It took me less tha half hour to instal (effective time), it is a bit unconfortable psoition to work, but if you take a couple off 10 minutes of every now and then is fairly simple an the kit work fine. the instructions are extreamly well detailed. go for it..
  • I purchased my 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee in Indiana, in April 2007 and now I live in Arizona. I drove the are out this summer and everything worked fine, except the heat,... well I figured I live in Phoenix, AZ, so no big deal. Well after I got here the AC went out and I went absolutely crazy, it can get around 115 out here. I suffered all summer with no AC. :lemon: Well I got an estimate from the dealership now since I am ready to make the repairs and they are quoting me 1450 because coolant is leaking, I need a heater core, AC wiring blower resistor module, and they told me it is dangerous to drive. I am so NERVOUS about driving. My windshield is getting all steamed up and the blower doesnt work,. Until I get in the shop at the end of the month will I just need to keep adding engine coolant? to make sure that the engine does not lock up, and keep the vents off, or just say save my money and get another car? Please help I appreciate all responses :(
  • I went to erase the price becuase it was wrong and hit the wrong button. The price was $1,099.??. I was more than happy. I am also from Indiana and have purchased my last Jeep. This spring I am going to buy a Toyota Highland. I drove one the other day and what a delight. My best luck has been with Toyotas (Camry's and Avalon's. Owned 5 and I don't know why I switched. My 2000 Avolon I purchased new in late 1999 has 46,000 miles and have only done oil changes etc plus a new set of Mich. tires about 4 weeks ago. Used the brand new full size spare and purchased 3 more. I love that car. Has power to jet forward, quite, smooth and as much room as a Mercury Grand Marquee. More room than a Caddy CTS. Sorry to have to buy foreign but the Jeep is Germany so what is the diff. The Japanese just have it together. Indy Bob
  • Thanks Indy Bob for your advice, Thanks for pointing me in the diretion of toyota. I will be so glad to get rid of my Jeep Problems . The repairs are just too expensive to put in that old of a car with more and more problems surfacing. Bye Bye Jeep, No more :lemon: for me
  • Let me sound off some more because it feels so good.

    All, I mean all, dealers are nothing but "screw you shops". I had a Jeep dealer tell me I needed $350 worth of brakes all around including rotors in front. Over 10,000 miles later I asked my independent mechanic to check my brakes. I had new tires put on just before this and looked at the front pads and the tire man and my observation agree I was getting close on brakes. When I had my independent mech look at them he said yes I should have new brakes.

    Why did my Jeep dealer tell me over 10,000 miles before this point in time I needed new brakes. If you bought new brakes every 40,000 miles I went 25% over the time they told me I needed new brakes before I had them put on.

    Why doesn't the dealer tell you about the repair kit for the Heat/AC that is avail. where you don't have to remove the dash, steering wheel, center console,
    antifreeze, etc. They are money mongels and they simply screw you. If I had the money to buy a dealership I would prove to the world, (if I wanted to screw the customer) that I could sell cars at my absolute cost, I mean REAL cost, and make a good living on the repair and maint. side of the business. Indianapolis, Bob
  • well now it cold outside and not very warm inside my 01 jgc l. I joined this site today in hopes of understanding the problem and fixing it. I'm good like that. :) OUCH!!!!!!
    I did a lot of reading and now not feeling very good. From what i see this is not very easy or cheap. :cry: Please if i missed something let me know, if not, maybe you could tell me a joke to cheer me up.
  • I have a 2001 JGC, and the ac and heater does not work at all. it just all the sudden one afternoon, decided to stop working. I had a friend look at it, and he said the blower motor needed to be i purchased one, and he installed it, but that did not fix the problem. He said something about it could be the blower motor resister, but i wanted to ask advice on here before i go and spend more money on a potentially useless part. The ac and heater both completley dont hear and feel absolutley nothing when you turn it on. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    prob the resistor or fuse
    i would check the fuse first then the resistor is by pass feet held in by two scrues
  • when i turn on my heater, the passenger side two vents only pushes out cold air? Will you please explain to me what you think the problem may be. Fuse maybe? The thing is i just had the the heater core changed out maybe the mechanic might have done something wrong to cause that little problem.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    what year jeep?
  • my 96 jeep blowes hot air for about 5 min & gos cold unyil you turn off & on
  • My jeep has the infrared sensor and I don't know if that's the problem but my blower works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Lately it's been more not working than working. This is both for heat and AC. Since it works sometimes....I'm assuming the blower motor is okay as well as the fuse. Any ideas??
  • Thanks to a link i found on this site...">link title title
    it turns out I have a bad connector that's at the end of the wire harness to the blower motor located under the passenger side dash/glovebox area. Mopar makes a repair kit for around $16.00!! Finally, after weeks of no heat and the temps here have been in the teens.......I can now move the wire and keep the heater blowing strong until I get the fix. Glad I didn't go to a shop.
  • I am having this same problem as of two days ago and don't have money for dealer to waste time trying to figure out what is wrong. If you find a solution, can you post it on here please. I've checked all the fuses and don't find any blown. The air blows but passenger side is cold and driver side is hot...great now that we are expecting snow as I won't be able to defrost passenger side.
  • can you give me some more info on this heater treater kit...i cant find it on ebay and my 2001 jgc limited just started havign problems blowing cold air on passenger side and hot air on driver side...i have no money for dealer repairs....thanks
  • You can prob. get it repaired by a non dealer repair shop for under 400 dollars. Advise thru this source your location and I will advise you were if you are close. We must all wise up and get rid of our Jeeps. They are just too costly to maintain. I opened the Inidanapolis star this morning and found all car dealerships had ads. Even our larged Toyota dealership had ads for his Ford, Kia, and other dealerships but not for his Toyota dealership. Do you know why he did not adv for the the Toyota dealership. BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE TO ADVERTIESE FOR THEM, THEY SELL THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY ARE GOOD AND RELIABLE. Take the
    $400 you pair for repair of the heater doors at an independant garage or the $1,200 you would pay at the dealership and any other money you can scrape up and buy a used Highlander. You will not be sorry. This spring my 2003 that looks like new and I just spent over $1,000 on it for brakes all around, A/C condenser, and 3 new heater doors( I had the hinge breaking problem) plus I just spent 500 dollars for new Wranger tires and trade it in on a Highlander. I should run it out a while until I feel I recoup some of that 1500 or 1600 dollars I just spent but instead I am going to chaulk that expense up to a bad Jeep experience. Good luck but I really encourage you to get rid of it. It is going to cost you over and over again.
  • pdevpdev Posts: 1
    Hi I've got a 2000 Grand Cherokee with a serious vibration/rattle coming from the passenger dash/console area. It only happens when the engine revs at around 1500. Even with the vehicle stationary in park it still does it. Any ideas?
  • Can any one tell me where i can get the kit ?
  • depress ac and recirc buttons at same time turn left temp control clockwise release buttons and self diagnose will display fault codes. Probably broken doors internal that requires removing instrument panel and dash to access heater/ac unit so it can be removed and inverted to disassemble. Big problem dealer 8 hours flat rate at $90/hr in Yuma. Temp fix remove ac compressor fuse under hood insure recirc is in operation heat from inside car will eventually warm passenger side. Recirc will not work when defrost mode or extreme difference between driver and passanger temp settings.Main problem removing ac unit is that refrigerant must be dumped and recharged on re assembly.
  • 99 GC Limited. pass. side blows cold air constantly, drivers side works just fine. any ideas?
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