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Is Hyundai supporting the Azera?



  • And good luck to you, tsu670! I hope you are very happy with whatever brand and model you choose. Hopefully, your new purchase will be trouble free for years to come and your resale will be satisfactory to you. Frankly, I couldn't care less what Hyundai's "image" is and don't really care about the resale. If I were concerned with image, I would buy one of the European sedans that bolster an insecure persons image of self worth. I am a middle aged man with a sucessful business and could buy any car I wanted. I like the looks of the Azera and was very impressed with the test drive, so I bought one and am very happy with the car. If image is a concern to you, I would suggest you go buy a car that will appeal to you. Why would you waste your time on this site? Good bye to you, sir.
  • I concur with your philosophy of life. I also enjoy my Azera; had not problems, and if I do, heck, it is only a car. If this one causes problems I'll get it fixed. I realize it is an electro-mechanical complicated device which may have stray electron or part malfuction from time to time. I beleve all things can be fixed.
  • I agree with you. I had two Avalons over the last 6 years, 4 Camrys for 12 years (we lease) had to take both Avalons in for reliability issues, first one needed a new trany after one month. My wife and I enjoy the Azera (2007 Ulitmate Premium, build date 4/4/07) a lot. She is the main driver and she is very picky about things and right now she loves it. Very few cars are perfect. My coworkers drive MB, Lexus, and BMW, among others and some of the stories I hear from them about service issues and problems, price of car does not buy a perfect car.

    Regarding Hyundai supporting Azera. Here in DFW there are ads on radio, TV, 1/3 page ads in Dallas Morning News. These are not dealer specific ads.
  • Just saw an Azera ad down here in Dallas-Fortworth area. Pretty cute and good. Has a man standing outside holding his water hose and sprayer, you don't see initially what he is spraying but he keeps squirting it and smiles. Finally wife comes out and tells him to stop. Turns out he was spraying his Azera to see the auto-wipers come on and then a message about luxury at a good price.
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Posts: 164
    I saw the same ad here in the NY area this week. I have seen more ads relating to the Azera recently than ever before. When more people are made to realize that this car has most of the "bells and whistles" that make for a luxury experience, and that the quality is, in most cases, at a high level and they overcome "badge snobbery" it is a no brainer to consider Azera. The price is unbeatable and the only thing holding back Hyundai, in my opinion, may be a somewhat weak group of dealerships in some cases. I have been most fortunate to have had an excellent dealership experience in both sales and service. It remains to be seen if Hyundai really can support the newer models present and yet to be introduced. It's one thing to sell a car but then you have to support it with good service and customer relations. However as with all businesses there are some that are excellent and some that just don't measure up. Hyundai is producing a good, and in many instances, an excellent product. The way to compete effectively with the superstars in the business is to support the product with excellent followup service. That's how you put your name out front.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    That particular is one of several national spots on the Azera, and part of the "Think About It" campaign. The whole campaign should last until at least year-end, with variation of ad spots on the overall branding and for specific models.
  • Wow, I find it so interesting that you would try to praise American made cars so much. Even the car makers have little to no faith in there product because all they could offer where those great "3 year or 30,000 mile" warranties. American made cars are substandard to foreign cars. The only reason American car makers changed their warranties is because they knew that they where losing SO much business to the foreign markets because they did not stand behind there products. In addition to that, how many billions of dollars where poured into the foreign auto maker industry to bail them out?

    Exactly what do you think we, the American public will get out of that?
  • I don't know that I really understand the purpose/intent of this topic. It seems like not many others do either. The almost 2 year hiatus between the last two messages says tons about the topic. I think you should close it down for now. IMHO
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