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Honda Passport Electrical Problems



  • konrad1konrad1 Posts: 2
    i bought a 95 honda passport 5 speed and would have probs with it when it would rain,carwash etc. I knew i had something getting wet but i had no clue what.Engine light would come on couldnt hold it at certain speeds and cruise and back up light s wouldnt work.I almost gave up on it until one day i was changing the oil and noticed the wiring was pinched in the steering knuckle.I opened the casing surrounding the wires and seen they were some if not all damaged and severd off i fixed the wires and everyting worked great.I just wanted passport owners to be aware of this as it might be a reoccurring prob
  • konrad1konrad1 Posts: 2
    if u have a trailer plug, might want to check it for a loose or broken ground or broken wires?
  • Hi. I was wondering if you ever figured out the "check engine" light problem? I have a 1994 Passport and it just started doing the same thing about 2 months ago and I don't know where to start checking for the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  • My 97 Honda Passport dim lights won't come on but.the bright lights do come on.
    I feel like there is a short somewhere Can someone tell me what I need to do.
  • my passport doesnt start, it will crank that's all, i checked the spark plugs, the main relay, all the fuses, there is gas injection, the injector are working i checked them with a led, don't know what else to do, i haven;t check the grounds yet any help would be very appreciated thanks
  • mysticbuckmysticbuck Posts: 5
    edited August 2011
    Not sure this will help but hope it will. I was driving my 94 Passport and it died just like if you were to shut the key off. All it would do was crank and crank and crank. At first I thought a fuel pump problem but I could hear the pump kick in when I turned the key. I changed all the plugs and coil packs, and wires, checked all the relays, fuses and all the grounds. It turned out to be the module that the coil packs sit on. I was lucky enough to have a auto parts store let me try a new module before purchasing it to make sure it was it. As soon as I turned the key, it started right up. I'm not saying that is was is wrong with yours, but I would check that. Hopefully this helps with your troubles. Good luck. The other problem I had in a similar way was the coil packs kept burning out. That was the voltage regulator that is built into the alternator. Had to replace the alternator. Good luck and let me know what you figure out.
  • I have a 2002 Honda Passport with 140,000mi and about a month ago the check transmission light would come on seemingly at random. It would come on only for about 1 second then turn off, when it came on the trans would usually make a really hard shift if I was accelerating and sometimes it would feel like I would lose power. Took it to Aamco and they could not re create the problem and the computer did not throw any codes. Lately the problem has been getting worse, now the cruse control light and check engine light come on as well and it seems to happen more when I hit a bump or rough patch of road. The lights still only stay on for about 5 seconds at the most, but whereas before this was only happening about once a week now happens sometimes as much as every few minutes that im driving. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Josh
  • My son has a 2000 Honda Passport and I replace the brake light switch but when i depress the brake pedal the fuse blow out which keep the vehicle from going into gear when i start the car. The Honda dealer said it was a Electronic Control Module and replace it but it continue to do the same thing.
    Is there anyone out there have a solution to my problem?
  • Car was running fine. I installed a new radio and finished getting dash back together and now the dash light always says I am in 3 regardless of where I put shifter. The car will sluggishly go forward in D 1 2 or 3 and up a hill forget it. It drives fine in L and R. I would think the electrical position sensor and wiring to be at the shifter which wasn't touched during radio install. I can't figure out why the car wont go anymore as it hasn't been driven during the install and was working fine beforehand.
  • Wait... I forgot something. I changed starter in this down time. Is there something I may have done under car to cause this?
  • Mine did the same thing. I took it in and there tryin to tell me its the computer. But Honda doesnt hold the software anymore to get it flashed for the security system. Its a total headache. I dont know what to do bout it. Thought bout writing Honda. Hate to junk it I still owe on it. I can get a computer for it but wont work with my security and will need to be flashed.
  • The car quit running. Wife called for help and, while she was on the phone, she was able to restart the engine. When she arrived home I found the battery light in the dash was on. After some preliminary checking I thought it had to be the alternator (225,000 miles) and installed a new one.
    After installation, the battery light remains on and the voltage at the positive battery terminal does not detect a charge being provided.
    What is the most detected problem for this condition?
  • james239james239 Posts: 1
    edited December 2011

    I have a 1999 Honda Passport that just died and the fuel pump was not working so i replaced it. The vehicle will not start now it will for a mirco second and then it dies........I am at my wits end with this all it wants to do it crank and crank and crank. All this to say what was it exactly that you bought and installed which made it work? Mine has 6 individual coil packs. Any help you might have would be great thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
  • gdogggdogg Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 passport that is doing the same thing as yours, I was wondering if you found a solution?
  • gdogggdogg Posts: 2
    My 2001 passport dies at random. Just before it dies, the transmission light and cruise control lights come on. It doesn't give a trouble code when this happens. I've replaced the battery, spark plugs, crankshaft position sensor and the fuel pump. I have also cheched all of the wiring harness conections under the steering wheel and next to the drivers side fuse panel. If some one has ahd this same issue and found a fix please help!
  • ttracttrac Posts: 1
    I just had the same problem. Do you ever get it fix? Is it called the ignition coil? I can also hear the fuel pump kicking in and the car doesn't start (it cranked).

    Please update (
  • dmn1dmn1 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find any answer to the problem of randomly dying?
  • Can you tell me which rely it is and how to find it? What does it look like? Thanks
  • bought used 2001 passport. having CEL and reduce power lights on. not a constant. sometimes runs great, others not. replaced egr, tps, apps. checked all wiring. what was your fix? thanks. i need all help i can get.
  • i have a 2001 passport. runs great sometimes. then check engine/reduce power lights some on. doesn't die. have replaced tps, egr, apps. checked all problems there. no idea whats causing it. anyone know of a fix? have taken to dealer and they couldn't tell me what the problem was. at my wits end.
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