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Honda Civic Hybrid vs Toyota Prius

jdmcmahjdmcmah Posts: 9
edited April 1 in Honda

I am considering both the HCH and the Prius. In my opinion, they are both great for equal and opposite reasons.

I feel as if the HCH has the look and feel of a little sports car. It's got great lines and offers a lot of power and great FE.

I feel as if the Prius looks and handles more like an escape pod- but is "smarter". It has an electric only mode and the climate system runs off the electric system- so you're not giving up FE for things like air. Plus it has the 8 year/100k mile warranty on the entire hybrid system- not just the battery.

I have gotten two dealers working over-time trying to out bid each other. Between the 500 more I'd get in a tax credit with HCH, and the 3.9% financing I'd get with the Prius, I'm literally saving 13-dollars and some change by getting the Civic.

Any owners out there have any insight as to which might be the best value?



  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    I like the looks of the Civic, though the Prius looks cool as well.

    The Prius is more efficiently designed re usable interior space. It's a "mid-sized" car with an exterior about the same as a "compact car".

    On paper, the Prius gets better mileage. You'd have to check on Civic boards to see what owners are actually getting. Prius owners get between 40 and 50 MPG depending on how hard they work at it. Winter mileage is worse, of course, as is very hot weather mileage.

    I think this comparison may boil down to which one -you- feel better in.
  • karkuskarkus Posts: 11
    They're both great values ! I own a Prius and my coworker an HCH. We get fairly similar MPG (50s in summer, mid-high 40s in winter), and both cars have been very reliable.

    I think the difference comes down to personal preference and utility :
    If you want a more typical looking sedan-type car, get the HCH.

    If you want more cargo utility, get the Prius. The fold down seats create a cargo space that seems impossibly large. For example, you can put a medium adult mountain bike in the back without even taking the wheels off. Or you can take off wheels and fit 3 bikes in. With the seats up, the Prius also has more legroom in the back.

    The Prius says "I drive a hybrid". The HCH says "I drive a normal car, that just happens to be a hybrid and gets great mileage". Your choice. :)
  • ukr2ukr2 Posts: 3
    Toyota offering 0% Financing for 24 months until the end of Feb.

    Get the Prius.

  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,786
    "Toyota offering 0% Financing for 24 months until the end of Feb.

    Get the Prius. "

    Only if you can afford $1000 per month car payments... or have a significant down payment.
  • There are some significant differences.

    The Prius is relatively safe, but the HCH is safer (by testing standards).

    The HCH handles better (I have not driven the Touring Prius, though) and is more stable at highway speed (much higher speeds through slalom courses in tests... again vs. the standard model Prius).

    The seat in the HCH is more adjustable (goes up and down) and the steering wheel telescopes in and out (very convenient actually).

    The Prius does seem to get slightly better mileage overall (~42 to ~46 mpg.. about 10% better) but this is more apparent in the city (~40 vs ~48mpg... about 20%). That is based on the new EPA numbers, and it is pretty significant, esp. in the city.

    The Prius is certainly more cargo friendly (can't fold down seats in HCH) and seems to have more useable interior room (subjectively).

    HCH tax credits $2100, Prius ~$790.

    Personally, I'm pretty torn. I do like the better safety, handling (which really translates into even more safety), and the fact that my wife can make adjustments so that the car will fit her better (seat height, steering wheel telescoping). But 20% city mileage (most of what I do) is significant.

    I think it will come down to the deal I can get and the trade in value the dealer gives me. I will shop around as well.
  • caazcaaz Posts: 203
    Which car is QUIETER?
  • 1stpik1stpik Posts: 495
    The Prius tax credit likely won't apply this late in the year because Congress limits the full credit to 60,000 units. Once Toyota sells that many, the tax credit gets cut in half. So watch out for that.

    Honda sells fewer than 60,000 HCHs every year, so every buyer gets the full $2,100 credit.

    I just purchased the Civic a few months ago. I chose it over the Prius for the extra leg room and because I prefer the Civic's body style.

    If Toyota has 0% for 24 months, that's pretty good. It would cost you about $950/month. Honda has 2.9% for 36 months. With zero down, it's $650/month. That's what I'm paying on my '07 without the optional navigation system (I didn't think it was worth $2,000).

    Here's my latest mpg reading:

    That's mixed city/hwy driving, 65 mph highway speed, a/c all the time, and tires at 36 psi.

    So you can definitely get EPA rated mileage from the HCH.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    A little correction. The 60,000 in sales is a total for all hybrids sold by the automaker. in the case of Toyota it includes Lexus. Toyota had sold 60,000 early last year so was cut in half in September of 2006, and cut again this Spring. There will be no more tax credits for ToyLex hybrids, either now or after the 1st of September. It is not renewed each year.

    You are correct that Honda has not sold 60,000 hybrids so they still qualify for the full incentive.
  • 46jimbo46jimbo Posts: 12
    Which car is quieter?

    I don't know the Prius, but I own a 2006 HCH. I'm amazed at how quiet the motor is. One would think that a small 1300 cc engine would get very buzzy at high revs. But no, it's incredibly quiet and just purrs like a kitten. The regular Civic lets out a throaty roar when you floor the accelerator, but not the Hybrid.

    There is, however, a fair amount of road noise that you hear, depending on the type of road surface. Sometimes it's pronounced, other times I don't notice it.
  • kath5kath5 Posts: 3
    If you do a lot of traveling, you might want to compare the trunk space between the two cars. My husband and I just traveled from Boston to Nashville in our HCH. We loved the car, the nav was great, but only one large suitcase fit in the trunk. It wasn't a problem for us, but if we wanted to travel with another couple it would not have worked. Our son has a Prius, which he loves, and the storage space is great.
  • caazcaaz Posts: 203
    Since you have a civic and your son a prius, which one is quieter...which one has more comfortable seats...and which one gets the best gas mileage??
  • 1stpik1stpik Posts: 495
    Both the Civic and the Prius emit 69 dBA @ 70 mph.

    Seat comfort is subjective. Some people complain about the Civic's headrests, but I like them. I also like the extra leg room in the Civic.

    Gas mileage is also subjective because driving style is a HUGE factor -- 20%-30% difference. But the Prius is rated 4 mpg better than the Civic Hybrid in combined city/hwy driving -- roughly 8% better.

    So the choice comes down to a matter of personal preference, mostly on body styles. Besides the extra leg room, I chose the HCH because I preferred the way it looks ove the Prius. Others prefer the more 'techno' look of the Toyota.

    However, the hybrid tax credit is another factor. Congress limits the credit on each model to 60,000 units per year. Honda sells fewer than that, so all HCH buyers get the full credit. But Toyota sells 100,000+ Priuses, so almost half the buyers get a reduced credit or no credit.

    So a buyer would have to weigh that factor along with the sales price and financing offers between Honda and Toyota to determine the best deal.
  • Honda has 2.9% for 36 months. With zero down, it's $650/month. That's what I'm paying on my '07 without the optional navigation system (I didn't think it was worth $2,000).

    Is this true as of today? I have only seen special APR's for honda vehicles as described on edmunds rebates/incentives page, and it does not seem to mention any civics, let alone the hybrid.
    Is there fairly predictable Honda sales activity during the July/August '08 model push and/or just before the new year?

    Thanks much.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    A reporter would like to speak to current or past Honda hybrid owners that now own a Toyota Prius or will be switching to one in the future. Please respond to no later than July 16, 2007 with your daytime contact information.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.
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  • 1stpik1stpik Posts: 495
    I bought mine in May. I just checked, and I see that the Civic is no longer listed in the "special offers" section, so I guess that's over.

    Honda may have discontinued the 2.9% financing because they had record sales of the Civic in May. No doubt, those sales were spurred by $3 gas along with low financing. Whether they offer it again at the end of the year probably depends on the price of gasoline.
  • rogerb46rogerb46 Posts: 9
    I am very happy with my 2003 HCH, just coming on 50k and 40 MPG overall (mainly due to under-inflated tires for a long time - I had health issues and wasn't checking). At the time the Prius was more expensive, a longer wait, and didn't look like a "real car".

    However I might consider a new Prius at this stage, since Toyota technology is capable of being modified to recharge by plugging-in. Haven't researched this thoroughly - apparently it is expensive, and possibly not even available right now. Also, the "look" has improved, and (I think) the price diff is about the same.

    Leg-room is a biggy for me (I'm 6'2"), so will have to check it out.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    They are both nice cars (they ARE hybrids, after all ;) ). I love my Prius, after 6 weeks now. There seems to be lots of leg room, but the Civic has more adjustable seats, more comfortable, many people say. It's a smaller car. The Prius is more adaptable, being a hatchback. The Prius steering wheel is only height adjustable, not length.

    Lots of things to consider. Try renting one for a few days. Nice way to avoid "buyers remorse". If you do rent one, be sure to check the tire pressures. The Prius stock tires are poor, and the car is very sensitive to tire pressure. I use 40 front and 38 rear.

    So far my overall average is 48 MPG, exactly what the new EPA figures say I should see. Wow.

    At this time I don't think the plug-in kit is very practical. It's $10,000 or so and you loose lots of interior room and gain a lot of weight. I'd say waiting for a car that's designed this way would be a better option.
  • I like HC and was almost going to make the purchase, but just heard that Honda is going to stop producing HCH. Does it mean that it will be much wiser to switch to Prius?
    Thanks for telling.
  • 1stpik1stpik Posts: 495
    Honda will keep making the Civic Hybrid for years. You probably heard that the ACCORD hybrid will go bye-bye next year, which is true.
  • muttlovermuttlover Posts: 3
    I was actually looking at the Rav4 and test drove the Prius first, and loved it. So now I am thinking of getting the Touring package #6. I did not consider the Civic Hybrid because I had a 1998 Civic right now and a bit tired of driving the Civic. Decisions.
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