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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • rr_tigerrr_tiger Posts: 2
    I own a 2000 Montero Sport XLS and love the ride (when I'm by myself). However, when my friends join in for the ride, the vehicle bottoms out occasionally making for a very uncomfortable ride not to mention any suspension damage. I know that the suspensions were soften after complaint from previous years that the SUV handled more like a truck instead of a car. My question is: What can I do stiffen the suspension to reduce the car from bottoming out when having a large capacity???
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    My wife is looking for a SUV. She likes the Rodeo but I heard many bad things from various Rodeo owners. It seems that Rodeo is not very reliable (because it was made in IN ??).

    I have a little bit more confidence on the Montero Sport because it was made in Japan. Everything I heard is good except underpowered and crash report. Is this SUV ok in highways ?

    Grand Vitara is nice but my wife is afraid of the recent heavy rain in Wisconsin. There may be flooding problem in our area.

    Nissan is much more expensive. I got an Altima and like to try something from another company.

    Any suggestion or comment ? Thanks.

    P.S. Is there much price difference/advantage to
    get a CD player/changer installed in
    other stores (like Circuit City, they will
    uninstall the component from your old vehicle
    and then install it to your new one free of
    charge) rather than letting the dealer to
    install the factory one ?
  • bigeasyalbigeasyal Posts: 29
    Please Read the title of post # 292 and the first paragraph thereof.

    If you want more information scroll up and read posting # 271. I can send you tons of research but I need to be able to send it to you. You ask for responses to your specific situation yet you leave no forwarding address.

    Here is some help, but if you want the rest email me at

    Mitsubishi Montero Sport Facts

    · Montero Sport is one of only two* Mid-sized SUV's to have a four-point three-link rear suspension, replacing the old leaf-spring and shock (pick-up truck) suspension of the competitors.

    · Montero Sport offers a full-sized spare tire with matching rims. Some of the competitors offer their full-sized spare on a less expensive unstylish steel rim.

    · Montero Sport is the only mid-sized SUV built on a full-sized SUV platform (Montero). Others utilize their small pick-up truck platform to base their SUV. (Such as Toyota Tacoma/4Runner; Nissan Frontier/Pathfinder & Xterra; and Ford Ranger/Explorer)

    · Montero Sport is the only mid-sized SUV to use double gaskets to insulate the doors; one on the door itself and another on the vehicle frame. This assist with noise reduction and eliminate moisture intrusion.

    Montero Sport vs. Ford Explorer

    Both manufactures have four model lines, which makes like comparisons easy.
    In each model line, Montero Sport's base MSRP and fully equipped MSRP is less than each of the Ford Explorer's by as much as $4,400.
    (Example: Montero Sport XLS Base MSRP $27,417 vs. Explorer Eddie Bauer Base MSRP $31,835: Difference of $4,418)
    Montero Sport is taller and has a larger passenger volume than Ford Explorer.
    Montero Sport has more ground clearance than Ford Explorer.

    Montero Sport vs. Toyota 4Runner

    Montero Sport has four model lines while Toyota 4Runner has only three.
    Montero Sport has more standard features than the 4Runner. For Toyota almost everything is an optional extra or offered in an option package.
    Montero Sport is taller, wider, has a longer wheelbase, yet its total length is shorter than the Toyota 4Runner.
    In each comparable model line, Montero Sport's base MSRP and fully equipped MSRP is less than each of the Toyota 4Runner's by as much as $4,900.
    (Example: Montero Sport Limited w/leather MSRP $31,637 vs. Toyota 4Runner Limited w/ alarm system, sunroof, rack, and foglights MSRP $36,562: Difference of $4,925)
    Montero Sport has a larger passenger volume than Toyota 4Runner.

    Montero Sport vs. Isuzu Rodeo

    Montero Sport has four model lines while Isuzu Rodeo has only three.
    Montero Sport has a longer wheelbase and longer total length than the Isuzu Rodeo does.
    Similarly equipped Montero Sports are within a few hundred dollars of Isuzu Rodeo.
    (Depending on the model, Montero Sports (base XLS, equipped LS) are less than Isuzu Rodeo (base LSE, equipped LS) by as much as $1,300. While Montero Sports (base LS, and equipped XLS) are just a little more than Isuzu Rodeo (base S, equipped LSE) by as little as $438.
    Montero Sport has a larger passenger volume than Isuzu Rodeo.

    (* The other is the jeep grand cherokee)
  • bigeasyalbigeasyal Posts: 29
    I am not a salesperson or a dealer. Just a satisfied MS owner that did a lot of research that I would like to share with others rather than see it go to waste. But in order for me to help I need the following information:

    What state do you live in? Rebates and incentives differ by region!
    What is the combined state and local sales tax rate % you will be subject to? I will supply you with detailed pricing for your situation.

    Do you want 2 or 4 wheel drive? Most important I will be sending you a lot of info and I want to get it right the first time.

    And Finally, what options in the vehicle are you looking for? Leather seats, sunroof, roof rack, security system?

    I need an email address that is capable of opening microsoft word and excel files OR a daytime fax number and a name to whose attention I should send the information.

    I have original dealer invoices with the holdback and flooring amounts, as well as the ad fee charged for each model? I also know of a few dealers that will sell for less than 1 % over invoice no additional fees or charges. And you can opt for the refunds to further reduce your price.

    So contact me at
  • tcooper2tcooper2 Posts: 2
    Big Al,

    Interested in information regarding M Limited....
    Sales region in TX (Rebate info.).

    Send to:

  • suvman350suvman350 Posts: 2
    Hi bigeasyal, I'm very interested in buying a Montero ES 4wd model, but I'm not looking to spend outrageous amounts of money. I would appreciate any help you(or anyone else for that matter) can give me.
    Sales region NJ

    Thank you
  • suvman350suvman350 Posts: 2
    Sorry about the last post Bigeasyal, I had the wrong model, the model i'm looking for is the Montero LS 4WD model. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thank you again
  • chulsey1chulsey1 Posts: 3
    Hi Bigeasyal! You seem to know about the Montero Sport vehicle. I need your help regarding a new 2000 MS Montero Sport XLS 2 wheel drive. I'm in Birmingham, AL and the dealer has given us a 1.9% rate and a quote of $26,800. The invoice price was $26,145 (?). I heard that the 2001 will be out soon. Is this a good deal?

    Also, they're sticking us with the $700 advertising fee. We mentioned deducting it and they indicated that it was non-negotiable.

    We were considering a 2000 or 2001 Nissan Xterra, but the Montero Sport seems to offer more and the special financing brings the payment close to the Xterra monthly payment amount. We've never owned a MS and are unsure about reliability, etc. Please help.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    They will not deduct the advertizing fee. $700 is higher what MMSA charges them, and you can try to get to the 2% of the MSRP. MY 2000 has various financing (from 0.9% and up if you qualify) so it will make your payments and your fanal COST lower. According to MMSA 2001 has little changes, mainly cosmetic stuff.
    Nissan Xterra is a good purchase if you are on VPP, otherwise (at least here in Illinois) they will charge you MSRP or close to it.
  • fsuufmomfsuufmom Posts: 7
    We are comparing the 2000 4Runner Limited, 2001 Pathfinder LE w/ leather and 2000 MS Limited with leather. Have not sat down to haggle with dealers yet but MS Limited seems to be a much better deal. In Central Florida, I found a dealer with a $2000 rebate or 1.9% financing for up to 60 months. Not sure what the bottom line would be since we are only at test driving stage. $700 advertising fee seems way too high. Anyone find good deals in Central Florida?
  • Bigeasyal,

    I am looking to see if you have any answers or info about my 2000 XLS Sport 4x4. It is the post #290 if you could e-mail me back with any info I would greatly appreciate it. my email is:

    Thanks. David
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    To help bottoming suspension, I would suggest you try installing air bags between the coils. I plan to do the same on my 2000 Limited 4X4. I had done this on a 1992 4-Runner, and they worked very well. Plus the ride turned out better. The suspension would not hit the rubber stopper that is removed when the air bags are installed.

    The only problem at this time, is finding somebody that makes one for the 2000 Sport. Like Air Ride or Firestone Air Rite. But they will eventually.

    I want them for hauling a boat with people. Really bottoms out bad with this weight.

    And you can adjust how much air you want for the load condition. Cost for the air bags are around $100.00. Extra cost for installation or you can install them. If you do install, it took me about 4 hrs to do the 4-Runner. Have to remove the coils and the rubber stopper. So you need to have a spring compression tool or clamps. And you will have to drill a hole through the bottom of the spring mounting plate for the air hose. May have changed design since I last did mine.
  • jrhyerjrhyer Posts: 1
    This past February, while backing out of our driveway, with 13" of snow on the ground, the drivers side mud flap bent forwards and broke away from the plastic it is attached to. Upon checking with the dealer and Mitsubishi Customer Care, I was told that this is cosmetic AND IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY! By the way, in order to fix the problem, you must (so I was told by the Service Manager) replace the WHOLE FENDER!
    This sounds like a design flaw, but they're sticking to their guns and I am pursuing this issue with a local TV station.
    I was wondering if other owners in Buffalo or Minneapolis, Cleveland (where they receive a whole lot more snow, than Maryland) have experienced the same problem and if so how did they get resolution.
  • Recently purchased a 2000 Sport XLS. Love it, except for 1 thing: when going
    over 55MPH, the thing WHISTLES. It is VERY annoying. The stripping around the
    front driver and passenger doors is faulty. I talked to dealer and they have had
    many complaints of this happening. What they do is remove the original stripping
    and replace it with a newer, upgraded one.

    I have a problem with the design of the doors/stripping material placement in
    the first place. If you look at practically ANY car on the road, the door (at
    the top) is flush with the roof of the car. You can’t even see the rubber/molded
    stripping. On the Sport, the stripping is ALL you see – you can see all of it.
    WHY was this designed like it is? The Montero isn’t like this. Just the SPORT!
    It just looks TACKY and obviously has flaws – an annoying whistling noise above

    Other than that, its great. Has a hard time climbing hills with out downshifting
    and gas mileage isn’t to great….but what SUV gets good gas mileage?

    Anyone find a good rear cargo liner?? Let me know, thanks, Joe
  • ucsucs Posts: 1
    I have the 2000 Montero Sport LS. The problem i am having is when you have the AC on and the compressor fires, i get some vibration sound. It is very irritating sound. The dealer says its by design. But i dont think any body would like to design like that. Did some body have this kind of problem??
  • KicKMan1KicKMan1 Posts: 45

    I live in Minnesota and, although I have not been for a winter yet, someone did back into 2000 MS scratching the bumper and bending the tailpipe and the mudfplap mounting plate. In looking at the mudflap, I don't see how the whole fender needs replacement. In fact, if I'm not mistaken mudflaps are an option. They've gotta be mounted somehow, right?
  • KicKMan1KicKMan1 Posts: 45
    Can anyone recommend an online source for OEM parts? I need to replace a tailpipe, bumper cover and step plate on my 2000 MS. Thanks for any leads.

  • fsuufmomfsuufmom Posts: 7
    Thinking of buying the MS Limited with leather within the next week or two. I live in Orlando area. Florida sales tax is 6%. Local dealers have a 1.9% financing offer for up to 60 months or $2000 rebate. It is my understanding that they are or the other. Please send the information you have for this area to me at:
  • BigEasyAl - I am thinking of buying MS LS within two weeks. I live in Milwaukee, WI. I don't know what our sales tax is. The dealers are offering 1.9% financing and 80 gallons of gas a month for 3 months. I would also like your help in whether it is better (cheaper)to buy or lease a MS. I drive about 12,000 miles a year and I like a new car every 3 to 4 years.
  • BigEasyAl - I for got my E-mail address for posting #311 cgrossmann. You can reach me at
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