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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • aidan2aidan2 Posts: 2
    I just saw a sport LS with leather seats at a parking lot in Dallas, TX. I did not know you can get a LS 2wd with leather package.
  • If the LS Montero Sport has leather it is aftermarket leather. If you do purchase make sure that you are given a warranty on the leather for a reasonable amount of time to prevent cracking or the seams coming loose.
  • I currently own a 97 Grand Caravan AWD. It has needed 2 transmissions in the last seven months. I am considering a 2000 Rodeo or a Montero Sport. The Rodeo warranty is exciting, especially with my Dodge experiences. The Montero doesn't have the warranty but seems substantial. Any ideas?
  • cartexcartex Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any insight on the Montero Endeavor. Pls contact me.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Look at this link there is some information. I think that this one will be build in the Normal Illinois Plant in 2003-4
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    At 3000 miles.

    Fuel Economy: City - 14.5 to 16 Avg 15.5
    HWY - 18.5 to 20 Avg 19.25

    Repairs: Fixed vibration rattle under dash. Covered under warranty. No other problems. No rattles, squeaks, or shimmys. Tight and smooth.

    One observation. The running boards have an opening of about 2" in the middle for drainage. On dirt, gravel, or snowy roads, the debris comes up and accumulates at the back part of the running board, thus pitting and scratching that end piece. My choice would be not to have the opening.

    Want to mention another time. The Limited with the 3.5 litre motor does not shift down on hills! We went to a ski lodge, 5 people with gear, uphill in a 30mph headwind and it still does not shift down. Seems to have good torque and/or it is possibly just a smart tranny.
  • Black with gold trim, 3.5 engine (like all Limiteds), tan leather, CD player, 2wd, Auto trans, 8,900 miles, oil changed twice, 7500 mile service, moonroof, pinstripe, always garaged, never smoked in, no kids, pets or abuse! perfect. no problems with shakes, shimmys or vibrations! this is a GOOD one! entertaining offers at

    private party, original owner
  • In the process of buying a MS Limited w/leather. Sticker Price is $31,597 with destination charge. I faxed an offer of $28,500 ($150 under the dealer invoice cost of $28,666) to the sales manager of four dealerships. I explained I wanted the 2.9% financing (no 0-0-0 or $1,000 Rebate). Three of the dealerships responded by phone call and faxed back a counter-offer. Two were exactly the same price of my offer, the third was $160 over my offer. I visited the fourth dealer and showed him the other offers, they claimed that they would beat the best offer I got. Can anyone out there tell me if they got a better deal? If so, please give me the name of the dealership and the salesperson to call. With New Orleans sales tax, title & license the drive-out price of my MS Ltd w/leather will be $31,500. My only problem is no dealers in the State of Louisiana have a Red Limited, so I have to wait for one to come in.

    Under my offer the dealer is still making out like a bandit. His profit looks like this: $600 holdback (2%), $600 Flooring(2%), $350 Advertising Association fee returned, $750 per unit incentive for every vehicle sold during the month (after 10 units sold), $1,000 factory incentive (matches the rebate on the vehicle), and a portion of my $1,000 (probably $500) rebate that was used to get the 2.9% financing. You get to choose one of the following: 0-0-0 w/8.9% loan, $1,000 Rebate w/ 6.9% loan, or 2.9% loan financing for 48 months.

    I phrased the offer such that it appears to be a 50/50 proposition. I saved $2,700 off the sticker price, the dealers has an opportunity to make $2,700. It appears to have worked.
  • It is the tires. There is another Montero Sport Bulletin Board at with lengthy discussions by MS owners. Check it out.

    Not only is it the Yokahoma brand but the size of the tire itself. The problem seems to be only on 1999 vehicles though. What I have gotten from technicians at two dealerships is that the profile of the tire is too short and wide for the rim size. If you replace the tire with a taller profile this will automatically reduce the width problem. Should you keep the same tires, you need to have the alignment set at a negative toe-in or caster. This will move the tire out a bit and assist in reducing tire vibration.

    This is not a problem on the 2000 MS since Mitsubishi has went to a 16 inch rim. Mitsubishi went so far as to begin installing Bridgestone tires on all 2000 MS as well, because of the negative feelings on the Yokahoma tires.
  • This may sound strange, but we usually put our back right window down for our dog, and the air coming in feels like our ear drums are going to blow out from pressure or what we dont know??????
    It's like a thumping in our ear, but obviously difficult to describe. Has anyone else experienced the same thing at all???
  • md2002md2002 Posts: 142
    Wilson21 you may want to crack open your front windows a slight amount to even out the air pressure. I have a GMC Jimmy (trading this summer for a '00 MS Ltd) and I have the same problem with wind.

    Try that out, but if you have the windows open already then see your friendly service manager.

    Happy trails.
  • king1king1 Posts: 5
    Don't you just love the T.V. commercial where the guy is working out at the gym and they anounce "who left your lights on in the Minivan">>>>
    Shoot me before I ever buy a Minivan.....
    By the way I had a 1995 Full size Montero for four years, one of the best vehicles I ever owned..
  • Hi, I'm wondering what type of auto tranny
    fluid is used in late model('97+) Monteros. I'd
    really appreciate it if you can look it up in the
    owner's manual for me. Thanks.
  • aling1aling1 Posts: 225
    Yes, it is an interesting commercial. But, what they don't tell you is that the Montero Sport crash tested <<A HREF="">>; with poor results (nearly the worse of the pack; the GMC Jimmy and Chevy Blazer twins were the worse), so its not really in tuned with Mitsubishi promoting it as a family vehicle. I'd take my chances in a minivan (except the GM ones) over the Montero Sport any day. This is all, of course, just my opinion. Those of you that are considering buying this vehicle in the near future should definitely keep this in mind.

    I like the new 2001 Montero with the rear independent suspension much better. But, it is a lot more expensive.
  • Check out You will find some interesting postings/info
  • Big Easy Al,
    Read your note about buying a 2000 LTD. My '98 Montero Sport lease is about to expire and I am looking for a new one (live in Louisiana). Interested in the dealers you FAX'd to in NOLA area & who got the order. Also, heard of the Mitsubishi "loyalty" rebate? One person said it was worth up to $1000. My thanks - jed62454
  • e:mail me at for instructions on how to get the best negotiation tactics for buying a 2000 Montero-Sport. You may also want to visit an excelent site that I found after the fact.
  • keegskeegs Posts: 2
    Considering a 2000 montero sport. Wondering how the power is with the 3.0 ltr engine. All other suvs seem to have more hp.Thanx!
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    I did not care for the power on the 3.0 ltr 4X4. In 4X2 version, it may be better. Food for thought. I have the Limited with the 3.5 ltr. If you are looking at the XLS model, the Limited is not that much more in cost. And it has good power. If budget only allows for the LS model, than your stuck with the 3.0 ltr.
  • 2000 Montero Sport Limited 4X4 For Sale...
    Active Duty Military With Orders Overseas...
    3.5 Liter, Red, Leather, All Options...
    1200 Miles...
    Assume Mitsubishi Loan with no payments/interest
    until Feb 2001...Will add financial incentive
    Email me at if interested
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