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Kia Amanti Engine Issues



  • I need to know if anyone else is having the same problem as I am. My car has had the battery replaced and still will not start if I do not take the cable off. When I put it back on it starts but will still crank before removing the cable. Please help!! Thank You..
  • You need to have them take off both of the cables from the battery. Just have them unscrew the clamp, clean off the posts if there is any stuff on it (can do it with baking soda, a toothbrush or whisk brush, and water, dry it off), and then put the clamps back on and tighten it real good. The clamps are loose on your battery. I had the same problem for the last 3 weeks. Finally every time I stopped at a stop light or stop sign or slowed down the car would die. I wouldhave to put on my emergency blinkers, open the hood, wiggle the clamp on the positive post of the batter to start her up again. I have a 2007 Amante. Triple AA came out, tested the battery (it's a triple AAA battery that is supposed to be at 650 but is actually around 800+ so the battery was fine! The triple AAA guy took off the positive clamp (unscrewed it), told me the battery post was totally clean, and then he screwed the battery clamp onto the posts real tight and it started right up. So far no problem starting it, or having it stall when I stop or slow down. You can actually unscrew it yourself with two pliers and then clean the posts and screw it back on yourself. It was so simple and saved me over $100. because I was about to have it towed to Kia to replace the battery clamp and maybe get a new battery when that wasn't even needed! Good luck!
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