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Any Motorcycle people?



  • Hi friends, always I like it the road and adventure, my first motorcycle was Xtreet UM, of "UM Motos" and truly I am a motorcycle lover, who wishes to speak on these topics, welcome to my circle of friends.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 33,496
    Interesting...never seen one, guess they aren't sold in US/Canada. Might be a viable alternative to clunky Chinese bikes.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 33,496
    Motorcycles are itching me again - probably because I know that now in the offseason and end of year is the best time to buy, at least from a dealer. I think I will not buy a Ducati, not now anyway - not until I have a good year or so on the road to know what I want to do. The build/material quality of the Monsters I looked at seemed ages ahead of the Japanese bikes I inspected - but at a high price. I think I am going to pursue a little Ninja or the used SV650 that is still languishing at a local lot. I want something with ABS, budget 5K or so max. Or do I...

    These now "vintage" bikes had big appeal to me when I was a kid, and this one looks good

    This looks decent

    Or this, if it had its needs addressed

    These are all half the price of modern bikes I would want. I see potential future collectible status for such bikes, if they are really pristine. I remember as a kid, liking some 80s style sportbike (FZR or Suzuki?) that had white wheels, can't remember what it was.
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