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Cadillac SRX Problem with stability system



  • sylwiasylwia Posts: 1
    A couple of days ago I had a scary moment while driving my new Cadillac srx 2012 (I purchased it brand new in February). After shopping, I got into my car, and put the car in reverse in order to get out of the parking lot. I reversed a couple of feet, and then all of a sudden, my car turned off. The engine stopped running, the AC turned off, I could no longer hear the radio, and the GPS screen went dark. After a few seconds, my 2-tons plus luxury car started going forward by itself. Frantically, I tried to brake but was unable to do so. I had no brakes. My car was finally stopped by a small tree on the sidewalk. Thankfully, no one was hurt.
    Dealing with the customer service representative at the Cadillac dealership was a nightmare. They told me that what happened was all my fault. They said I must have "accidentally" pressed the start-stop button, which is pretty much impossible to do so accidentally.
    Is there anyone who has experienced this; the car turning off for no reason and terrible Cadillac customer service? I would really appreciate any responses. Thank you.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning,

    I'm sorry to hear about this experience - I can tell you're upset by it and apologize for that.

    Looking at the manual (p. 9-17 about the ignition positions), I have a few questions about the event, just to clarify:
    -It sounds as though the vehicle was not in park when this occurred. Did you notice the message "SHIFT TO PARK" appear in the Driver Information Center? This should have occurred if you had accidentally pressed the pushbutton start while not in park, and the vehicle would have gone into ACC/ACCESSORY mode.
    -When the event occurred, I notice you state that you lost your brakes. Did the steering wheel also become difficult to turn? The manual does state that if the vehicle should be turned off while in motion you will lose power assist in both brakes and the steering.
    - Has this happened again?

    If we can look into anything further for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email at

    Kind regards,
    GM Customer Service
  • bobby756bobby756 Posts: 2
    My 2008 SRX has power reduced issues every time the vehicle gets near water. Rain, car wash it won't run. I'm furious right now because I need to go to the emergency room and it rained last night. I have been towed twice and limped in once. Like the other person I get the same parts replaced only to have it happen again and again. What is the problem!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    edited July 2012
    Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns. Have you spoke with GM Customer Assistance? Can you please email me directly with your VIN, current mileage, and involved dealer? I would like to look into this further for you.
    GM Customer Service
  • elamelam Posts: 17

    Why does GM just keep having you do the same old thing? GM has a serious problem with this vehicle and does nothing about it. Yes, you (and Maria) say how sorry you are, and ask for their Vin#, but the real answer is you ultimately say there is nothing you can do, but offer a $1500 discount on a new vehicle, which I could not laugh and turn it down fast enough!!

    Just answer the problem: the stability system is a major problem in this car and will get someone killed, as is the transfer case. Oh- have you told them that the exhaust and catalytic converter is actually covered under a "Special" coverage, if you complain enough.

    For you new folks to this site. Feel free to write and ask what really happens. I have yet (NOT ONCE) seen any comments on this site that discusses how much GM has done to correct a problem. While GM finally corrected my exhaust, it was not without staying on them and demanding that they fix what should be fixed a long time ago, and what they told me over and over was not covered. It was only after I pressed them that they found the "Special Service", only to have them take months to do so. Glad I bough that FORD to replace it. Otherwise, I would have been without a car....
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Thank you for taking your time to post your concerns. Each case is handled on a case by case basis. We gather the information and review the case. Not all cases are the same. There have been many cases that we have been able to assist. I have provided the links below. If you are having concerns please contact us so we cant look into your situation and concerns at the very least.

    btimes2, "Chevy Tahoe Door Lock Problem" #422, 2 Mar 2012 11:01 pm

    GM Customer Service
  • lorajokerlorajoker Posts: 1
    Ive recently purchased this car. I've had it for two weeks, and already got the converter replaced and now the stability service light keeps coming on. My cruise control got turned off and the car started slowing down from the brake on its own and became hard to drive. I of course freaked out. I called the local caddy dealership and was told to check my tires.....Since it is an V6 AWD, the back two tires are suppose to be different from the front. I checked, and sure enough it has 255/55/18 all the way around. They are suppose to have 255/60/17 on back and 235/65/17 on front. The tech said that the tire sizes would cause an issue with stability system. Why the previous owners did this I have no clue. I'm hoping this fixes the problem, but after reading these post I seriously doubt it. I'll find out shortly. I agree that there should've been a recall done. So far I'm not impressed at all with the SRX.
  • I think my last post was in May for the problem. It has been since then that the dealer finally replaced the steering sensor. I have not had a problem since. Everything is working as it should. To the post that has the same size tires all around, I too have the same tires on my SRX and it has not caused a problem. The dealer checked everything and said it was fine although not recommended. I currently have 88K miles on my vehicle and hope to get may more. I do have an aftermarket extended warranty which I am thankful for, otherwise the trekk theough the stability issues would have been expensive.
  • elamelam Posts: 17
    Hoopdaddy_ glad you have the warranty- Ours had about the same miles when the transfer case failed. GM would not cover, as it was past the elasped time. can you imagine that?? We purchased a tranfer case from Jasper and had it installed by a third party for less money than GM. It caries a warranty, rather than GM's tail light warranty offered.

    Good luck.....
  • THANK YOU ALL for posting the truth about these cars. I came within a whisker of buying one today. I actually made a lowball offer to the dealer that he rejected.

    I needed a bigger car as we are having a baby in OCT.

    After coming home I decided to do a little research and stubmled upon this blog. Really dodged a bullet.

    I can't buy back everybody's car for them that got screwed but I do want to thank everyone who posted on here.
  • Christina, How do I email my info directly?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Just send me an email to :-)
    GM Customer Service
  • Lucky you!!! These cars are horrible. No what you would ever expect from a "luxury" Cadillac. And the customer service is the worst, once you are out of warranty, they do not help you one bit. Plus these problems have been ongoing for years. Why not fix the problem gm? :lemon:
  • my wife and i own a 04 SRX which makes a loud popping noise coming from middle of vehicle. I've had this looked at by 3 different shops noone knows what this is! it only happens from a dead stop until wheels get to rolling. once going about 30 to 50 feet and doesnt do it again until u come to a complete stop! Someone help us due to the fact cadillac wants to charge $135 per visit to check the vehicle and if its not on recall or still warrantied we will have to pay for the repairs! unbelievable.... I do NOT want my wife or dauhter driving this vehicle and it locks up or worse! PLEASE HELP THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!
  • Thanks all for your comments. Was planning on buying a car this week but I am too frustrated and will keep my 02 Trailblazer with 223K miles because it has been a fantastic car rather than have payments for products that appear to be poorly made these days. Edmunds has been the best site so far for my research and I have invested over 15 hrs. looking at mid size SUV's. Prefer to buy an American made product with great reliability and with current trends it seems impossible at this point. I am also not pleased with the lack of service I see problems get, let alone avoided recalls and changes that should be made when problems are known. A lack of pride and less expensive short cuts taken in manufacturing appear to be at issue. I also do not care for senseless electronic gadgets that will only be an expensive problem down the road to fix. Since when can't we simply turn a key to start a car and have to have a push button ignition? Would be willing to pay more and order a key start as a custom option but can't. Live in the woods and I am in sales and drive a lot & can't afford to be stranded. Hopefully American businesses will take notice and help return jobs and pride to American products and service for purchases many of us WANT to make! Respectfully, a fellow consumer
  • In 2010 I bought a brand new 2010 Cadillac SRX. THis is not the first Cadillac I have owned but it is the first one I have owned that has had so many problems. The first problem was that the clock would not stay changed when we went to daylight savings, after bring it in to the dealer and having a software upgrade it worked until we changed time again and I had to once again take it into the dealer, after going through this several times they finally replaced my radio but I ended up losing two years of data that was stored on my hard drive. Next the car would not start, so I had to get it towed and was told that the battery was bad, they replaced it and fixed the problem. But the inconvenience, lost time and pure embarrassment cannot be undone. Now recently I am driving along and then get a stability light, an engine light, and the vehicle flashes "Engine Power is Reduced" the car literally slowed down, no amount of pushing the gas will make it go any faster, it just got slower and slower until I had coast to the side of the road and call Onstar. I was in the middle of nowhere Mississippi late at night. The car sounds like it is about to explode it's running so badly. It scared me to death! Since that first event I have taken the car in to the dealer on two occasions but it's intermittent so it didn't show up, yesterday I picked it up and they told me they had replaced a throttle motor and it "SHOULD" fix the problem but only time will tell! I need confidence in my car! I have a three year old and a seven year old that I transport daily. What if this happens on the freeway or in traffic. I don't know what to do...please advise.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    We're sorry to hear about the frightening experience you had in your SRX out in Mississippi. If you would like for us to document this, or if you want to just keep in touch with us on this, we can be reached via email at (include your name, contact information, the last 8 of your VIN, and a summary of the situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Last 8 of VIN AS636848.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,956
    Please don't post your name, contact info or phone number in our public forums. Thanks.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I just had my wife tell me she was on the highway driving 60 miles an hour and the brakes came on and the car diverted to the side. She said that this experience really scared her and she didn't feel safe . She told me that the service stabilty message came on the display. The next day i took her car for a test drive and noticed the service stabilty message coming on. I then went on the internet to get an idea about what this problem could be and i was shocked to notice all the complaints coming from different individuals about the same problem. My srx was bought new in 2004 it only has 59000 miles it is basically used by my wife to commute to the train station and to drive the kids around town. I used to be a sevice tech for a major service store, before i even approached a customers house , i already knew what the problem was because of the hidden service flash on the computer. This seems to be a common problem that GM knows about and they are keeping quiet. I think this problem should be either a recall or a message sent out to owners because the consequences of this problem can cause serious harm or eventually death to a cadillac owner. I dont think GM wants to lose a cadillac owner to mercedes or Lexus. That's just what i think
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