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Cadillac SRX Problem with stability system



  • Hi,
    I'm part of the manufacturer team of the steering gear of the SRX, I work also on the design area. If you need any information regarding this part please let me know. Also if you can give your feedback of the problems that you're presenting and how the dealer are solving will help us to improve our product.

    For the rubbing noise, the problem was fixed since late 06. There was a lack of grease at the moment of the installation of lower pinion seal.

    The problem about the stability control probably could be the VAPS valve (variable asistance power steering) it's a solenoid that receive information from the ecu and closes or open the hydraulic circuit depending on the vehicle speed.

    Thanks, I will be following this thread......
  • nepcarnepcar Posts: 10
    :( Can you please provide more information on your notes about the VAPS valve. I have a 2004 Cadillac SRX and it is also giving me this sporadic "Stability System Engaged" message. This morning I heard from noise coming from the center of the car followed by my car shifting towards the left as if blown by a strong gust of wind. I have scheduled an appointment with a Cadillac dealer but I am afraid I will get into the same issue as the other people in this thread where their dealer could not find anything wrong. Please advise.
  • I have a 2004 SRX V8 AWD . The SERVICE STABILITY warn messages appears shortly after a trip starts. I hit the OK touch screen and the warning turns off. The shop says that the code reads a faulty OPTICAL SENSOR in the STEERING COLUMN. Independent shop /mechanic not sure if he can RESET the sensor as the sensor is working, just telling the system that the steering wheel is off center. He thinks that some one in the past may have disconnected the battery when the wheels were turned ,then reattached the battery, and that caused the sensor to be off line.
    Can the sensor be RESET?? THX
  • nepcarnepcar Posts: 10
    I took my 2004 SRX to a Cadillac dealer and they could not find any codes in the computer. Drove the car to 50 miles and could not reproduce the problem. I showed them this discussion thread and I asked them to replace the Steering Wheel Sensor. A day after the sensor was repaced the problem came back. I went to another Cadillac dealer and they immediately told me that the problem is due to the steering wheel sensor. I told them that I just had it replaced a day earlier but the problem was still present. After about 3 hours of checking the car they looked at the wiring harness and repositioned them. After that we drove the car 100 miles and the "Stability System Engaged" message did not turn on. It has been 2 days and I have not seen the "Stability System Engaged" message. Hoefully the combination of the sensor replacement and wire harness connector repositioning fixed this proble. :)
  • nepcarnepcar Posts: 10
    It has been 5 days since my steering wheel sensor was replaced and 4 days since the wiring harness was repositioned. The mesage has not appeared except once this today. The car's handling also appear to be more stable. Hopefully the two fixes completely eliminates the observed problem.... :D
  • For Eduardo. Could the Stability control have anything to do with premature brake pad wear on both axles? Mine is a 2007 SRX 8 cyl. My front and rear pads were worn out at 32K mi. Typically I get 55K to 60K on front pads and well over 100K on rear pads.

  • bp34bp34 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 SRX4 V6 with 14,000 miles on it. Every since I have had it I have had a problem with it shifting. About a month after I got it, I bought it new, I took it back for this problem and was told they did some kind of adjustment because many of the numbers were way off when it shifted. I was told by the service manager to "punch it" every now and then when taking off, and not to "baby" it, to help keep things operating correctly. I still have this problem, even after punching it! Sometimes at speeds of 35 to70 the RPMs still run at 2.5 to 3.5 RPMs. I've even had it up to 80-85 and my RPM's go up to 5 or 6 and stay there. Even if I do get it to shift properly and the RPM's to be under 2 with the cruise set at 55-65, if I break the cruise and slow down to 40mph or so, when I resume the cruise, the RPM's go back up to 2.5 or 3 stay there.
    Has anyone else had this problem or can you offer me some suggestions? What should I tell the dealer to look for? It is going in next week for this problem again.

    I also have a "squeaking" sound in the steering when turning the wheel left or right. Any suggestions for that??

  • My SXR has the problem of the stability system engaging or showing service system. I had the car serviced and to replace a head light and after that is when the problem started.I live in Ariz. and went calif in oct. on the way back I had the cruise control on and the stability system engaged and I almost lost control of the car. When I got back home I called my service rep. He suggested I check the tire pressure, they were all off. I corrected that, but the issue still came up. I talked to guy who is from N.J. that I met yesterday that has the same model as mine and he said his did the same thing and they replaced the steering wheel sensor. I called my service rep. and he said that most likely the sensor is the problem. If this is an issue with this model way do the dealer not info owners when this comes up, instead of telling them to check the tire pressure?
  • mrsh12mrsh12 Posts: 1
    My 2004 SRX has given me great service until recently. The stability system msg
    start coming up a while back. I called the svc dept at the dealer and no one could
    tell me what was the problem. Recently I took a trip South, and the trip there and back was absoutely nerve wrecking. I've loved my srx since I bought it new, but this was a very unpleasant experience. All I could think of was getting back home and parking it in the garage never to drive it again. Now I'm waiting to get it serviced because I don't know what kind of svc charges to expect. What I'm wondering is will I do any more damage if I continue to drive it? I love highway driving, but this put a damper on traveling for a while. I think this should have been a recall issue.
  • mtsrxmtsrx Posts: 1
    I drive a 2004 Cadillac SRX which prompts me to service stability system—what dose the stability system control? Should I be concern about losing control while driving?
  • I have a 2004 SRX with the same problem. Have you learned anymore info about this?
  • nepcarnepcar Posts: 10
    I do not have any new news except that my "Stability System Engaged" message as well as the car shifting to the left after making a grunting noise intermittently occurs in the morning on my way to work. The problem does not appear in the afternoon though.
  • I am having the same problem with my 2004 SRX. I brought it into the dealer to have them check the stability sensor and they found the sensor switch(?) to be bad. That was in April, it is now September and they have no date of me getting my car back. The part is supposedly being redesigned and remanufactured! 6 months of a dealership rental car!! The part is not available and they have no idea when the part will be available. I am not sure what to do now? Any ideas? I have filed complaints with GM National customer service.
  • Has anyone really found a fix for this problem. The following has been done to my 2004 SRX:
    1. Replaced the steering wheel sensor
    2. Repositioned connectors
    Problem still happens especially in my morning drive to work. I do not see this problem in my drive back home in the afternoon. Could this be related to temperature and moisture? I live in Carmel, Indiana.
  • I bought a used 04 V6 SRX in May of 2007. The stability system has engaged and it has told me the stability system needs to be serviced for the past 6 months and 8,000 miles; but, from what I see in the thread here I am in no hurry to be the next beta tested SRX. I have never heard a rubbing sound nor have I felt a pull to the left when the system engages. I did find that some brainless twit rotated the tires on me and I drove about 15,000 miles with the 255 60 R17 on the front and the 235 60 R17 on the back; i felt like the real brainless twit for not noticing it ! I just bought new tires and had them installed in the correct locations but on the way home the friendly service stability system warning came on. :shades:
    Should I be concerned? Does it cause damage to the car? Do they know how to fix the problem now? My local dealer was great but was one of the ones who was forced to clse his business and lay off 50 people. :mad:
  • I continue to get a warning to SERVICE STABILITY SYSTEM at the start to EVERY trip I make in the SRX. I have not had any pulling or noises. I just hit the OK button to clear the message on the screen and continue. No further warning for that trip. If I turn the car off and go again, I will get the warning again within about 2 to 5 miles of driving. The only code I ever was told was a STEERING WHEEL SENSOR. I have not changed it due to the past history of others on this thread. Any GOOD SOLID REPAIRS to go by. Don't want to spend $$$$ on useless repair!! :mad:
  • josaggjosagg Posts: 2
    Last year a sensor in the steering wheel was replaced which eliminated the problem. However just last week it started acting up again. Just like huldafolk I am reluctant to spend the $$$. I am going to try to get GM to cover the cost since I was having this problem when the vehicle was under the warranty. It only does in the morning when I am pulling off for the first time after that it seems to subside.
  • I have the same problem with my 04 SRX AWD. This problem has been recurring for over 3 years now. The anti-lock breaks deploy in the rear tires while travelling at any speed over approximately 25 m.p.h. I just got it back from the garage for the 3rd time. In three years ago under warranty and they replaced a rear rotor. This did not fix the problem and had it in about a year and a half ago. That time they replaced the whole stability system computer. Now they want to replace the steering wheel sensor. I feel that Cadillac is aware of this problem but is ignoring it. My service person states the Cadillac engineers act baffled by the problem, like they have never encountered it before. I think they are aware but don't want to address it because it will lead to a recall. The situation is really hazardous, and in my opinion this car is not safe for its intended use. I am going to go with the steering column sensor fix and see what happens, but if this doesn't work I will definitely be contacting the NHTSA office of defects. I am also considering a class action suit as well. They really need to fix this problem ASAP before someone is killed. The deployment of the anti-lock breaks at random while travelling down the highway at 70 m.p.h. is a hazard to life and limb. A couple of times when this has happened it has jerked the car near or into the opposite lane. Thank god there was no approaching traffic.
  • I have a v6 2004 SRX and late last night I was driving down a straight road.. with no other cars insight.. thank goodness. My clock went blank than a stability message appeared. Followed by my steering wheel locking and my back breaks. There was nothing I could do except pray that I wouldn't kill myself. I almost hit a pole but luckily my car snapped back into normal right before I would of crashed. I don't understand how Cadillac could just turn their head to this. This is such a HUGE issue. I am horrified to even get near my car. I just had it towed to the nearest cadillac dealership in Portland Or.. they said they can't guarentee me a rental? I am so bothered by this. Something MUSt be done. So please- if you are experienceing this same problem PLEASE come forward,
  • Wow this is ridiculous. This was my first and will definitely be my last Cadillac. Same issue as everyone else. Never had the car pull though. I thought the issue might have been related to my upgrade in over sized rims but now I see that's not the case.
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