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Cadillac SRX Problem with stability system



  • You guys are scaring the crap out of me! I bought this '99 STS in April and only very intermittently did the Service Stability System warning come on. The manual says to pull over, turn off engine, and it should reset...which it seems to do. More recently, however, living in single digit degree winter weather, the warning comes on when first starting/driving the car, pull over, shut off engine, it goes away...but HAS come back on if I am just driving around town at low speeds. If I go on the highway, the warning does not come back on, including driving it hundreds of miles. There seems to be a correlation with the cold weather/moisture in causing the warning to come on, as it only rarely came on in warmer, summer months, AND not coming on at all once the engine is warm i.e. even at low speeds. Most of the posts here seem to have determined the problem to be the Steering Sensor. Approximately how expensive is that to replace? Also, can one assume---in following the manuals instructions---that if pulling over, stopping engine, and thus resetting the system, the problem does not truly exist, that is, is the system giving a false read causing the warning to come on which is remedied just by turning off and restarting the engine? It's a pain in the butt no matter how you slice it but NOW after reading the posts, I have safety concerns.

    Thank you for any comments you have about this. The posts here talking about near accidents due to this (with other models) is at the very least disturbing. And why hasn't the NHTSA done something about such a prevalent problem?
  • My ‘04 SRX V8 AWD has the same problem! This is my 3rd caddy & probably last. While styles have improved, customer perceptive-quality is poor. This stability issue presents a safety concern. It is a family vehicle but I am concerned taking them on it. Every time that I bring these types of Cadillac popular issues to dealership attention, they pretend to never seen it before… & suggest that it may be time to get a new one.
  • As I stated in an earlier post, My problem has NEVER resulted in an actual ACTIVATION of the system ie. braking and possible loss of control on normal driving surface. It is just a constant WARN to "SERVICE STABILITY SYSTEM", and the only CODE that the mechanic can get regarding the system is "steering wheel sensor". I have never bothered to replace it because I fear it will just happen again, or worse> it could start to activate the actual braking response. I just push the "OK" button and for that trip the issue is done. It is certainly going to warn again shortly after the next trip starts. > EVERY TIME I GO ANYWHERE<. :mad:
  • I purchased a program car with 7,000 miles on it and the tires/car seemed to be in excellent condition. The tires were "A" rated traction. On 2 occasions over 2 months with 2 different drivers this car lost rear end control on wet pavement. One instance the car was entering a right turn at slow speed and the back end came around. The other time was from a stop, making a right turn, and when accelerating the back end came around. I lost $6,500 on the trade in 2 months and am trying to get some amount back from GM but they said this issue is news to them. The dealer ran the codes and found nothing wrong with the traction control/Stabilitrac. Anyone else have this issue?
  • julz1julz1 Posts: 1
    I have the exact same issue as huldafolk (among many other issues with this car...). The "service stability system" warning comes on everytime I start the car, and then goes away once I press "okay". I have never had any issues with braking or losing control like some of you had, but it is just VERY annoying to have that light come on every time. I took it to the dealership, and was told not to worry about it, and that it will continue to come on EVERY SINGLE TIME I start the vehicle because when they replaced my suspension, they only put air ride in the back and regular suspension in the front (without consulting me... but that's another long story). They told me that because the front doesn't have air ride suspension anymore, there is nothing to "plug into the computer", (because apparently air ride has special plugs that regular suspension doesn't??), and the computer searches for the suspension and can't find it... I was told it was nothing to worry about, but now I'm not so sure. Does this even make sense to anyone?
  • I have the same problem with my SRX. But my problems started when I first got the car *that I paid cash for* First of all anybody sitting in the back seat, gets shaken to hell. The virbration is unbelieveable. I finally got their stupid mechanic to check it and that had to replace something. I had told them repeatedly when I first purchased the car that there was a problem with the system.
    All the time when I get into the car, either "Check Tire Pressure" or Check coolant level" comes on, I also have lights that are out and two back windows that won't roll up. I told them there was some sort of short, Oh also my cd player doesn't work any more claiming mechanical error. I am so sick of this car I have no idea what to to. Nobody will work on this car in Los Angeles. I have been trying to find a mechanic, but so far, no luck. I am just tired of having hot air blown up my [non-permissible content removed]
  • Both times my SRX RWD lost control I did not notice any indicators showing the stabilitrac had engaged, etc. I was too busy reacting to the back end sliding around to my side! Doesn't seem like anyone else had these wet pavement issues?
  • As with JULZ1, I am just leaving a not good situation alone, as I don't want the situation to turn into something worse with some" lug nut" :sick: causing more issues!! :mad:
  • I have had minor symptoms of this occur several times like all of the lights going out on the dash while driving at night on the highway. Or my air condition freaking out, then the lights going dim, etc. However, the exact issue you describe occurred to me this weekend. My steering wheel locked up almost causing me to run into another vehicle. In addition, it would not allow me to take my key out of the ignition! I ended up having to call a Lock Smith because my battery drained out and my doors locked up. Once my hubby boosted back up the battery on Sunday it took the message off. However as I got to work today it did it again! So now my key is stuck in the ignition and I am scared to drive it to the dealership. Someone is going to get severely hurt! I do not want to be a statistic! I will let you know what my dealership tells me! PS I have a 2005 SRX. And just finished paying 7k to have my engine rebuilt last month!!! This car has cost me more money then my first home. This does not sound right... :lemon:
  • The longer I let the stability issue persist the worse it got. It was to the point where it would apply the brakes enough to disengage the cruise control. It never jolted hard enough to cause an accident IMO but who know after time. I took it in and it turned out to be the stability sensor located in the steering wheel. It was not cheap to replace but then again what is cheap to replace on a Caddi. Anyway after they replaced that sensor it solved the problem. I highly recommend if you experience this issue you take it in and get it fixed ASAP. I am really surprised there isn't a recall for it.
  • I have a 2005 SRX with 44000 miles. We live in northern Michigan and get a lot of icy road conditions. The Stability warning has been showing up, but not every time we drive the car? My wife had it come on when she parked on a icy down hill parking space. I called the local dealer and he said I could just ignore it. The dealer also said that the fix is not covered because my car is older that five years.
    I can live with it as long as there is no danger. My wife and I have over sixty years of GM service and would like to continue to support GM. With everything that is going on with the screwing of the salary work force and rewarding the UAW, I think it is time to consider buying a Lexus. I never thought that I would say this.
  • i owned a 2004 cadillac srx V6 AWD and have the same problem with stability system engaged keeps coming on and sometimes you feel the vibration.took it to the dealer and could not find an error code.told me to change rear tires since i put same tires as in front.replaced tires and still the same.i don't know what to do next. any new solution to this problem.
  • I own a 2004 Cadillac SRX V8 and am having the same problem. A message stating "service stability system" comes on every time I drive it. Twice the brakes have locked and made me skid in traffic. I have taken it to a local dealer who said "three different codes came up but we're not certain what the problem really is it will be OK to drive it we'll make some inquiries and get back to you." From what I've read, there needs to be a recall or something done~I would be willing to join a class action suit~this appears to be unsafe and I'm really not comfortable with "it will be OK to drive it."
  • nepcarnepcar Posts: 10
    I have written in this thread several time already. I have a 2004 SRX AWD. I always get the Stability System Engaged" Message with some vibration. Sometimes when I step on the brake it appears that the gears are not aligned. I would get a grunting sound then the "griding" would disappear. I have replaced the steering wheel sensor, wire harness has been repositioned. I replaced tires. Once thing I noticed when the temperature got cold here in Indiana the problem disappeared. Yesterday the temp went back to about 38F and the problem came back. I drove from my house in Carmel to Kokomo and all the Stability System Engaged symptoms were back.


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    edited April 2010
    I just filed a compliant about our 2004 Cadillac SRX's Stability Control Issues on the NHSTA site yesterday 04/10/2010. The site was easy to use it took about 5 minutes to file my compliant.

    Over the past 120 days I've had my 2004 SRX at the Cadillac store a half dozen times with this issue, they've already replaced the steering speed sensor, I've got stock tires and the problem still exists.

    On Saturday without warning the system engaged and jerked me off the road.
  • Four times over the past three days my 2004 SRX traction light has come on. When this happens, I lose the ability to accelerate the gas. The motor continues to run but very roughly. When I turn off the car and restart it, everything seems to be fine. Is this the same problem as the stability issue that I am reading on this site? Also, I have been hearing a "rubbing" sound for the past two months. Any ideas what may be happening? I'm very nervous about driving my car!
  • Exactly the same has been happening to me. It is very frightening when it happens at 75 mph. Dealer couldn't "recreate the problem", that will be $150 please. The list of problems I've had is too long to put here. At least I now know what the problem is and can tell the dealer to fix it. How do we get GM to listen to us? Lesson learned - never buy the first model year of anything. Bought mine new and just put it in the shop again today for bad ignition coil. Fun. :sick:
  • We bought our car 2 years ago and it has been a piece of crap ever since. The turn signal on the drivers front keeps going out and we have had that fixed 2 times. We have had the STABILITY SYSTEM ENGAGED message coming up for about 6 months. I have spoken to several car dealerships and they say there is not a recall for that YET. Of course! They are telling me $500 to replace a sensor if that is the problem but I am not sure with everything that I have read if that will be what fixes it. It jerks you around on the road when the message is displayed. I am scared to even drive the darn thing.I am ready to file a class action law suit.. If anyone is actually moving forward with one please post the information on this message board. I will NEVER buy a Cadillac again and if you are thinking of doing so, be ready for major problems!!
  • I just seen your post about the 2004 SRX. sounds like alot of people have had the same problem. What are you thinking of doing? I hate to not feel safe in what I drive.
    Maybe I should try and trade it just to get rid of the problems. Ours is a V8 and we live in Texas, so it won't pass the inspection test until we get something done. It infuriated me that so many people have had the same issue but they won't step up and fix the problem.
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