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Nissan Versa Engine Problems

sschwsschw Posts: 8

I just purchase a 2007 Nissan Versa in October at 400 miles I started hearing a noise from the engine when the car is idle in gear stopped and the brake is applied. From inside the car is sounds like a constant rattle. I took it to the dealership and they can't figure out what the problem is because this is all new to them. Is anyone else having this problem?????? It's almost like something is loose and when the engine vibrates it's making the rattle it can get very loud a times. It's now at 4000 miles and they still can't figure it out.... Anyone else across the country having or had the same problem?


  • cathy8cathy8 Posts: 37
    I've had my Versa for just over 2 months and absolutely love it. However, this morning I was not impressed when the engine light came on and the car would not drive faster than 20 KM. I drove it immediately to the dealership with my 4 way flashers on.

    Apparently when there is a problem that could damage the engine the light comes on and stops the car from going any faster than 20 KM. Their computer check indicated a problem with the throttle. They checked the throttle and it was fine. They cleaned off some throttle connecters and it began to work fine. They do not know what was definitely wrong but suspect it had something to do with the cold weather.

    So, whether it was actually cleaning the connection that helped or having the car in a warm building for 1 hour that fixed the problem they do not know.

    If it was the cold weather causing the problem I'll not be happy. I live where it is cold 5 nonths of the year and I bought a new car to make sure I had a reliable vehicle. Has anyone else had this happen?
  • Two things to remember when buying a car at 400 miles are:

    1. Why was the seller getting rid of the car (i.e. accident, drove it crazily.

    2. Maybe the clutch has been worn down, mostly because the rattling could be the clutch hitting the transmission, or could be the engine connection (the power convertor) loose because of an accident. Either way, take it to the dealership and ask them to take a look at the frame and the clutch.
  • sschwsschw Posts: 8
    I purchase the brand new.. The car had 25 miles on it. It was not used! The noise started at 400 miles.


  • I had a different problem but similar to yours. My Versa would make a clunk sound when i go over a bump or on rough surface. It sounds like it's coming from the front somewhere. Dealer couldn't locate it because the sound comes once in a while.
  • my versa wouldn't start one day on a cold afternoon. I tried it for a couple times and was about to call service but decided to give it one more shot and held the key in there for a good 5-7 seconds and eventually started it but thick white smoke coming out smelling like gasoline. I let it warm for 10 minutes and it's working fine now.
  • sschwsschw Posts: 8
    Well, it's still at the dealership... It's been there since Thursday. It's now Sunday... They thought it was the engine mount. They ordered the part, had it shipped overnight and installed it on Friday.....and the noise is still there!!!! I guess I will get an update on Monday. They are trying to call down to the Nissan Versa Engineers in CA..., but the Engineers are not returning the Dealership's phone calls... I hope they can locate this problem... It sounds like they are having trouble because the car is so new to the market. They gave me rental car.. I know the Dealership is trying their best.... I will keep you update...
  • sschwsschw Posts: 8
    I picked up the Versa last night. Dealer said the problem was fixed. They replaced one engine mount and another one was not sitting correctly. They tightened up the mounts. I drove it home and no noise when I stopped at the lights. However, this morning the car was cold. I drove it to the top of my hill and stepped on the brake and the noise is back! Depressing! I drove it to the next red light and the noise is still there. When the car heated up and stopped, the noise was not there. It is going back to the Dealership Thursday night. They want the car when it is cold. I hope they can find out what the problem is. It is not happening all the time now.. It is just when the engine is cold. Are they sure, it doesn't have anything to do when the brake is applied? It only happens when the brake is applied? Any suggestions? I will keep you posted...
  • Sorry to read your Nissan Versa french-mobile is causing you grief. :sick:
    Nissan should never have been allowed to sneak Renaults :lemon: back into our country.

    Next time remember...

  • you know your problem is very similar to mine now. The sound only comes when the car is cold ( when the temperature blue light is still on) i dont think its the brake. My ally is terrible and i would go slowly down, i would hear the noise. From what i can hear on the inside, it sounds like the noise is coming from the left suspension or shock. My car would pull slightly to the left, so i took the car back for service and they changed the strut bar and had a wheel alignment. By today the noise is still there. keep me up to date of what is going on with your car.
  • jan18jan18 Posts: 1
    I purchased the Versa this summer and it has been ok. Wind shield washers seemed a little anemic, but worked. I live in Michigan, as soon as it started getting cold washers stopped working. Dealer said I put plain h2o and they froze. I didn't.
    Recently did a trip to Colorado and back on 80. Could have gotten killed, washers barely worked. I filled with the good to 20 bellow washer fluid I use in other vehicles and dealer says that will still freeze. Right now their attitude seems to be, too bad its not a good design and I guess the washers won't work when its cold out. Has anyone else had this problem? This is a real safety hazard. If this is the best they can do I want to get rid of the car. :sick:
  • sschwsschw Posts: 8

    I wanted to give everyone an update. The car went back to the dealership again! They can't fix it. They have tried.. They are calling in a Nissan Field Engineer now from the New England Area... The gave the Engineers measurements over the phone. The noise is now happening again when the car is warm. Stop at a light, press the brake and push the window button and the noise starts up.! Hate this! They are calling me tomorrow to schedule for me to bring it back again... When the Engineer is coming to RI. I will keep everyone posted. Wish me luck! I just want the noise to go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bibikbibik Posts: 1
    Hi everybody!

    I am a (used to be happy) owner of a 2007 Nissan Versa. I bought the car in November 2006 and now it has 6500 km on its odometer.

    About a week ago it started to having problem with the engine start. Sometimes (not always!) I have to crank the engine for a minute or so to get it started. And sometimes it just starts instantly! The problem happens on a cold or hot a engine - does not matter. Sometimes the engine starts with no problem whatsoever at -20 C, sometimes (like today) I had to jump-start it because I had killed the battery after a couple of minutes of cranking.
    Today I went for a first service (oil change) and told the dealership about the problem. They tried to help, but at this particular time the engine was starting with no indication of any problems.
    They run a full diagnostic on the car and came up with nothing. They called Nissan Help Line and got no information about the issue. But they told me that now on the Nissan has opened a "file" on my car and they want me to gather the statistic data when and how often the engine is failing to start. Well, I am not too happy about that task, but looks like I have to do this if I want my car fixed.
    I run a search on the Internet and found a few complain about the similar problem. On this particular forum here cathy8 is describing something similar.

    Why am I created this topic? I want to gather information from other people. If somebody has similar experience, please tell your story. Especially if you know fix for the problem. I am not trying to blame Nissan ([non-permissible content removed] happens). My goal is to help them (Nissan) to fix my car.

    I will appreciate any feedback!


    P.S. English is my third language, so please be tolerant.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Your English is fine... no problems understanding your post.
  • I am having this same problem where there is a rattling noise near the front right tire when I hit a bump. It has been doing this since we bought the car and 3 dealers have looked at it and can't find the problem. Have you figured out your problem yet? What have the dealers told you?
  • sschwsschw Posts: 8
    Another update...
    It's going back tonight 2/19.. The Nissan Field Engineer is coming to the dealership tomorrow.. Oh.. Please I hope he finds the problem. The engine noise is back again when the car is warm. Car is stopped at a light and the brake is applied. The Engine light is back on again!!! It came back on two days ago.. I will keep everyone posted... This is hell! :(
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I would hardly blame Nissan for washer fluid.

    Next time you are out, go to Walmart and get a bottle of Prestone windshield washer fluid additive. It's a clear bottle with clear liquid that you add to the washer fluid to prevent freezing. I would add this once the car is warmed up and the fluid is not frozen. It cost about $1.89 for a 16 oz. bottle.

    It's basically the same stuff they add to the washer fluid to make it "winter mix" but concentrated. Works great. I would get a couple of bottles to have on hand for future use.
  • I found that my Versa's engine would occasionally not turn over easily after it had been initially started, driven and then turned off. I read in the manual that "warm starts" might be a problem if you are using any fuel with ethanol in it. In this part of Ontario Canada, ethanol is being added to most fuel, often it is not even mentioned on the pumps. At this point in time, I have contacted Nissan and complained that they would put a car on the market that is difficult to buy fuel for. I have to buy expensive Shell V Power gas or find small gas stations that have not changed over yet. I believe that it is a now a requirement that gas should be about 10 percent ethanol from what I can gather. I called Nissan about this last Friday and today being Monday night, I plan on calling them within the next couple days. I am very upset that Nissan would not consider fuel type in putting this car on the market where Ethanol abounds and straight gas is hard to find. I am wondering if I will have to try to pressure them for a recall or go to some of the Market Place type shows and the media to look into this possibly irresponsible behaviour of Nissan. I hope that Nissan has an easy answer. Could this be the problem for other Versa owners?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Typically the owner's manual states what kind of gas is acceptable for a car. What does the Versa's manual say about gas with, say, 10% ethanol? That is very common in the U.S too, especially in winter. I think in my area (Twin Cities) many stations use that blend all year long.
  • The owner manual states that you can try gasoline mixtures with up to 10 percent ethanol but that if you have problems, such as difficulty with warm starts, like I have, then go back to gasoline fuel only.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    That's cool. Maybe they could add, "If going back to gasoline fuel only requires you to move to a different state, Nissan is not responsible for any relocation costs." :sick:
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