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Nissan Versa Engine Problems



  • Hey Cathy yes that is a shame that 1992 sivick was totaled. What year was the honda was it the first moddle year of that car that is y. so yea it has alwas bin like that bying a car. it is just a few years a go there was no internet to look at every car and see the good and bad of every car make and moddle. Keep us updated let us no what happens Thankyou Marco.
  • It is good you are Keeping the wife happy. What did you do with the virsa trade it in for sumthing elce. What car are you going to get your wife Now. what car is she intrested in. Keep us updated. Thankyou so mutch Marco.
  • I have had to sometimes pump my gas pedal before starting my 3 month old Versa to get the car to start. Took it to the dealer today and they ordered a fuel pump.

    The Manager told me it is a known problem with all Versas that the fuel pumps need to be replaced. I asked if there was a recall and he said no, that Nissan was handling it as a service advisory.

    You all may want to contact your dealer to find out about this.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,624
    You folks with misbehaving fuel pumps may want to file a complaint with the NHTSA. For example...there have been problems reported with fuel pumps on some 2008 Elantras. In some cases, the cars have suddenly slowed on a highway or in an intersection, which could be very dangerous. If the NHTSA gets complaints on the Versa's fuel pump, it would likely open an investigation which could lead to a recall action, and address the problem for all concerned.
  • Already did that, What angers me is that they know it is a problem with the fuel pumps - accordign to the service manager, they all have the problem - and aren't doing anything unless you mention you are having a problem.
  • I deduce from the instructions about changing spark plugs that you have to drain the coolant because you have to REMOVE the intake manifold to get to the spark plugs. Some here have gotten some of the parts out of the way, but still could not access the plugs, because they haven't yet removed the intake manifold. If the manifold is removed without draining some coolant from the engine first, evidently it will all over the top of the engine when you loosen / remove the intake manifold.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Can someone get me the link for this service bulletin, as my kid's '09 Versa is having this problem alot lately and they need to see the bulletin in writing to do it.
    TIA folks for any help with this matter

    The Sandman :mad:
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808

    That's a link to our Edmunds page on recalls and TSBs. Only thing I've been able to find through more digging is:

    Versa (C11) 07-09


    * IF YOU CONFIRM: The engine needs to be cranked for a long time (4-10 seconds) before the engine starts. And Fuel system pressure after engine shutoff drops lower than 200 kPa (29 psi) after 30 minutes time. ACTION: Replace the fuel pressure regulator. See the Service Procedure for instructions on replacing the fuel pressure regulator.

    Your dealer should be able to pull up that TSB though.


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    I haven't been to this forum or thread for a long time, and just seen your comments/questions. I will do my best to answer:

    I'm really jazzed on a Cube as my next car but NOT if it is a mirror image of the Versa. I'll look to a Fit or new Insight, perhaps.

    It depends upon what you mean by "mirror image." Personally, I wouldn't use this phrase when comparing the Cube with the Versa/Tiida.

    The Cube that we get will be fitted with a CVT, right?

    Correct. 6MT will also be available on the NA Cube.

    Different engine or same?

    The same engine as the Versa's, you mean? If so, yes. It will be MR18DE.

    Cube is made in Japan - is the Versa assembled in NA?

    Correct on both fronts. The NA Cube, as all Cubes so far have been, will be assembled at the Oppama Works in Japan, whereas the NA Versa is being assembled at the Aguascalientes facility in Mexico.

    Is there a JDM version of the Versa that is different?

    Actually, the Versa is the NA version of the Tiida, with the NA market-specific tuning and slightly different sheetmetal.

    Are there Renault parts on the NA Versa?

    It depends on what you mean by the "Renault" parts. As you know, many Nissan cars use the same global platform as the Renault. The Cube, as with the Versa, uses the B platform which is also used in the Renault Clio III and Modus. This platform is the most widely used in the Nissan cars and was jointly developed by Nissan and Renault.
  • Thanks jacksan1 for the feed back. Great that the Cube is built in Japan.

    Just as a follow-up : What are some of the specific QC or reliability weaknesses in the Versa that have been ID'd by the auto media and owners that could pop-up in the Cube if they share the same engine (and whatever other components) that I should weigh in my buying decision?

    I realize the Cube isn't even here yet in NA but would still appreciate advice / perspective. Thanks.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    The Tiida in Japan has been very reliable. The Versa has been average to somewhat below average in this department. My theory is that the problem lies with the assembly plant (including sourcing of components), and not with the engineering of the car. Aguascalientes, where the Versa is being built, does have an unfortunate record of producing poorly built Nissans in the past. If my theory holds, then the Cube, that is being built in Japan, should be just fine as far as the reliability is concerned.
  • amanijaroamanijaro Posts: 1
    can anyone give me some pros/cons on either the CVT or automatic transmission for the Versa? i'm not sure why i should buy one over the other except that it looks like the CVT gets a slightly better city gas mileage. also, it is almost 1,000 more expensive at this dealer i was going to go to: Nissan of St Augustine. is that standard pricing for the CVT?

    thanks for the advice!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Do you want a fanbelt, or gears?

    How many miles do you intend to drive it, before you sell it or trade it in?
  • Did you (or anyone else) ever get any answers from Nissan on what was causing the problem or what they were willing to do about it? I have a 2008 Versa and am experiencing the same problem. I was halfway through dialing AAA before it finally started. Not what I need when I'm working out of town on a holiday weekend!
  • motorridermotorrider Posts: 8
    first they replaced the transmission (replaced not repaired) it was supposedly sent to Nissan. Less than 2 days later it did the same thing and then they repalced the the computer control unit for the transmission (tcm)-- by that time my wife was unsure of the cars reliability and she found a different car --
  • garydcrgarydcr Posts: 3
    Most dealers know now that there is a fuel pressure regulator problem with some Versas.
  • garydcrgarydcr Posts: 3
    Most dealers now know that some Versa's have a fuel pressure regulator problem. This is a seperate part and not part of the fuel pump.
  • I bought a 2007 Versa in July 2006. The first year, it spent more time in the dealer's garage than mine....complete new A/C system, BCM replaced, rear main oil seal leak, TPM re-set 7 times. The dealer and Nissan engineers always took care of us but really inconvenient. The car has now been trouble-free for the last 30,000 miles.
    Thanks for the plug change info. Denso iridium plugs are expensive but with the hassle involved in changing them I will spend the extra money for their longer life.
  • Hi Cathy

    Not sure what happened to you in the end BUT I had exactly the same problem with my 07 Versa. I ended up taking it in 10 times to the dealership and being patted on the head and told there was nothing wrong with CVT transmissions and I was crazy. They had to replace the entire transmission in my Versa. SO I took it back to the dearlership and said I was not going to pay for a new car that would need to have its transmission replaced within 6 months! They rolled my lease into a new 2008 Versa fully loaded, however in the summer I started expierencing new electrical problems with my new car, my ABS light would go on, and my hatch would sound like it was unlocking and locking on its own. It would even do it when the car was shut off and I was standing 3 feet from it! I took it in to my dealership they told me the hatch had been slammed and needed to be adjusted. I told them it was an electrical problem, and sure enough the very next day it did it again. The worst part was when the hatch would lock and unlock on its own it would either be totally sealed shut OR not lock at all causing the Alarm to go off!!! Now just this week it wouldn't start at minus 12 degrees. SO I think Nissan Versas are JUST BAD CAR's I am having to start arbitration myself I can't pay for a car for another 4 years that is brand new and is already bad!!! Did you end up getting yours fixed???? :sick:
  • Just to start my 2007 versa has had alot of issues, the aircondition/ heat cable was broken at the first week of ownership. Then again the replacement of the a/c control in the dash. Then 3 times to get the service engine light out for good ( it was the evap system problem) then the carpet was completly replaced due to the drivers side hard plastic area on foot area coming off. Note new carpet does not have the hard plastic area covering the carpet anymore. The steering wheel replaced the material was coming apart . The front struts upper mount replaced due to making a lot of noise when going over any bumps.Clips at the back seat latch area changed out twice due to breaking.Then the airbag light switch light stayed on after they serviced it. Then the airbag switch fell into the dash had to get it reinstalled. Now I have to bring it in due to no start for about 25 seconds of cranking several times. Wow is this enough............
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