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Nissan Versa Engine Problems



  • Ok, I seem to be having the same problem with my CVT transmission acting sluggish at take off with the high RPMs and of coarse when I take it to the dealership it will not do it while there. Many people have posted having this problem, but I have yet to find somone who has posted how to fix it or what the actual cause is. Has anyone on here figured this out so the rest of us can tell the dealership where to look and where to start. I keep getting the same run arround of we have to get it to recreate the problem before we can do anything. I live an hour away from the dealership, and will have trouble getting it there while doing it, and it will probably just quit doing it on the hour trip there. Please help the rest of us figure out the solution. Thanks!
  • I have been looking for the answer to this problem in my 07 Versa. Many others have posted the same issue. It is really sluggish at take off with high RPMs and the gas pedal down hard. It does not do it continuosly. But it is getting more and more often. So the dealership says that they will need to recreate the problem, and since it will not do it for them, they can not do anything about it. Has anyone who has had this problem gotten it figured out and fixed. What is the cause and the remedy? Thanks, Mike
  • Any chance you drive using both feet, one on the brake and the other on the gas. If the computer senses the brake light on it makes the CVT sluggish. In a few cases the brake switch was badly adjusted causing the problem rather than light pressure on the brake pedal keeping the brake switch on and confusing the CVT.

    Frank 2009 Versa S sedan MT-6 with 16700 mi & 33.7 MPG overall average.
  • This post is an update to the first post regarding my Nissan Versa. I finally authorized the Nissan dealership to break down the engine so they could determine if the sludge build up was due to my negligence (not changing the oil) or to a defect with the engine. Although I was able to produce all the receipts for oil changes, they had to go through the process of breaking the engine down, taking pictures, and then sending the report off to Nissan Corporate. They came back to tell me that there was a problem with the engine that cuased the build up of sludge. They agreed to replace the engine at their expense. Now, the only reason that they did that was because I had purchased an Extended Warranty when I bought the car new. I believe after reading more posts about engine problems that there is a defect in these engines. I urge everyone who has had to spend money to have their engine replaced to contact their states Attorney General's office and file a complaint. Hold on to your receipt as this may be a problem that may be addressed down the road and perhaps you will be able to get a settlement from Nissan. Today I noticed that there are rust spots on the body of the car. This should not be happening to a 2 year old car. I can't help but think that Nissan took some huge shortcuts when they built these cars and the problems are now starting to come out.
  • Hello,

    I received my new Versa 1.8L SL with CVT transmission in July 2010, - brand new.

    I am beginning to think that I received a lemon! :lemon:

    Everything went wwell until mid September 2010 when I had 3289 km on it, and I statred to notice strange noises. A whistling noise was coming from the underside of the car. This whistling noise became more pronounced when I would be decelerating coming to a stop. It is very annoying.

    In addition, after statring the car, and leaving the curb, shortly thereafter, a clunking noise could be heard from underneath the car towards the back of the car.

    I immediately took this car to my Nissan dealership as I leased the car from Nissan, and technically I consider it their car.

    On September 12, 2010, the service department took it for a test run, and stated that teh whistling noise is normal for teh CVT transmission, and that they could not hear the clunking noise. They recommended that I continue to observe the car, and they would look at [non-permissible content removed] on teh next oil change.

    It is now Nov. 3, 2010, and I took it in again to the Nissan dealership for the whistling noise and the clunk clunk noise which now shortly after the electronic locks have locked.

    The President of this dealership actually took it on the test drive with me, and stated that he could not hear any noises. When the clunk produced itself he did not hear it, and he then test drove another new Nissan Versa SL with CVT transmission with me, and he heard no noises.

    I stated that I was being treated as a "crazy female". He then had his CVT expert mechanic and another service manager go for a test drive with my car. I also went along and sat in the back of the car. From the back of the car, it was hard to hear any whizzing noise coming from "Whistling Dixie"; however the two service reps that came with us sat in teh front, and they said that they could hear a slight whistling noise. ---- I was told THIS IS NORMAL FOR THE CVT TRANSMISSION!

    I have also started to notice the smell of antifreeze in the passenger compartment. This only happens rarely. My brother has suggested to me that it might be a very slight leak somewhere, when a drop hits the hot engine compartment, and the smell of antifreeze comes into the car.

    I am now monitoring my anti - freeze level. Since September I have stopped listening to the radio bcause I must listen to all teh strange noises the car is making.

    The clunk clunk noise which used to be only from the back of the car is now sometimes coupled with additional noise under the front of the car.

    I am getting fed up with this car, and I am getting fed up being told that all this is normal.

    The service centre is giving me the run around, wanting to confirm that my winter tires were included. The president asked that my contract be "unearthed from last July, and so it was finally ressurected.

    I am not impressed with my Nissan dealership "What kind of service is this?

    Nissan Japan should be ashamed of this kind of treatment of customers.

    Please repond I need help!!!! :lemon:

    Whistling Dixie :lemon:
  • incredible that you had to replace the engine! Did you have any whistling noise and clunk ckunck noise with your car?

  • lostwrench1lostwrench1 Ct.Posts: 476
    Are not the Versas made in Mexico and not Japan?
  • Yes, Versas sold in the US are made in Mexico. Perhaps everyone who has been having major problems with theirs got cars assembled on May 6th.

    Not really joking, I had that happen with my first car. Had so many problems with it I made the dealer take it back.
  • cvt versa runs below 2500 rpm at 65 mph..
  • my car is a 2008 nissan versa with cvt transmission. i have 155k miles. its normal for the cvt to not accelerate after jamming really hard on the brakes that has cause a wheel 2 lock maybe. i noticed that if i slam on the brakes really hard and come 2 a stop; when i try 2 take off with my foot all the way on the floor it revs 2 about 2800rpm and stays there for about 7 seconds like the parking brake is on and then suddenly the rpms shoot to 5500rpm and takes off...! I mean idk if its normal but i think it's a cvt thing. i remember an automtive magazine testing an altima with cvt and they mentioned that after an emergency brake stop the car didnt want 2 take off again..
  • Check the forum on Altima with CVT transmission, - there are a # of posts on there re: lack of accekeration/safety with the CVT.

    Why doesn't Nissan just fix there problems!!

    Who wants a new lemon!!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • hey forum
    i have a 2007 versa sl sedan, i have 90,000 miles and love this car but unfortunately the car won't start after i drove it to my brothers house. my mechanic for 15 years said that it could be the crank or cam shaft sensor. he replaced both of them with nissan original parts but it still didn't start.... he unplugged the cam shaft or crank shaft sensor and it started running perfectly but when he plugged it back in it shut off... so he did it again then it didn't start but after a couple of tries it started again but this time he used a scanner and tried to override the sensor so he can plug it in after that was done he plugged it back in then turned on the sensor with the scanner it shut off again wtf...he told me to take it back to the dealer b/c they have the computer diagnostics to repair but for five days they had no clue what to do so on the fifth day and $400 in parts and towing and $400 in rental they want me to get a new engine i said again WTF it is a sensor part not the engine...i need help before i go crazy...i'm on my way to the dealership now to give them a peice of my mind. i will update on what happens... :confuse:
  • It seems the Nissan dealerships, who are supposed to be the experts on their own cars, are pretty clueless about anything other than replacing a wiper blade. :( I keep reading here about dealerships replacing engines, instead of fixing the problem. I guess competent labor is just too expensive ?
  • I have a 2010 Nissan Versa that is a few months old. The service engine soon light has come on 3 times. Been given the old "loose gas cap" routine. Now, they say it is bad gas. Codes shows "Fuel System Lean". Dealer wants $250 to drain the gas and put new gas in. I have been driving about 40 years and never had "bad gas" before. Is this a reasonable solution?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    Could be reasonable. A large number of check engine lights are due to gas gap issues. But if the cap is OK, I suppose it could be bad gas. "Fuel System Lean" seems like it could mean several things related to the fuel system beyond "bad gas", but changing the gas would seem to be the simplest. This is just me, but before I'd pay $250 to drain and replace the gas, I'd try to siphon the tank myself (into appropriate containers of course) and run a couple of tanks of gas to see if that cleared things up.

    Cold weather may also be in play here

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  • Sounds like a bogus solution to me. Obviously if the car runs OK, you could just change brands of gas and see what happens. $250 is outrageous.

    Please let us know what happens ! Good Luck !
  • i saw the sluggish issue popping up a lot here, step on the gas, nothing happens.

    i had this issue, but it was linked to leaving my car sit for two weeks with 1/4 - 1/2 tank of gas. It was about a week after I bought my car.

    Water got into my gas tank, and after driving it for 30-45 minutes (and putting in gas cleaner) it fixed it.

    did this at the suggestion (driving) of the dealership mechanic.

    this is probably in these forums somewhere, but nissan dealerships have their servicing WAY overpriced. i got ripped off for the last time at the 30k servicing and have never gone back.
  • monti2000monti2000 Posts: 13
    My brands new Nissan Versa 1.8L SL CVT developed noises at 3200 km.

    The CVT makes a WHINING NOISE which is most irritiating. The dealer said that this is normal for the CVT. Technical Services said that they cannot do anything about it.

    The ABS braking system makes a CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK NOISE on leaving the curb. Technical Services told me that this is normal as the ABS system is calibrating itself. CLUNKING NOISES occur right after the automatic door locks kick in.

    The ABS system makes a strange metal to metal CLANKING noise when stopping on ice with lots of vibration at the brake poedal. Technical Services told me that this was normal for ABS brakes. They asked me if I had hjad ABS brakes before. I told them that yes I had, and that there was never any of this metal to metal CLANKING NOISE when stopping on ice. It does not instill confidence when braking. You feel like the car is falling apart.

    Another strange noise occurs from time to time where something grabs from the back of the car to teh brake pedal in the front whether or not you have your foot on the brake pedal.

    GAS MILEAGE Is misrepresented in the brochure, I am getting about 1/2 of the documented gas mileage.

    How can Nissan sell such shoddy product?

    I am very disappointed in my purchase and in Nissan.

    I would not recommend this car.
  • monti2000monti2000 Posts: 13
    Hi Forum, :mad: :lemon:

    I haven't had time to come and look at your posts in the last few months, but here I am again.

    I have dealt with Nissan Technical Services, and they are pretty lame. They told me that the WHINING NOISE with the CVT transmission is normal, and that there is nothing they can do about it. They told me that the CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK NOISES coming from the ABS system is normal, and that there is nothing that they can do about it.

    The metal to metal CLANKING NOISES coming from the ABS when braking on ice is also normal, and there is nothing that they can do about it. They asked me if I had had ABS on my other cars. I have had cars with ABS brakes, and there is no metal - metal CLANKING noise when braking on ice. This thing feels like the car is going to fall apart. :lemon:

    Pedestrians have looked over at me and my car with the WHINING NOISE from the CVT and also with the metal - metal CLANKING ABS noise when braking on ice. :lemon:

    The CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK noise from the ABS self calibration has also had some pedestrians look at the car.

    I been reading some of the Versa Forum posts again, and it amazes me to see that Nissan would actually allow their customers to get this pist off at them.

    They have 7% DEFECTS in their production, and their Technical Services Representative told me that he was not aware of this 7% DEFECTS. I told him that the Financial Representative at my dealership had told me about this when he was trying to sell me the extended 5 year warranty.

    I was glad that the Financial Representative had told me about the 7% DEFECTS, and I took the extended warranty.

    Please note that other Versas which we had rented did not make these noises. Had the Versas I test drove had these noises, I would never had purchased the Versa.

    My own brand new Versa was fine for the first 3200 km, - no noises. Then it began making noises in early September 2010.

    Nissan needs to get with their quality program and perhaps think less of catchy marketing gimmicks like let's Shift_Innovation.

    Before we innovate, can we get the basics right? - like the transmissions and the brakes???

    I don't recommend this car to anyone.

    What's with all the rattles and noises on a new car at 3200 km????
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