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Honda Pilot Transmission Problems



  • We own a 2010 Honda Pilot, bought 10 months ago. We had a 2005 Odyssey with ECO before that. So far, we have not noticed the problem you have stated, or at least thought anything we noticed like that was a problem. But I watch these forums for useful information just in case.
  • I took my 2011 pilot for an inspection, i bought it less than 1 month ago and have 370 miles. The mechanic put it up on a lift and told me that my transmission is leaking. I took a pic and called the honda dealer to get it serviced.
    The mechanic said that he noticed this issue on the new honda pilots and the more you drive it the worse the problem (leak) will get.

    Does anyone else have this issue?
  • Having the same identical issues Same Vehicle ... Identified the issues shortly after driving it off the lot. The dealer has been very accomodating and if fact replaced the Torque Converter which has not corrected the problem still .. All updates welcome
  • Same deal with my 2003 Pilot. Only it started to fail at 65K miles. I did all the scheduled maintenance and never towed. Never drove it hard. Honda is the next Toyota, only worse. Big cover up. They are no longer reputable. They won't admit a major design and safety flaw with these transmissions. Where's the lawsuit and big law firms. This is easy money for them. Never buy a Honda again. They've lost it!!!!!
  • I had a 03 that was recalled for the Tranny to install a larger line or something, and never had a problem with it for 5 years. Bought a 09 with the cylinder shut-off and never noticed really when it was running on 3 or 6 cylinders. It was transparent, I got rid of the vehicle after 6 months because I did not care for all of the cheap plastic parts, and the worst looking dash board in the history of Honda. There were other issues, but the drive train was great.
  • As the investogation has continued, the Toyota problem has turned out to be poor drivers (see link). I view that whole situation as a buying opportunity, because Toyota has been offering incentices that we haven't seen from them for years. html
  • pudgeypudgey Posts: 3
    My 2003 honda pilot had a transmission failure and there was a recall on the trany that honda claimed they fixed????? Now my pilot has 110,000 miles with a rebuilt trany , honda claims it was my fault and wanted to charge me 5,500 to fix the problem??? I fixed it myself with a local dealer for 4,000. Can anyone help with information on how to hold honda responsible? I have read my complaints about honda on this site is there any legal action or help like a boycott or the press that is willing to help???

  • We had the SAME thing happen with our 2003 Honda Pilot ! The transmission failed while my daughter and I were on the highway and we were lucky we did not get into an accident. The dealer we got it from refuses to do anything to help us look into the matter and wanted to charge us over $7000 to fix it. We ended up having our mechanic do it and still had to spend $5400. It only had 115,000 km on it. We have all the parts that they took out and are trying to reach a "local" Honda rep as the customer service center in Canada is of NO HELP when we call. We have found that our VIN did have a tranny recall and the dealer will not provide us with any info. UGH. WILL NEVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN. EVER !
  • Your lucky your transmission lasted that long. They replaced my transmission for the same cost. The rebuilt transmission lasted 2 weeks and less than two hundred miles before the drive light started to flash. No kidding here. The service code came up with torque converter failure. At least the replacement was under warranty. Cover it up Honda. Won't buy your cars again!
  • Please check into the recent history of Toyota recalls over the last few years. The accelerator issue is only one of many recalls and problems with Toyota's vehicles. I took a look at the 4Runner a couple of months ago. This model is one of the worst selling models in the last few years and there wasn't anything attractive being offered as far as incentives go.

    Point is that Toyota has admittedly been slow to fess up to problems and Honda is doing with these transmission FAILURES! Yes, failure of the transmission is a big deal.
  • pudgeypudgey Posts: 3
    Is there any legal help out there that can combat Honda and show its failures?
  • Every car maker has recalls. There are more valid ways to rank reliability. This week, Consumer Reports came out with a new study showing the best and worst vehicles by brand. In the top six of the overall reliability rankings: Honda (#4) and Toyota (#6). y-best-and-worst-vehicles-by-brand.html
  • just so you know, the MDX's had the same problem. I get MDX updates because my '01 failed tranny at $74K miles and Acura did NOTHING to help us but offer to charge us $4500 for a fix. We fixed it elsewhere but low and behold, within a few months (and only a few hundred miles), the noises started back up. We went and got a 2011 Pilot b/c we love our Honda dealership/salesperson and spent a wad on a touring. I am shaking in my boots. We also have an '08 Oddesey with ECO and it has 25K miles and no issues thus far. I am so disappointed. There is an article out on these things by the way....and there is the beginnings of class action discussion on the MDX website for whomever is interested. Here is an article one of the forum folks sent over recently....:
    it supposedly applies to Pilots too, they just don't specify the years. I was hoping that the later models would be ok but apparently not. Looks like we too will never, ever buy another Honda/Acura product and we have been loyal for years.
  • montyamontya Posts: 14
    Folks, I am newbie.. have been a sedan guy all along...until now, when our family has grown with 2 kids. I am looking for sitting space for 6 people (4 adults + 2 kids) and cargo..(2 suitcases, 1 stroller, small bags etc.). What would you guys recommend ? I have driven the Odyssey but not the Pilot yet. Price wise I would like to settle with a vehicle in & around $30K OTD.

    Thanks & Cheers ! :)
  • OMG!!!

    I have the exact same problem and my local mechanic figured out that it could be related to the recall of the vehicles up to 2003. Now of course Honda has come back and said that it does not implact my 2004 Pilot and wanted me to take it to the dealer to have it checked out. I have the same motor mount and Torque Converter issue and they say that my tranny needs to be replaced at $4500, waiting for the Honda CS to call me back right now, but having the knowledge that this has impacted others will hopefully help me out in dealing with them.

    Thanks fellas!
  • So American Honda will cover some of my costs for replacing the tranny. The bloated estimate from the dealer is $4350 for a rebuilt tranny replacement. Honda basically wants me to pay half. Should I be excited about this? There's no arguing with the customer service guy, he's got his script down pat saying that I am out of warranty and that since it lasted 1/2 its usable life, I should be happy to pay 1/2 for it. I about wanted to reach through the phone and wring his neck. I absolutely would have bought another SUV if I had known that this thing would have issues starting at 70k. I think I could have easily purchased a domestic SUV for $3k/$4k less and gotten more miles out of it.

    Anyone have thoughts on getting Honda to pay more for it? I wouldn't mind paying for labor, but they need to at least throw in the tranny instead of covering all their costs and just removing their 50% markup on parts and labor...
  • nj62nj62 Posts: 1
    Our carefully treated, self maintained with all maintenance schedule work done 2004 Honda Pilot LX transmission died last month at 91,000.
    Dealer estimate $4,500 for a rebuilt installed!
    Honda regional gave me a real hard time but after several letters and half a dozen calls to national, got a deal for $2,100. My take: They know there is a problem and will give you an at cost replacement if you make enough noise.
  • lg2207lg2207 Posts: 28
    Hi There-
    Just called my dealer here in NJ- my '08 Pilot EX with 29K miles- wont shift from D to D3- from any position; Park or slow moving from D. Is my trans shot? I have an appt for a test ride with a tech on Monday. My shift lever does not have a button. I am out of bumper to bumper and assume this is still powertrain- hopefully they wont give me some cock and bull story or runaround. Thoughts?
  • tim170tim170 Posts: 1
    Took my 2011 pilot in for vibration from torque converter at various speeds with eco on and off seems to be around 1.5 to 2 on the tach. 3 computer techs from cal said car is normal. "Customer is feeling torque converter lock and the cylinder cancellation at roughly the same time, causing it to be more pronounced. No repair scheduled at this time." Great so I now purchased a $30k plus car that shakes. Friend has same car and do not notice the problem. I am going to keep pursuing this issue with the dealer.
  • I have an 04 Pilot that hesitates when stepping on throttle after being in park for an hour. Engine is still warm . The Engine comes on . It tells me 02 sensors were bad and egr valve
    I replaced them and still have problem. I also replaced fuel pump but same thing. Somebody suggested catalytic convertor . I have 160,000 miles on it . I bought it with 36000 on it. It does not hesitates when cold . weird ??? any thoughts. Also my vtm-4 light occasionaly comes on after hitting a bump but eventually goes out. I can`t use 4wd when this light is on. If I shut engine off and restart the light goes off and I can use 4wd again.
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