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Honda Pilot Transmission Problems



  • lionsroarlionsroar Posts: 4
    i apologize, i thought i had seen someone posting about odyssey on this particular post, my bad. Though the principle's remain the same.
  • gatdammitgatdammit Posts: 17
    Great post from a trusted source; however, the central issue is that Honda has taken the route of stating 100K miles out of a transmission is perfectly acceptable. I, as many that have had the misfortune of stumbling upon this forum, am utterly appalled that buying into the Honda umbrella of reliability was so negligently passed off to avoid losing $.

    All of the early generation Odyssey V6 variants (Pilot, Accord, MDX...) we're subject to this inferior transmission. The fact that they issued the jet kit recall to cover their rears was equally insulting. There's a 99% chance that if you experience just one of the symptoms described in this thread, it's not a question of "if" but, "when" your tranny will fail.

    We have topped 300 posts in this forum and I can tell you the Odyssey trail is even worse. This doesn't account for the poor souls that were fleeced by service depts and led to believe it was something they had done wrong.

    So, at what point does it become a brand integrity issue that Honda will assume liability for? I will say it again: KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS! I feel retribution will come about someday.
  • lionsroarlionsroar Posts: 4
    agreed. Its very sad that this has happened with Honda, mind you this has technically happened to about every brand from Ford to Nissan in one way, shape or form. But considering just how much we like Honda around here (at least at our shop) and know they they are great when it comes to engine's in general, i agree that its very frustrating to see so many with the Trans. problem; hopefully soon they will end their bean counting ways and finish what they started in creating the family vehicle.
  • kendall8kendall8 Posts: 28
    thank you,,3rd and 4th gear shifters , about how much should that cost?
  • lionsroarlionsroar Posts: 4
    3rd and 4th gear shifters? i think i'm missing something in context. Is the shop you are working with telling you those need to be replaced or do you feel you have an issue when the car is in 3rd and 4th gear?
  • oldewickoldewick Posts: 1
    On my way home from the dealership, the D started blinking. Why was I at the dealership. Well, to have two motor mounts replaced and the fuel hose to the tank replaced. Total bill, $900.00. The same story as every other person on this site. Be advised, 2004 Honda pilots are trouble. I love the car but I will not pay to have the trans replaced.
  • campkapalacampkapala Posts: 21
    I had to have two motor mounts replaced also. Like you said, just another Pilot problem.
  • kendall8kendall8 Posts: 28
    I dont have a problem w 2005 Pilot transmission YET. 50k miles. I want to PREVENT IT,(IF there is suck a thing) Thank you..
  • southpaw7southpaw7 Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    Need help. Have a 03 pilot and the transmission is giving me fits. Flushed tranny and replaced solenoids. Yesterday would not shift up. Transmission looks like its gone. My question is there any recall still on a 2003 pilot for honda to replaces transmission? The pilot has 92K on it. If no help from honda then how much does a jasper cost roughly? Have had hondas for over 20 years and this is the first major problems with one. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • campkapalacampkapala Posts: 21
    Here is what I know. Honda did recall a certain amount (over a million) Honda Pilots in the years 2003 - 2004. If your VIN number fits in the recall, then provisions have been made for you to have it replaced by Honda. If you fall outside of the VIN numbers - even if you have the transmission problem, like I do - then, you will have to fight with the rest of us to push Honda to take responsibility. Go to the Honda website and check your VIN number to see if you are in the numbers recalled. Hopefully, you are. If not, check back here and follow the posts to see what you could do. There are number of recommendations to improve the condition but no absolute fixes. We need to get Honda to replace the transmissions and the torque convertors. That's the best and most fair fix. It's a defect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • eagleeye3eagleeye3 Posts: 44
    Well, add another potential victim to the transmission problem list. Our 2003 Pilot only has 87,000 miles and we have a shuddering transmission and check engine light. Our mechanic says we have error code P1750. We have changed the transmission oil as scheduled. Going to bring vehicle into Honda tomorrow for their diagnosis. I went to the Honda site and entered my VIN on the Owner's Link site for recall info (2HKYF18533H520501 - took delivery Aug 2002). The 2003-2004 Pilot Automatic Transmission 2nd Gear issue comes up (status = fixed). Is there a separate recall notice that says they will replace your transmission? Is there a different Honda website to check? This SUV has been babied, driven by my wife around town, averaging 9,000 miles a year. Never attached a trailer, never took to the mountains, and never had an accident. Never had much of a problem till now. Car is in very good to almost mint condition. It's going to be comical if Honda says I need a new transmission - especially if one just looks at the external condition of the vehicle. Not sure how they will be able to deliver the message with a straight face.
  • campkapalacampkapala Posts: 21
    You might want to call Honda directly and check on the VIN. I don't think that is the message I got when I entered my VIN in on the site and my car is outside of the recall even though it is a 2004. Maybe you are a lucky one that fits in with the group that can get fixed. If you are not in the recall, follow this thread. One of the messages has a link to a site where you can file a complaint. If enough of us complain, maybe Honda will do something. We were also trying to get a Facebook page going. The Acura people did that and got Honda to issue a bulletin which if I understand it correctly, allowed them to get their transmissions fixed even though it wasn't a recall. I need to check into it further. I emailed the person in charge of the page and he said they were trying to put together a class suit. The lawyers wanted money up front and thats where they stopped.
  • jtsibesjtsibes Posts: 19
    Please make sure you file a complaint with on the There a a lot of us out there with the same problem. Also check out the Facebook group and log it there too...if there are enough of us, hopefully some action will someday happen. Good Luck...thanks
  • campkapalacampkapala Posts: 21
    Which Facebook page did you join?
  • spamman66spamman66 Posts: 6
    I've heard so many issues with the trans, torque converters, pressure switches etc. on the Pilots. I have 2003 Pilot 224K, rebuilt trans at 120K (started to fail with high rev, high jerking on highway). I , NOW, have a rough jerk at 30-40 mph. I have the flashing D, but that started at 150K or so and no other symtoms on the trans. AAMCO thought it was a bad electrical connection due to no error codes, no symptoms. Now, I'm getting VTM-4 light on intermittantly. The flashing D is annoying, but again, no other symptoms.

    My 2004 Odyssey is another story, but just bad quality from Honda. New trans on that at 112K. I had the bad peeling paint (blue) and horrible service from Honda America and locally. Diffinetly my last Honda.
  • mngritsmngrits Posts: 1
    Have a problem: Last week both technician and owner of shop told me I needed to flush my 05 Honda pilot transmission. Talked with owner about flushing the transmission and he said he had a special machine for this-and that it was safe for my car. On Friday the 1st of June took car in at 9am by 1:30 car still was not done-At 3 I was told that they had done a simple drain and fill-that Honda does not recommend flushing?-Ok I asked if they followed the owner's manual with the drain, refill then drive, drain refill then drive then the drain refill-they had not so i had them do it-now 4 days later my D is flashing which means something is wrong with the transmission-could they have tried to flush the transmission? Do I have any recourse?
  • This is very interesting... May I ask you if you were experiencing the "shudder issue" at very low RPMs like 1500 RPMs? The reason I ask is because the shudder only happens for me when I'm at 1500 (or very close to that RPM) and only when I am in normal drive. In D3 the shudder noise does not happen.

    I have a 2004 Pilot and recently replaced my transmission (with a used one) because of a shudder issue. Unfortunately the shudder issue is still there. Could I have purchased a bad transmission or is the issue the torque converter?
  • jtsibesjtsibes Posts: 19
    It happened for me at 35-40 MPH. I never had the flashing "d" light. If you replaced the tranny with the same Honda tranny that has the known problem, it would or could happen again. Sorry.
  • manusrfmanusrf Posts: 6
    I bought my used 2004 Honda Pilot with 59000 miles on it about 3 months ago. I thought it worked great when I bought it. A few weeks after I purchased the car it started to idle roughly and even died a couple of times. In addition it would shudder and not responds to gas at lower speeds. It would also down shift in jolting way intermittently.
    Anyway I have brought it to the dealer and 2 other mechanics and they have replaced the idle control valve twice, MAP sensor, air flow meter, cleaned the egr valve, valve adjustment, new spark plugs, transmission fluid change, new battery, new coolant and thermostat. The car has this problem intermittently.
    Finally a local honda mechanic figured it out today. He says that the torque converter is bad and that it would be 1700 to fix it. I'm wondering if this will actually fix the problem. Is it better to get the whole tranny replaced or is the torque converter by itself fine.
    This car does have a recall on the transmission and a oil heat shield was put in at 2200 miles. Does anyone one know if the torque converter is related to the recall problem.
    Thank You!
  • campkapalacampkapala Posts: 21
    I am not a mechanic but have read many posts on the problem and yes, I thought the converter was a huge part of the problem. If I remember correctly, you can check out the statement Acura made in regards to their tranny's and see that the converter was also included in the fix. Someone posted a pic. of the information on this site. If I can find it, I will repost it here for you to read.

    Are you saying that you are under the recall for Honda's transmission? And, the tranny was replaced at 2200 miles or just the heat shield was replaced?

    If so, could you help the rest of us that are not in the recall to understand just what they will do for you? Maybe post some of the recall paperwork. It would be helpful to see the language and just how they address the situation. Many of us have the exact same problem, but are outside the VIN numbers for the recall. Thanks.

    As for your problem being intermittent, that seems to be most folks beginning problem which escalates from there - sometimes quite quickly.
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