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Honda Pilot Transmission Problems



  • kijam99kijam99 Posts: 4
    Thank you very much for your reply.
  • boomer55boomer55 Posts: 4
    Honda initally told me that a new transmission would run approx. $5500 plus. After reveiwing my impecable mantainance records they were "happy" to inform me that they could reduce the charges to $3200! My husband found a completely refurbished tranny on the internet not far from us for $2100 including shipping, also with 3 year warranty. My mechanic had quoted $2500 to $2700 including labor. Does Honda think I just fell off the turnip truck? My attorney also had a Honda transmission replaced for free. I am meeting with him Monday.
    Have to call Honda back tomorrow so will let you know what happens.
  • kijam99kijam99 Posts: 4
    I took my Honda Pilot 2003 (61,000 miles) to he mechanic yesterday. I was very stress thinking about this possible expense. They told me later on that they just need to replace the transmission fluid. Run it and it was perfectly fine they said. It was a savior but I was still very disappointed with Honda, this car hasn't seen rough roads, driven well yet with low mileage. I am still not sure if I'll take it for a long drive. Battery was totally dead after 1 month I bought it when it was new. Now the remote/door alarm is malfunctioning and I need to get a new SRS switch. Minor things but unusual I will probably trade this one to a Toyota next time. I think you still have a good case to fight your situation. Transmission does not give out just like that and you have more Honda Pilot owners that experienced the same thing. I always had my car service with them. Also, the moment you had another mechanic other than Honda complete the job, it will be something against you.
  • sjnorman4sjnorman4 Posts: 1
    I have had Hondas since 1978. NEVER any major problems. Only minor repairs like brakes. My wife's 2003 Pilot transmission now needs to be replaced, after only 90,000 miles. Car jerks into 2nd gear, after barely making it out of 1st. I just can't believe a transmission could go out this quickly. Checked with two Honda dealers. Not much help there. Took it to AAMCO who estimate between $2400 and $2800. Looking at all these threads on this forum, it appears this is a common problem with the 2003 Pilot. What gets me is it appears Honda QUICKLY issued a recall on this transmission, did a check to cover their A$$ back in 2004, probably knowing there would be issues down the line. That way they can say they "did something" about it. DISAPPOINTED!
  • boomer55boomer55 Posts: 4
    I did have to have a new transmission. Honda lowered the price from $5500. to $3500. out of the goodness of their little hearts. I have filed a complaint with the NHTSB. After we got the "goodwill" offer from Honda Corp, ( negotiated thru the dealer and HC,) the local dealer told us DO NOT try to negotiate a better deal directly or they will take ALL offers back. The dealer also told me that since my maintainance was done elsewhere it counted against me.
    I love my Pilot but will my next car be a Honda? Probably not. Honda needs to own up to this problem!
  • sluhsluh Posts: 1
    2003 Pilot. Bought it used four months ago. Assume tranny was the reason previous owner got rid of this car.
    Tranny fluid replaced with Honda original, looking on the service records - previous owner serviced it at Honda dealer. Tranny shifting hard and slips sometimes. Gets worse after long highway ride.
    Filed complain with NHTSA cause hardly missed another car when slipped when merging highway.
  • baltovetbaltovet Posts: 9
    I took my car to Honda today just for an oil change. I was mentioning about the whine that comes from my transmission (which I was told elsewhere was probably from something being scored inside, but to ignore it) and then got to discussing the transmission problem with the '03 Pilots. The service manager was clueless, as though I just made that up. I then went into detail about how I had to have mine replaced at 138k miles and all the problems I've had since. He told me they have had almost no problems with the Pilots, since they came out after Honda's known transmission problems. I told him to check on the internet to see just how large of a problem it is. Either they are in denial, or Honda is not passing out those technnical service bulletins. I was quited about $6000 by my dealer and ended up going to Aamco. Let's not go there!!! Suffice it to say I would have been better off with my 6K remanufactured Honda transmission (probably).
  • bdp1bdp1 Posts: 6
    Yesterday with no warning, lights,or codes, my wife's Pilot trans began to slip to the point the car was unable to move. Car towed to dealer (end of the day on a Friday). When I arrived on the scene, the car seemed o.k., but a short drive confirmed slipping/hard shifting. Fine. Left car until it can be checked Monday. As I mentioned, no codes, no flashing D, and fluid looked normal. Walking away, looked over my shoulder and noticed a puddle of grease next to the right front wheel. Now I am wondering if there is a failure mode of a CV joint that would yield those symptoms or if I have just hit the double failure jackpot. Won't know until Monday, but I thought I would put this out there for any thoughts or experiences. Thanks.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    wondering if there is a failure mode of a CV joint that would yield those symptoms or if I have just hit the double failure jackpot

    That's curious. Did you notice any other signs of damage on the underside of your wife's Pilot?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • bdp1bdp1 Posts: 6
    I didn't have a chance to investigate further. She claims no previous issues with the car (only with me). I will interview her a bit more regarding classic cv joint noises.
  • bdp1bdp1 Posts: 6
    So, today they (Honda) checked out the car. Thought trans fluid looked strange. Then they drove it. When it overheated, they discovered the coolant also looked strange. No theories from them. I called my "neutral party" transmission shop. With no hesitation the guy identified the likely problem. Seems the trans fluid has a coil in the radiator. If that fails, both coolant and trans fluid cross contaminate. Coolant strips facing off of plates in transmission yielding slipping, trans fluid fouls cooling system. Honda tech impressed with explanation. Replace radiator and trans quoted around $4200. Would prefer a generous trade-in for a low mileage 06 on lot, but not forth-coming. Did I mention that the trans shop with the diagnosis was an AAMCO in Columbus, OH? A very competent individual. Wish the car wasn't 150 miles away from him.
  • It isn't looking good folks... I have a 2005 Pilot. I started having trouble with violent shaking and shimming while trying to accelerate going uphill around 75K. I am now at 120K and I am now unable to down shift( yes I know how..) and my D light is flashing on the transmission indicator... It looks like a new transmission. I wrote a complaint to the NHTSA. I suggest everyone do the same. Honda obviously has not taken care of us by fixing their transmissions. I bought my 05 because I was under the impression that Honda fixed their transmissions after lawsuit. Boy was I mis-informed (by the dealer). My maintenance has been impeccable with Honda fluids. I'll be calling Honda Corp. next. Good luck to everyone in a Pilot.
  • How do you file a complaint with the NHTSA? Also is there a class action law suite yet?
    Is honda going to help you out at all on the cost?
  • bdp1bdp1 Posts: 6
    The conclusion to this story is that American Honda would not help. The dealer allowed $6500 as a trade in on a 2006 Pilot with 34,000 miles. Could not get any participation from the dealer, either. Didn't wish to drag the proceedings out any longer.
  • carollee3carollee3 Posts: 10
    Shortly after beginning my commute I see the flashing D, what does it mean? Several months ago this was also happening then it went away and stopped. Now most of the time the D begins to flash and does not stop. Does anyone know why?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    A flashing D is a not a sign that you should keep driving. You need to have your transmission serviced. It could be a computer thing but it could be something else.
    Do you also have other lights on, like check engine light?
    Do post your current miles and transmission maintenance history

    Good luck
  • My Gear Shift Drive ("D") Light is blinking intermittently. Does anyone know what this may be? The manual says to just take it to your dealer. I have an appointment to have this looked at by my dealer, but he said it will cost $130 just to hook up the computer. I didn't want to spend this kind of money if it could just potentially be something simple like "top off the differential fluid". My transmission is due to be serviced. Should I just have them do that first before I spend hundreds on an expensive diagnostic?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    try autoparts store Autozone ... they will scan the code for you FREE.
  • kijam99kijam99 Posts: 4
    If your transmission is due, then have it done. When they examine the car they will see the problem anyway, so you can save. According to what I was told, the D light is a serious problem requiring a gear repair/replacement which can be costly and you need to take the car to the dealer ASAP. But at times, it was just the Honda Z trans fluid.
  • danm125danm125 Posts: 1
    Same thing happened to me two weeks ago. Honda is blaming goodyear because they did a flush of the trans fluid over a year ago. I'm going to goodyear dealer to see what they say. lot's of bs from the Honda Zone people. only 55k on car. dealer offered 5k on trade-in. HAS ANYONE HAD HONDA COVER WORK ON OUT OF WARRENTY VEHICLE OR ARE THEY TOTALLY WORTHLESS? I HAVE 3 OF THEIR CARS AT THE MOMENT. AND NOT AT ALL HAPPY WITH THEIR STONEWALLING, also looking for more people who have same experience with trans fluid in the radiator. seems like poor design if this can happen - with no waring lights to tip you off eiter, HELP!!
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