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Ford Explorer Gas Gauge



  • ebayptebaypt Posts: 1
    I had the same problem and went back a few times to the garage. It happened before 36000 miles so they replaced the whole dash display and the same thing happened. Then on one of the trips back a service advisor said that the sensor gets a build up some sludge for lack of a better term, his solution which has worked every time, is to buy chevron techroline additive and put it in the tank when filling up. I do this every 15000 miles or so and have not had a problem since then.
  • Gas gauge stop working and heard a thumping sound coming from gas tank. Took it to a local garage and found that the internal baffel in the gas tank came loose and then hit the sending unit gas pump assembly breaking it off the cap. I had to buy a new gas tank and the broken assembly. Price tag $900. Has anyone experienced this before?
  • socool371socool371 Posts: 1
    1993 Ford Explorer 4.0 v-6 engine when i put a lot of gas in my tank my gas hand want to stay close to E and some of the time it do read what inside the tank but mostly close to the E allway have to get gas when i know their is gas in the tank and if i have to replace the sending unit would i have to drop the gas tank to the ground in order to change it out are is their another way to change it out
  • i seem to be having the same issue. i deliver pizzas and i use quite a bit of gas. i have a 1996 ford explorer xlt 4x4 with the 4.0 v6. and i left my house with just over a half of a tank. and when i got home i had the same exact amount. do you think your technique would work? my check engine is not on and the check gauge is not on either. i have 120,xxx miles on it so idk if the 93 octane would kill my motor or not. what do you suggest?
  • i would have to say youd have to drop the tank. i have a 96 and there is no access pannel from the inside to get to the pump. at least not that i know of. go to a ford dealer and ask
  • I seem to be having the same problem. Have you solved yours? If so do you mind sharing some info?. THanks.
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