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Ford Excursion vs Chevy Suburban/GMC Yukon XL - The battle of the titans



  • Lovrien,
    Before you trade the Expedition for the Suburban, go take a look at the Edmunds Suburban Townhall site. The number of blown engines and trannys is amazing.
  • cathacatha Posts: 1
    Help me out here... I've searched the car lots and seem to find the 2001 Suburban on of the best vehicles on the lots. I've read the problems some are having with the older models, is the 2001 LT w/ the 5.3 worth almost 40,000? Please advise!
  • I put a K & N filter in, not for the milage, just to let the engine breathe a little better and for the cost, it's cheaper than replacing the filter a couple of times.

    I have not seen any noticable increase in milage....
  • If you would of been a real man you would of bought a FORD EXCURSION. Just you wait when your trans goes out and the dealer won't repair it for you. Than you'll be wishing you would of bought a real truck and not the mickey mouse mexican made sub. My deepest sympathy for you.
  • I just purchased a 2000 Suburban 4X4 and it is a fantastic truck. I drove the Excursion and found that although very well appointed, the ride and overall performance was lacking. When I went to the Ford dealership, the first two I wanted to test drive wouldn't even start!! I finally got behind the wheel of the diesel and found it very loud on the interior and the ride was much like a tank with leather seats.

    Ford is currently having sales issues with the Excursion for a number of reasons: 1) It is too high to fit in most garages and parkades. The dealership had the "manager demo" that had to be lowered just to be used in downtown areas. (This is funny because I believe that I read the clearance of the Suburban is greater, headroom difference is negligible, but overall height is 7 inches lower than the Excursion). 2) The truck rides very poorly. 3) Fuel economy is beyond brutal. A person AT THE DEALERSHIP stated that you do not want the V10. Avg economy is around 3 in the city and 10 on the highway. OUCH! The diesel is better, but very loud and expensive.

    Now, onto chevy. I owned a 95 Chev Z71 extended cab before this and found it to be an outstanding truck. Other than routine maintenance, I never had any issues that required any expensive or lenghthy repair times. (I fixed the seat that I broke through misuse and replaced the starter beginning to end in less than an hour). That's IT!

    The new Suburban (2000+) has some incredible improvements. It's ride and comfort are second to none (including Expeditions) and are a real pleasure to drive. The ladies of the house should also feel comfortable driving this as visibility is good and steering is very light. I purchased the LS model (Loaded except for leather as leather is too cold in Canada!!) It has ALL the creature comforts one could ask for. The new 5.3 vortec is very modest on gas compared to the Ford products, yet power and towing capabilities are not compromised. I average close to 19-20 in mixed driving... Let's see Ford pull this off!!

    I honestly went into this purchase with an open mind and researched and drove everything I could to come to this decision. Let's face it, these are not cheap vehicles and this decision should not be taken lightly. All things considered fairly and objectively, the Suburban wins hands down. Believe me, if Ford had the best, a Ford is what I would be driving, but it simply does not have all the technology offered in the Chevy and has a lot of refinements needed in order to compete.

    Right now is a great time to buy a 2000. I was offered a great deal PLUS .9% for 4 years or 2.9% for 5 years (keep in mind this was in Canada).

    Good luck in your decision and I hope the information above is helpful.
  • "Rides like a tank with leather seats" hmmm sounds good to me. That tank-like protection is one reason I bought an X for my wife and 4 kids. Also Suburban owners will be into their second or third engines just on normal wear when the Powerstroke Diesel is just geting broken in. I'm not even considering egine problems. I too was torn between the two, , Subs. vs. X., until I visited the Suburban website at Edmunds. Every other message is about a blown engine or tranny. Some people may luck out and get a good product, but overall the reliability of GM products is lousy. I then test drove an X and owned it 15 minutes later. And I got 0.9% for 5 years.
  • "Every other message is about a blown engine or tranny"You were reading a different suburban website than the rest of were.
  • Go to Edmunds Suburban website and you'll see in the Forums listed that under Suburban they've even started a forum entitled "Reliability?Suburban". Then go into that site and start counting.
  • The forum you speak of talks about any year of suburban not just 2000,2001. The 99 and older did have a lot of problems. I know, i had one. I now have a 2000 and am very happy with it. I have been reading the "Reliability? Suburban" and other related posts for one year now. That is what prompted me to look into and order a new one. Mike
  • I'm looking at trading my 99 Suburban w/ 454 for Excursion Ltd w/ P'stroke, but have been told that Ford may retire the Exc. Any truth to this? Or is it a malicious rumor by Chev salesman?
  • The 2002 GMC Yukon XL is going to have a new radio with 100 nationwide channels and 2 satellites beaming the signals. Also, the Quadrasteer all-wheel drive option and the Duramax Diesel engine option.

    The 2002 Ford Excursion will have adjustable pedals. That's it? Come on Ford!
  • good for gmc you better run out to the dealership when they first come out, so you can get one. Better yet, if you want a real truck go to your local ford dealership.
  • I have finaly decided to take the plunge and buy a 2001 big block Suburban or GMC. Even though I do some towing, I have decided to forgo the 410 read end for the stock ratio. What kind of gas milage can I expect?
  • pluskinpluskin Posts: 79
    There is no truth to the rumor that Ford is retiring the Excursion. It makes a ton of money.
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    What I've been told by a buddy who owns a local ford dealership is that he understands they are in the process of a bottom-up redesign of the Excursion, probably for 2003. He said too many people have complained about the height problems and the ride. The owner's son actually got stuck in a parking garage recently when he went up to the city to see a baskeball game. I'm told it was not funny.

    As for all the money they're making, I'm not too sure about that. True, they have a hell of a profit margin in these trucks, but you gotta have sales to make the money. Right now they're trying to give these trucks away where I live...$7-9K off msrp for a new 2001 limited.

    To be fair, demand for all new large SUV's is down, with the exception of the new Sequoia, but the Excursion is taking the biggest sales hit by far.
  • pluskinpluskin Posts: 79
    Excursion will be getting a redesign, but only as part of the natural life cycle of its design, and certainly not for 2003MY. In fact the redesign has been pushed back from original plans.
    As for profitability, even with sales slow, I wouldn't worry about it. This is a big winner for Ford. Also, Ford can also simply build more Superduty trucks when Ex sales are slow. Can you really get one for $9K off MSRP?
    Don't most parking garages have a height restriction at the entrance? The owner's son sounds like an idiot.
  • phil62phil62 Posts: 6
    Yep, they're really selling 'em that cheap. I live in the Beaumont, Texas area and one dealer just east of here a week ago was advertising three of the 4x4 loaded Limiteds for a little over $32K (MSRP more than $42K.) I'd have bought one too, if it weren't for the height and parking issue. Not all garages post the clearance as well as they should, and if you phone their security staffs or attendants, half the time they don't know the clearance of their own garage. Besides, what if you get into one of these huge concrete labyrinths and then the clearance is lower further in? What a nightmare! I think if I can afford it I'm going with a Sequoia -- not quite as big as I want but it'll fit more places and will have significantly better reliability than the GM (and probably Ford) products. Just my two cents.
  • phil62, we are looking for an Excursion and would have no problem going to Texas to buy one ( we're in Colorado ). What is the name of the dealership advertising the $10K off MSRP price?
  • phil62phil62 Posts: 6
    I believe that dealer was Orange Ford/Lincoln-Mercury. They're in Orange, Texas, which is on I-10 just a few miles from the Louisiana border, so that's a heck of a drive from your neck of the woods. Here's the info: address is 16th at Green Avenue; e-mail; phone 1-800-817-5255. If it looks like you'll buy one from them, please e-mail me at Maybe you could mention my name so they'd have warm fuzzy thoughts about me if I do decide to pick one of their machines. :) Good luck.
  • "The new 5.3 vortec is very modest on gas compared to the Ford products, yet power and towing capabilities are not compromised. I average close to 19-20 in mixed driving... Let's see Ford pull this off!!
    Well FORD did pull this off and did better. I'm getting 22-24 mixed driving and paying a lot less for diesel than you are for gas.

    I have the PSD Excursion and is NOT loud in fact it is quieter when it hits speed than any vortec the planet.
    Now for the whiners gripping about parking garages, give me a break, the MEN who drive Excursions add 3"-5" lifts on to their TRUCKS and the operative word being truck NOT Chevy station wagon. So we that build our truck even HIGHER than factory could care less about parking in some downtown garage, that we will never go to or park in anyway.
    Why don't we complain on why the Excursion doesn't go 150 MPH
    at the drag strip, or why it can't fly ...get real. It is what it is! The MOTHER of all trucks with enough power to tear a Suburban in half.

    Since when is it a good thing to have a mushy ride in a truck. Oh, I know, when it's a Suburban Station wagon.

    I read all the Hundreds of posts regarding lousy suburbans and tranny's etc, and the most incredible thing - all these Chevy guys complain about how the Suburban is falling apart, ( Brakes, tranny Rear end etc) and then on the next breath say it's the best vehicle they have owned HUH!!!!!. Ya, but its OK now they fix'd all the problems in the 2000. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Ya, right.

    Let me get this straight, Suburban has been around for 65 years according to the commercial, and just now in 2000 - 2001 they got it right. Can I just ask one question here - What took them so long?

    Ford first year out of the shoot, and it is heads and tails over a 65 year old WANNABE.

    Does anybody doubt who would come out a winner if a Suburban and an Excursion were in a head on accident...I think NOT.

    For no other reason with all the nuts on the road, you want to be driving in that tank with leather seats. Now that is music to my ears.

    And as far as all the complaints regarding PSD Excursions from Chevy guys, I can tell you it's ALL bunk. And this is from someone who drive one every day, not a three minute ride at the dealership.
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