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Ford Excursion vs Chevy Suburban/GMC Yukon XL - The battle of the titans



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    That's a lot of miles on a rig period, regardless of make, whether the engine has been rebuilt or not. That's terrific!

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  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I'll second that! Wow!

    tidester, host
  • I have owned three Excursions since 2000. Would hate to see them go. Each year they seem to get better in driving ,comfort, handling and new features. I currently own a 2004 Ex. Eddie Bauer. Best one I have owned. I have also tried the Suburban for test drives and a little TESTING. I'll give the Chev, the better ride. As for the construction of the overall vehicle, Ford has the Sub beat hands down. Although Ford may ride like a truck, it also performs like one to. Tough to beat the towing capacity of the V-5 Hitch and the tough drivetrain. Also the Ex. has superior inside area. Alot of space for things and people.
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  • Thank you! I do take pride in maintaining my vehicles well. I had to rebiuld the transmission once at 141,000 miles, mainly because an ex-girlfriend threw it into reverse at 60mph on the highway when the truk only had 8000 miles on it. The tranny ran in a hobbled condition for the next 133,000 miles until I had it rebuilt. It's been almost 200,000 miles since then. At this point all I have for current issues are a little rust (and a couple of holes), and the need to replace the rear AC evaporator. I converted it from R-12 to R-134a when I replace the front AC evap in 2000.
  • Heh. Who knew that this thread would survive un-archived for so long? Five years is a decent chunk of time.


    But anyways, I think in another five years it won't be a battle between the Suburban and the Excursion. Once the Japanese completely sink their teeth into this gold mine of a market, it'll be a battle of (the real) Titan and the Sequoia.
  • chrisdcchrisdc Posts: 3
    I am in the market for an '01 or '02 Suburban or Excursion. I've read most of this discussion and haven't seen anyone adress my question. I really learned a lot about both trucks, but I'm still undecided. I commute 40 miles each way to work so the better mileage of the PSD looks good. But, at a $3000-$4000 premium that's a lot of gas I could have been filling up with in the Suburban. I have 4 kids and do a good bit of traveling so I need space for "stuff" but heavy towing is not a concern of mine. I've driven an 01 Sub and wasn't impressed with the lack of seat adjustments, but that might not have been their best power seating option. I have yet to drive an Excursion, either gas or deisel, so that may be the deciding factor. But what I'm really wanting to know is there any difference between the 4WD systems on these trucks? I currently own a '90 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and I like that I can switch into 4WD when my driveway ices, or that I can occassionaly hook up a chain and pull someone or something out of a ditch. I will not be doing any major off-road drivimg, but I want the ability if needed. Thanks for your replys...
  • beatfarmerbeatfarmer Posts: 244
    Coming in late but here it goes.

    If heavy towing is not a concern, then you might be better served with a 1500 Surburban with the 5.3 and 3.42 rear.

    The Ex is based on the SD truck line and rides like the 3/4 ton truck it is. With the PSD or V-10 it makes a great towing vehicle. With the 5.4, it is underpowered.

    The Sub come in 1500 1/2 ton or 2500 3/4 ton. Both have a "softer" ride than the Ex. 2500 come with either the 6.0 or 8.1 engines. The 2500 is in the same class towing wise as the Ex.

    1500 Subs can be found with either a part time shift on the fly 4x4 system or an auto 4x4 system. 2500 Subs and the Ex are both part time systems. Neither vehicle will do well off road, due to their length and weight. The Ex is quite heavy, especially with the PSD

    Drive both the 1500 and 2500 Subs and drive both the gas and PSD Ex. Buy the one you like.

    WARNING!! Buying a big, powerful truck can lead to excessive purchasing of toys (boats, campers, etc). Use with caution ; )
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
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  • psd1psd1 Posts: 2
    You pretty much don't like the Excursion. Let me tell you that the Excursion is one of the most coolest vehicles ever and you own it in 7.3L V8 Powerstroke turbo diesel which is even better, for more power, and good speed. Because you own it in diesel you have better fuel milege which means that the fuel doesn't run out as fast. If you compare the Excursion to the Suburban I would stick more with your Excursion simply because It's more powerful you could use it for just about anything Hauling Trailers etc. and saves more fuel than the Suburban.

    The Suburban on the other hand is a good truck but the only bad thing is, is that because it's a big truck (not bigger than the Excursion) and is a gasoline (v8) it'll struggle more with lot's of cargo than the Excursion and it'll use up more fuel for less work, this is why I would stick with the Excursion best. It's more of getting a V10 gas powered truck I mean it's very strong and fast but disposes of too too much fuel do to the amount of work that it does. Just stick with your Excursion diesel your better of and you'll save more money on fuel. It would be nice if they actually had a Suburban powered by diesel (6.6L 8cyl Duramax Diesel) but I guess they don't have any of those in diesel. It's still good though I like the Suburban but It's not as economic and powerful as your Excursion.
  • psd1psd1 Posts: 2
    By the way If you want you can even trade in your Ford Excursion for the all new 6.0L V8 Powerstroke turbo diesel. This engine is supurve it's the best of it's class it's a lot better than the 7.3L and more powerful, and it's faster. I know people that own these in 6.0L and they tell me that they are so amaized on how good this engine is it's a little bit quieter than before (7.3L) and it's much better.

    This one of course does a lot more work, and it's more economici and better.

    Think about this
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    Well with diesel prices now at $3.10/gallon and up in my area (Northern California), the savings isn't as great these days...
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Been driving the '00 Excursion for almost 5 years and 45k miles of dog show weekends, light loads mostly. I have borrowed a friend's car trailer, steel, not aluminum and load on an '02 Corvette Coupe but have only done it on flat treks up to now for a couple trips. Decided to haul to the track at Reno-Fernley this past weekend and had a great trip. Took it slow within about 5mph of the speed limit in CA and then nothing over 65mph in NV, well except for a couple straight downhill runs. Going slow on return was partly a function of a guy from the track with a limping 3rd gear in a C4 Vette who had to slow going up hills. Putting close to 5k#'s on the rear really settles the Ex down, V10 with towing package, so it rides very comfortable. Most surprising thing was the mileage, filled up out by Vacaville Friday AM, lower price for Chevron, and didn't fill up again until I was inbound Sunday PM about Dixon. Got 12.5mpg, going slow probably was a major factor since I've gotten just under 14mpg when not towing but going at speed limit and maybe a little more with a full load of dogs and gear. After 30 years in Sub's, three different models all going 150k to 178k, I have to say the Ex is a comfortable hauler and so far pretty bullet proof.
  • Been driving the 2005 Durango 5.7L Hemi. Filled up at freeway, drove 80mph for about 200 miles with 3 passengers and plenty of stuff in the back, filled up again, and got about 12 USmpg. Wonder what your neighbor was doing to get only 8mpg.
  • I think that once Chevy comes out with there desil in there suburban then it will take over the excursion. The chevy rides and handels better with a less boxy looking suburban. It might take the desil suburban a couple of years to take off though just because of the new look that there comming out with. The only people that would stick with the excursion are the people that have to tow a lot a lot and the dihard ford buyers.

    On a side note...Why havent any of the manufactures come out with a dually suv desil?
  • ahightowerahightower DFWPosts: 461
    On a side note...Why havent any of the manufactures come out with a dually suv desil?

    Dual rear wheels are used to increase payload capacity. You can't put enough weight inside the back of an SUV (probably) or use a 5th wheel trailer hitch to warrant the dually wheels. If there is some rare occasion that you put something that extraordinarily heavy in the back of your suburban or excursion, it is not common enough to make up enough market demand to profitably produce a dually SUV.
  • ahightowerahightower DFWPosts: 461
    I wonder why Dodge doesn't make a full size SUV based on the Ram pickup chassis? That would be cool. I like the Dodge Ram styling best of all the full size pickups, and the Hemi engine is supposed to be great. The Durango is just not useful for a large family because there is so little room in and behind the third row.
  • I own a 2003 1500 LT Suburban. It's my second Suburban. We live in CT and the gas prices (as everywhere) have been painful. We have one child, two large dogs and lead a very active lifestyle requiring lots of gear. I started feeling very guilty owning this large vehicle as gas prices were rising throughout the summer and went researching station wagons. The only one I would consider buying(due to cargo space and safety) was a used Mercedes E Wagon. I test drove one, very nice indeed but the dealer kept referring to all that "it had" and I kept replying "my Suburban has that" over and over. Once I parked the Mercedes I said "do you have satellite radio or Onstar"..No they didn't. They had something similar to Onstar that worked "sometimes". I left Mercedes realizing that I loved my Suburban even more than I loved it before, big as it is and leaving the car salesman stumped that I didn't want the Mercedes "as most people would have." :)
  • I finally retired the 1992 Suburban. It's sitting in my driveway awaiting its next assignment with 353,000 miles on it. My new vehicle is a 2002 Chevy Suburban 4x4 1500.
  • After owning a couple of diesel suburbans, two 1994's and a 96, i was waiting for GM to get rolling on there new style duramax sub. Too long in waiting makes a guy get a little crazy, and jsut start building. What i ended up with is basiclly a 03 Duramax Suburban. I know why GM wont build them..... They are too much fun! Brute power and economy come together. 20 mpg, all the room to do what you please, and rides like a dream. GM will eventually make the diesel suburban again, but it will be a V6 power plant, not the 8. If anyone makes it to North Dakota, and wants to test drive my Dmax Sub, e-mail me, i will let you take it out. It will put a smile on your face.
  • Earlier this year I traded a 1500 Suburban for a Diesel Excursion because my Suburban was crapping out in just about everything. Plus it was having a hard time pulling loads of 2500 across country, pretty bad for a vehicle that supposed to haul a lot more. At any rate the excursion is awesome, but sucks to drive around town. I get 12.5-14 towing or not. It all depends on how babied it is. I wonder if there is a way to pull more mpg out, but its nice that diesel has been a little cheaper lately. At any rate, if you tow anything, Hands down the Excursion destroys even the HD suburban.
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